Lockdown Là Gì

As more children return to lớn the classroom, the longmon.vn has mix out plans to lớn continue providing learning support lớn teachers và pupils across the rest of the academic year.

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It has already launched new programmes to lớn help school children keep up with their studies during lockdown.

Since primary và secondary schools closed lớn most pupils across the UK in January, the Đài truyền hình longmon.vn has been broadcasting daily lessons and educational programmes on Clongmon.vn, longmon.vn Two và iPlayer, as well as offering extra nội dung online.

Curriculum-based television programmes are running alongside the longmon.vn Biteform size collection of educational resources, which provide online learning at home for pupils from Years 1 lớn 9 (P2 to lớn S3 in Scotland), including those studying for GCSE & National exams.


On TV, there are three hours of primary school programming on CĐài truyền hình longmon.vn every weekday, plus two hours for secondary pupils on Đài truyền hình longmon.vn Two.

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Đài truyền hình longmon.vn Bitekích cỡ online material includes đoạn Clip lessons, worksheets, quizzes and games lớn tư vấn the curriculum, presented by year group and by topic.

For primary school pupils, CĐài truyền hình longmon.vn broadcasts longmon.vn Bitesize Daily as well as programmes such as Our School, Horrible Histories & Operation Ouch.

Bitekích thước Daily tackles a different subject each weekday, including maths, English, science and French. There are separate programmes for five-to-seven year-olds, seven-to-nine year-olds & those aged nine khổng lồ 11.

The Celebrity Supply Teacher programme features guests including Strictly's Bruno Tonioli on Italian, Jockey Khadijah Mellah on horse riding, và chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on sustainability,

In a new Clongmon.vn show, Ricky Wilson's Art Jam, the Kaiser Chief frontman & former art teacher talks lớn celebrity friends about their art passions, including former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle, Radio 1 DJ Niông chồng Grimshaw and Joe Sugg. All episodes are now available on the longmon.vn iPlayer.


Đài truyền hình longmon.vn Two caters for secondary students, with new nội dung to lớn support the curriculum, including Đài truyền hình longmon.vn Bitesize Secondary programmes plus drama adaptations, science, history & factual titles.

The Biteform size Learning Zone will launch on Clongmon.vn & Đài truyền hình longmon.vn iPlayer on 19 April. At first, the three-hour weekday slot will draw on themed archive sầu material from Đài truyền hình longmon.vn Education, CĐài truyền hình longmon.vn & the longmon.vn Natural History Unit, before new programmes begin in May.

The archive sầu nội dung will include short "Teacher Talks" videos which will explain core concepts around maths và English as well as live sầu lessons và educational programmes from Clongmon.vn such as Top Class và Art Nin-Ja.

There will also be new episodes of Biteform size Daily for primary school children from June until the kết thúc of the school year, split into lớn three age groups as before. These will be designed for teachers lớn use in the classroom, or for children khổng lồ use at home as catch-up lessons.

As well as the television programmes, there will be structured lessons on the longmon.vn Biteform size trang web in Maths và English for primary school students, which will match the topics being taught in schools.

Episodes of Biteform size Daily Secondary will remain available on longmon.vn iPlayer, as well as online Bitesize material for years 10 and 11.