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Released in November 2018, the Huawei Mate đôi mươi X is a super-sized smartphone, boasting a massive sầu 7.2-inch OLED display with 1080 x 2244 px resolution. Sitting below the Mate trăng tròn Pro in the Huawei lineup, the trăng tròn X version drops a couple of features compared khổng lồ its stablemate, but still packs plenty of processing power with its high-end Kirin 980 chipphối & 6GB of RAM. The large screen và fast processing make it a good choice for điện thoại thông minh gaming enthusiasts, or for watching movies on the go, but there’s plenty on offer for photographers, too.

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Implementing the same triple-camera thiết lập as the Mate trăng tròn Pro, the Mate trăng tròn X offers dedicated cameras for wide, ultra-wide, and telephokhổng lồ shots. The primary camera utilizes a 40MPhường 1/1.7-inch Quad-Bayer sensor with 10MP final output, coupled lớn an f/1.8-aperture lens. The tele-camera is built around an 8MP 1/4-inch sensor, with upscaled 10MP image output. Its 80mm-equivalent f/2.4-aperture lens provides 3x optical zoom with optical image stabilization (OIS). Finally, there’s a 20MP một nửa.7-inch sensor coupled to a 16mm-equivalent f/2.2-aperture lens for ultra-wide-angle shots.

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Other photography features include PDAF with laser assist autofocus on all three cameras, dual-LED & dual-tone flash, và HDR processing. For Clip, the Mate trăng tròn X captures 4K footage at 30 frames per second. If you want stabilized đoạn phim, however, you need to lớn drop the resolution to lớn Full HD to enable the gyroscope-based electronic image stabilization (EIS) system, which is the mode that achieves the best results overall (and is therefore the mode we tested lớn obtain the Mate đôi mươi X’s Video score).

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Key camera specifications:

Triple-camera setupPrimary: 40MP.. 1/1.7-inch quad-sensor (10MPhường. output) with 27mm-equivalent f/1.8-aperture lensTele: 8MPhường 1/4-inch sensor (10MP. output) with 80mm-equivalent f/2.4-aperture lens with OISUltra-wide: 20MP 50%.7-inch sensor with 16mm-equivalent f/2.2-aperture lensPDAF & laser assist autofocus4K video clip, 2160p/30fps (1080p/30fps with gyro-EIS)

About Camera tests: For scoring & analysis in our smartphone camera Reviews, engineers capture và evaluate over 1600 kiểm tra images and more than 2 hours of đoạn Clip both in controlled lab environments & in natural indoor và outdoor scenes, using the camera’s mặc định settings. This article is designed lớn highlight the most important results of our testing. For more information about the Camera demo protocol,cliông xã here.More details on how we score smartphone cameras are availablehere.

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