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Berren Performing Arts Center, Inc.(“bergenPAC”)30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood, NJ 07631

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VIP: $250Orchestra: $122 ($119 + $3 Restoration Fee)Rear Orchestra: $102 ($99 + $3 Restoration Fee)Mezzanine: $82 ($79 + $3 Restoration Fee)Front Balcony: $62 ($59 + $3 Restoration Fee)Real Balcony: $52 ($49 + $3 Restoration Fee)

LEE EUN XiaoMi MI, also known as “The Barefoot Diva” amongst her fans, made her debut in 1992 as a solo artist. In the past, she has performed at the 2006, 2007, và 2010 Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl per request from the fans, & the 2009 Victory Concert at the Notê Theatre L.A. Live sầu. She also put on a three-city tour from Southern California lớn Nevadomain authority in 2007.Infamous for her hit songs such as “I Have a Lover” and “In the Middle of Breaking Up”, LEE EUN MI always presents her audience with live sầu performances. Since her debut, she has been praised for her strong vocal talents và instead of popularizing herself in television, she never lost her focus on performing in front of an audience. Many singers give sầu her the upmost respect as a veteran & living legkết thúc for her great passion towards singing.“I Have a Lover” is actually a five-year-old tuy nhiên that has recently re-emerged inlớn popularity, being widely performed by other celebrities on a regular basis.

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Due lớn its success, she put out a mini-album called “Walking on Sound” and started a tour in Korea. This album was a tribute to all of her loyal fans who have sầu followed her career since the beginning. She also published a collection of photos & poems in 2007 called "Meeting Poems Barefooted". In 2009, the single “In the Middle of Breaking Up” was released và quickly became another one of her popular hits.In April 2010, LEE EUN XiaoMi MI released the album “Walking on Sound 2” with the title song “Criminal”, which many think has the potential khổng lồ surpass the popularity of the all-time favorite, “I Have sầu a Lover”. All in all, there is no doubt that this artist has both the skills & love for singing that is collectively recognized by music fans of all ages. Lee Eun Mi recently was an MC & a finalist in famous Korean TV program “I am a singer II” & got national attention again.To purchase tickets, please gọi the box office at (201) 816-8160 ext. 77 or visit

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