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January 1983
3 July 1982 - August 1982
3.66 / 5.00.5 from 3,078 ratings
#66 for 1983, #6,116 overall

rhythmic, energetic, political, uncomtháng time signatures, sarcastic, prodemo, male vocals, quirky, playful, manic, raw, anxious, technical, conscious, poetic, dissonant, rebellious, melodic


Cyghfer Jun 19 2021 4.50 stars
What Makes a Man Start Fires? is not as cohesive (as far as the Minutemen were ever cohesive) or lengthy as the more celebrated Double Nickels on the Dime; The "songs" on Double Nickels overall sound more like songs, but featured here is some cooler guitar & bass work. Watt's bass is poignant và immediate, with memorable lines in "Mutiny in Jonestown" và "The Anchor," D. Boon's soloing in "This Road," "Polarity," "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" and many of the other songs is amazing stuff và Hurley's drumming is solid as always. The time period is probably the reason D. Boon isn't as strongly recognized for the guitar master he was and it's on this album that his guitar work truly shines. The bvà is hitting their stride here, and you can hear the roots of the classic album lớn come in this one. That they're still developing their style is apparent: vocals are infrequent & more spastic, & lyrics even more random than those on Double Nickels & there isn't as wide a variety of styles as a whole. These don't truly detract from the album though, & the sound is different but still nothing short of amazing. This is more a collection of short loosely thrown-together rock-your-face-off jams than an album but the Minutemen pull it off with ease.
Zephos May 11 2011 4.00 stars
When the Minutemen are in question you need lớn adjust all your normal ways of hearing out a tuy nhiên, like shortening your attention span (even more!). The idea of a short attention span is usually (and for good reason) often mentioned in the context of bad audiences, low arts, the likes. A sheen of sophistication generally gets tagged to stuff that is long, that requires longer levels of attention to take. Prog Roông chồng for instance in terms of these lists. Why is this seen as more...arty? Probably because within the frame of a long length is more challenge in terms of making it work, và requires more from the listener. So length = art. The ngắn gọn xúc tích would follow that the shorter a song length the easier the songs is, thus the more easy it is khổng lồ listen to and make.The fact is though is that there's ANOTHER border to this. A point where a tuy vậy gets so short that it also becomes not only tough lớn write for, but tough to lớn hear out. It's here the Minutemen make their mark. My first listen to their albums was khổng lồ say the least...a disaster. This bottomed the old đôi mươi album cycle-one danh sách with a wee 2.5, & even than I think I was being generous based off my actual feelings. I sometimes (though I try not to) highball scoring a bit when I'm extremely suspicious I missed something but want to move on for the time being. So in other words my highball for this album was "worthlessly mediocre". Yowch! But that's just the reaction one gets from this if one doesn't take it seriously enough. This is NOT just another pile of Hardcore punk, or normal punk, or any punk at all, you can't go into lớn this with the attitude of it being a dashed off bunch of sketches that takes pride in being sloppy và unfinished. Because it's simply not! You need to lớn vì chưng worry just as much about your attention span here as with King Crimson, because if you unfocus for a little bit? Well you'll miss a whole damn song. And these are songs, not sketches. That's whats goddamn cool about this band, lemme try & sum it up. If you look at an ant or a crumb or something super small, it's easy lớn perceive it as simple. You just see a little bumpy black dot with blaông xã sticks on it, or a little brown imperfect circle. But take them under a microscope? And you see they're actually as detailed và many-faceted as you và any other large object. And beyond that are worlds of cells và all that crap. It's like the fuckin' necklace from Men in Black and shit. That's what it's lượt thích when the Minutemen start to cliông xã, things that were tiny and insignificant turn out khổng lồ worlds unlớn themselves. And you start khổng lồ eventually have the sensation that even though what you heard was about a minute long...that it was just lượt thích a three to four minute tuy nhiên. The same heft & quantity was fit inlớn there, and from there? You realize how great these guys are plain out, their funky little scratchy guitars, their melodies, & D Boon's big everyman vocals. This is so far beyond the basic Hardcore Punk it gets thrown in with it's unbelievable. World within worlds.Rating: 4Highlights: Bob Dylan Wrote Propagandomain authority Songs, Mutiny in Jonestown, 99, Plight

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bnoring Jul 29 2022 3.00 stars
The Minutemen's art punk record, along of course with plenty of locked in intricate post hardcore / post punk. Like The Punch Line I'm more of a Double Nickles / Mersh bạn but there is still plenty here khổng lồ admire.
Suppose what I most appreciate about this album (and Minutemen in general I guess) is how much they managed lớn achieve in such short form tunes và the even more limiting punk modus. Brilliant fusion basslines (where's that Jazz Fusion secondary!?), similarly jazzy drumming, and the very " avant-rock" harmony is mostly covered by the dissonant guitar chords with subtle voicings that work as, often times, a counterpoint lớn the basslines. And the guitar is not dissonant lượt thích say, the dull blaông xã metal way but in a strictly Beefheartian/Šarlo Akrobata/Brancian modus. This all culminates in quite a rich & busy sound despite it being a three piece punk bvà. While were on the geetars, I must say I find this one of the best guitar tones in any punk album. It's a glassy sound actually & it reminds of certain reggae albums but it works perfectly because distortion simply wouldn't work with these very non-punk chords.The other very fascinating thing about these guys is how their songs somehow manage khổng lồ sound the same yet also very distinct from one another i.e. they found an quality style but weren't one trichồng ponies. Perhaps them vehemently pushing the "minute" form was the smarkiểm tra move sầu they ever made.I can't say I find any single traông xã here bad. In fact, several of their masterpieces are in here. I also know most people get off on Double Nickels but I always found that one khổng lồ be too much. This is the ideal length of a Minutemen album along with it having their best songs - hence it's my favourite & possibly a Top 5 Punk album ever.Recommended.Best Song: Fake Contest
misterhubris Jan 16 2022 4.50 stars
Funky punky :)
And yet another bvà that I have sầu been severely neglecting for absolutely no good reason. I listened to lớn Ragin', Full-On almost 2 years ago now and it has been my only exposure to the Minutemen chronology thus far. I expected this album lớn be a bit more punk oriented than fIREHOSE, but that doesn't stop this from being as kick-ass as it is. Everything I loved about the fIREHOSE album is here in full force & I am absolutely all for that. Nothing beats a hard, edgy punk album with all the funky, bass-driven riffs you could ask for. Every single song on here is an absolute treat lớn listen khổng lồ, from the darker, distorted melodic moments to the highest grade punk-funk lớn ever grace the ears of post-punk fanatics such as myself who kill for something exactly like this. One very minor gripe I have sầu with this album is the shortness of the songs, though that isn't very much of a complaint. It works as beautifully as the flow of shorter blasts of punk like on Pink Flag. Sure, it would be nicer for the better songs on here to lớn be at least a minute longer to really soak yourself inkhổng lồ the jam, but it all is just so good that you kinda forget when it all blends together in such an amazing conglomeration of some of the best post-punk out there. Overall, this album kicks major fucking ass, plain & simple. I look forward lớn listening to more Minutemen in the near future & I highly recommover this khổng lồ just about anyone. You will not be disappointed.
Rating: 9/10
easter69 Feb 11 2021 3.50 stars
18 pezzi in 26 minuti, veloci e affilati. Il ritmo è cổ indemoniato lớn e quaham mê funk in alcuni passaggi. What Makes a Man Start Fires? nai lưng complessivamente, più bịt nei singoli pezzi (ma '99 trằn domain authority ricordare), un disco vincente. 7,5/10
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