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HO CHI MINH CITY -- Vietnamese are seeing both Lazada và Grab when they log onto the phầm mềm for either, thanks lớn a cross-promotion agreement by the e-commerce và ride-hailing companies in Southeast"s fastest-growing market for internet services.

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The two companies announced last week that Lazada, Alibaba"s Singapore-based subsidiary, now points shoppers to GrabFood delivery và will use GrabExpress lớn ship products. Grab also refers its app users to Lazada, which has added GrabFood livestream đánh giá on its ứng dụng. Both companies are giving out coupons lớn lure customers from each other"s platkhung.

The khuyễn mãi giảm giá helps to lớn diversify business lines at Lazada, which trails other e-retailers such as Singapore-based Shopee, Mobile World and Tiki.

Lazadomain authority is the fourth-largest e-retailer in Vietnam giới, with a little more than đôi mươi million monthly visitors, according to lớn iPrice Group data for July to September. The number is lower than a year ago, when Lazadomain authority got more than 24 million visitors a month.

It hasn"t benefited from the general boost in e-commerce due lớn the coronavi khuẩn pandemic, whereas market leader Shopee increased 81% khổng lồ 62.7 million visitors a month from July lớn September. Shopee has more than double the number of visitors to mobile World và Tiki, the second- và third-largest players.

Grab is backed by Japan"s SoftBank, which is also a major shareholder in Lazada"s parent, Chinese IT giant Alibatía.

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"Consumers can look forward to lớn more combined initiatives from now inlớn the next year," Lazadomain authority Vietphái mạnh CEO James Dong said in a statement during the announcement last week.

Venture capitalist Vy Le said in an interview with that Vietnamese have sầu not been as reliant on digital services as their neighbors, in part because they can go out. The communist country has reported only 1,300 COVID-19 cases and 35 deaths, & ended a national lockdown in April.

Still, the pandemic has changed behavior. Le noted that Vietnamese are Googling topics related lớn online shopping more than ever. These Google searches rose sixfold from năm 2016 to lớn 2020, the highest in Southeast, according khổng lồ this month"s e-Conomy SEA report by Google, Temasek and Bain & Co. The report also said that of all Vietnamese who went online this year, a whopping 41% were trying out an internet-based service for the first time.


"I think Vietnam giới is the most developed market for food tech in the region," said Le, a cofounder of Do Ventures, pointing khổng lồ delivery providers in the country.

Grab, while still the region"s biggest ride-hailing business, has shifted its focus toward payments & delivery as Southeast longmon.vnns stay home to avoid COVID-19.

Vietnam"s food delivery volumes doubled under the lockdown imposed earlier this year, higher than in the rest of Southeast Apart from Grab, the sector includes apps for the Indonesian unicorn Gojek, South Korea"s Baemin & Vietnam"s Now.

Grab recently added grocery deliveries for Thailand"s Big C in Vietnam giới, part of its regional expansion giving customers the ability khổng lồ order from both supermarkets và convenience stores, a strategy it calls "anything you can eat."

"COVID-19 has also spurred the adoption of digital services in Vietphái mạnh & encouraged digital-first consumer behavior," Grab Vietnam Managing Director Tnhị Hai Van said. "As a result, more và more consumers are now considering virtual choices to fulfill their daily needs."