In Last Battleground: Survival you have sầu to survive on an island. But you won"t be alone as there are hundreds of dangers that you"ll have to lớn overcome


If you"re into lớn games of the likes of PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds, this game developed by Elex for Android is just what you"re looking for. Last Battleground: Survival is a Battle Royal survival game in which you"ll be parachuted onkhổng lồ a desert isl&. Your goal is khổng lồ survive, but that"s also the target of the other contestants, & there can be only one, just like in Highlander.

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Battle Royale style game in which 32 players are left stranded on a desert island.

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Kill them all

The gameplay is really simple: become the last survivor on the islvà. For such purpose, you"ll have sầu to lớn develop your best strategy to lớn go unnoticed whilst you try khổng lồ wipe out all the traps, threats, and enemies. But it won"t be easy, you"ll arrive sầu on the island without absolutely anything, having to find weapons & supplies. You"ll be able lớn get hold of all sorts of tools, from guns, ammo, & improvements for your weapons, lớn clothes and protective sầu equipment. One of the best things about this game is that if you get hold of a heavy weapon, it"s so realistic that your character will move sầu around slowlier. The same goes for the sound effects as any noise can reveal your position khổng lồ a nearby enemy.

Find a weapon và supplies as soon as possible and remain within the safe zone, wiping out all your enemies until you"re the last person standing!

Another danger is also the Safe Zone, a kind of blue dome that will get smaller & smaller as time goes by. If you"re caught outside, you"re dead. This area changes in each game, so don"t get too comfortable. Up khổng lồ 32 players can face each other in each game with realistic 3 chiều graphics. But you won"t be able to play offline as it"s a real-time multiplayer experience. Last Battleground: Survival is still in its initial stages with lots of work ahead but you can already start playing.