Metal slug 7 game setup for pc

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a game by SNK
Platform: PC
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As I write this, Metal Slug 7 is the last of the “traditional” Metal Slug games. It was originally released on the Nintenvị DS nearly a decade ago which is just crazy to think about. Moving the series to lớn the Nintenbởi DS was a brave sầu move và a move sầu that many fans of the series (myself included) were quite worried about.

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Baông xã To 4

The story of Metal Slug 7 actually takes place after the events of Metal Slug 4. So yes, the timeline of events in the Metal Slug series is kind of all over the place, but that is part of what I love about it. It seems a pretty standard affair at first until the time portal opens up và all hell breaks loose! That is right, Metal Slug 7 features soldiers from the future. One thing that is worth noting about this game is that I feel it is the shordemo of all the Metal Slug games. I have sầu been able lớn blow through this in around an hour! To be honest with you, the game is intended lớn be played over and over again.


The Gang is Bachồng Together

One thing that is a tad disappointing is that the game does not feature any new characters at all. The same team from Metal Slug 6 actually feature in this game. The good news about that is that each of the characters has their special abilities that they had in the last game. This is something that I really do like and for me, it actually made me want lớn play through the game with each of the six characters.

As well as bringing bachồng the cast. Metal Slug 7 is also bringing baông chồng the new gameplay mechanics that Metal Slug 6 offered. The weapon stoông xã system that allows you to carry multiple upgrades is baông xã. As is the rush blaster high score full bộ system that I think is a lot of fun!You have three modes of play. You have sầu a beginner, normal and hard mode. This time around you can play through the whole game, no matter the difficulty cấp độ you are on. Also, the ability khổng lồ play the game in cop-op is now gone which is a real shame.

Triple Slug Action!

You have three new Slugs that you can use in the game! These are the Slug Truchồng, Slug Gigant and the Slug Armor. My favorite of the new three Slugs has to be the Slug Gigant. It is a big robot looking thing and it is awesome. Actually, it is the kind of thing that would make an awesome Funk Pop figure so you guys at Funko get on that.

What About The Touch Screen?

Thankfully, Metal Slug 7 was first released in 2009. This means that we were passed the point of developers forcing in touch screen stuff in Nintenbởi DS games. As a result, you play the game on the top screen and the bottom screen is used khổng lồ show the map. This is actually way more useful than you would think. I say that because it can show you where POW’s and upgrades are located on each cấp độ.


I really liked what they did with Metal Slug 7. It is a nice entry lớn the series & even though it is on the short side. It is the kind of game that you can play over and over again. It is worth noting that there was an enhanced port with more content released for the PlayStation Portable called Metal Slug XX.



The story is pretty awesomeIt has all of the improved gameplay features from Metal Slug 6The map on the touch screen is a nice featureEach character does feel uniqueMultiple difficulty levels are a nice touch


Not a ton of new content from the previous gameI would say that the PSP version is better