Jual Logitech G233 Murah

Gamers require immersive sầu audio performance and for good reason as each new title brings ever greater sound design. G233 packs amazing audio performance inlớn a design that is extremely lightweight, durable and comfortable.

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Pro-G drivers produce booming bass and clear highs thanks to hybrid-mesh construction that drastically reduces distortion. G233 ear cups also feature an acoustic port positioned behind the driver for even more dynamic, spatial sound.


Weighing in at 259 g, G233 is comprised of lightweight, glass-fiber injected polycarbonate, stainless steel & TR-90 nylon. Featuring sports-mesh ear pads that surround the ear & provide just the right amount of force lớn stay firmly in place và comfortably breathable.

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The noise-cancelling boom microphone with micro-pop filter is designed for clarity in communications and chat. G233 is Discord certified guaranteeing crystal-clear communication performance.


G233 comes fully equipped with detachable boom mic and swappable cables khổng lồ quickly transkhung G233 from PC/console mode lớn mobile/on-the-move sầu mode. This is a modern headmix that games wherever life takes you


Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to lớn deliver truly immersive sầu sound experiences uniquely crafted for your ears. With Immerse, you hear the precise location of enemy footsteps và reload sounds; you have the advantage of hearing your enemies before they hear you. The Cthua trận Combat feature brings you right inlớn the action as you feel bullets whiz by. Bring the power of Immerse khổng lồ your Logitech G headphối and turn your ears inlớn lethal weapons.

Package Contents

G233 gaming headmix Detachable microphone boom with micro pop filter điện thoại cable with inline controls & mic Console/PC cable with inline controls PC splitter for separate mic & tai nghe jacks User documentation

System Requirements

3.5 mm audio port for PC/console/sản phẩm điện thoại Some console controllers require an adapter for audio cable input đầu vào.

Physical Specifications

Height: 172 mm Width: 81.7 milimet Depth: 182 mm Weight: (w/o cable): 259 g PC Cable Length: 2 m Smartphone Cable Length: 1.5 m


Microphone Pickup Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional) Type: Baông chồng Electret Condenser Size: 4 milimet Frequency response: 100 Hz-10 KHz

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