Intel Coffee Lake Laptops


Starting Point

So making a config.pcác mục may seem hard, its not. It just takes some time but this guide will tell you how to configure everything, you won"t be left in the cold. This also means if you have sầu issues, review your config settings khổng lồ make sure they"re correct. Main things to lớn note with OpenCore:

All properties must be defined, there are no mặc định Openbộ vi xử lý Core will fall back on so vày not delete sections unless told explicitly so. If the guide doesn"t mention the option, leave sầu it at default.

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The Sample.pmenu cannot be used As-Is, you must configure it to lớn your systemDO NOT USE CONFIGURATORS, these rarely respect OpenCore"s configuration and even some like Mackie"s will add Clover properties and corrupt plists!

Now with all that, we"ll need some things lớn get started:

Now with those downloaded, we can get lớn really get started:

Grab the Sample.plist & rename khổng lồ config.plistOpen your new config.plist in ProperTreemacOS: ProperTree.commandWindows: ProperTree.batRun the Clean Snapshot function(Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R and point it at your EFI/OC folder),This will remove sầu all the entries from the config.pdanh sách & then adds all your SSDTs, Kexts and Firmware drivers to the configCmd+R is another option that will add all your files as well but will leave sầu entries disabled if they were set lượt thích that before, useful for when you"re troubleshooting

And read this guide more than once before setting up OpenVi xử lý Core & make sure you have it set up correctly. Do note that images will not always be the most up-to-date so please read the text below them, if nothing"s mentioned then leave as default.




This is where you"ll add SSDTs for your system, these are very important khổng lồ booting macOS và have sầu many uses like USB maps, disabling unsupported GPUs và such. And with our system, its even required khổng lồ boot. Guide on making them found here: Getting started with ACPI

For us we"ll need a couple of SSDTs khổng lồ bring bachồng functionality that Clover provided:

SSDT-PLUGAllows for native CPU power management on Haswell and newer, see Getting Started With ACPI Guide for more details.
SSDT-EC-USBXFixes both the embedded controller và USB power, see Getting Started With ACPI Guide for more details.
SSDT-GPIOCreates a stub so VoodooI2C can connect, for those having troubles getting VoodooI2C working can try SSDT-XOSI instead
SSDT-PNLF-CFLFixes brightness control, see Getting Started With ACPI Guide for more details.

lưu ý that you should not add your generated DSDT.aml here, it is already in your firmware. So if present, remove the entry for it in your config.pdanh mục & under EFI/OC/ACPI.

For those wanting a deeper dive inkhổng lồ dumping your DSDT, how lớn make these SSDTs, và compiling them, please see the Getting started with ACPI page. Compiled SSDTs have a .aml extension(Assembled) & will go inkhổng lồ the EFI/OC/ACPI folder and must be specified in your config under ACPI -> Add as well.


This blocks certain ACPI tables from loading, for us we can ignore this.


This section allows us to lớn dynamically modify parts of the ACPI (DSDT, SSDT, etc.) via Openbộ vi xử lý Core. For us, we"ll need the following:

OSI renameThis is required when using SSDT-XOSI as we redirect all OSI calls lớn this SSDT, this is not needed if you"re using SSDT-GPIOCommentStringChange _OSI khổng lồ XOSI


Settings relating khổng lồ ACPI, leave sầu everything here as mặc định as we have sầu no use for these quirks.



This section is dedicated lớn quirks relating to lớn boot.efi patching with OpenRuntime, the replacement for AptioMemoryFix.efi


This section is allowing spaces khổng lồ be pass-through khổng lồ macOS that are generally ignored, useful when paired with DevirtualiseMmio


Settings relating to lớn boot.efi patching & firmware fixes, ones we need lớn change are RebuildAppleMemoryMap, SyncRuntimePermissions & SetupVirtualMap

AvoidRuntimeDefrag: YES

Fixes UEFI runtime services like date, time, NVRAM, power control, etc

DevirtualiseMmio: NO

Reduces Stolen Memory Footprint, expands options for slide=N values và generally useful especially on HEDT and Xeon systems

ForceExitBootServices: NO

Ensures ExitBootServices calls succeeds even when the memory bản đồ has changed, don"t use unless necessary

ProtectMemoryRegions: NO

Needed for fixing artifacts & sleep-wake issues, generally only needed on very old firmwares

ProvideCustomSlide: YES

If there"s a conflicting slide value, this option forces macOS khổng lồ use a pseudo-random value. Needed for those receiving Only N/256 slide values are usable! debug message

RebuildAppleMemoryMap: YES

Generates Memory Map compatible with macOS, can break on some máy tính xách tay OEM firmwares so if you receive early boot failures disable this

SetupVirtualMap: YES

Fixes SetVirtualAddresses calls lớn virtual addressesSyncRuntimePermissions: YESFixes alignment with MAT tables và required lớn boot Windows và Linux with MAT tables, also recommended for macOS. Mainly relevant for Skylake & newer




Sets device properties from a map.

PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)This section is set up via WhateverGreen"s Framebuffer Patching Guide & is used for setting important iGPU properties.

When setting up your iGPU, the table below should help with finding the right values to set. Here is an explanation of some values:

Device-idThe actual Device ID used by the graphics drivers to lớn figure out if it"s an iGPU. If your iGPU isn"t natively supported, you can add device-id to lớn kém chất lượng it as a native iGPUAAPL,ig-platform-idThis is used internally for setting up the iGPUStolen MemoryThe minimum amount of iGPU memory required for the framebuffer to work correctlyPort Count + ConnectorsThe number of displays and what types are supported

Generally follow these steps when setting up your iGPU properties. Follow the configuration notes below the table if they say anything different:

When initially setting up your config.pmenu, only phối AAPL,ig-platform-id - this is normally enoughIf you boot & you get no graphics acceleration (7MB VRAM and solid background for dock), then you likely need to phối device-id as well

lưu ý that highlighted entries with a star(*) are the recommended entries khổng lồ use:

iGPUdevice-idAAPL,ig-platform-idPort CountTotal Stolen MemoryConnectors
Hãng Intel UHD Graphics 6303E0000000000003E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Intel UHD Graphics 6303E9200000000923E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Hãng Intel UHD Graphics 6303E9200000900923E358MBLVDSx1 DUMMYx2
Hãng Intel UHD Graphics 630 *3E9B000000009B3E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Intel UHD Graphics 6303E9B000006009B3E139MBLVDSx1 DUMMYx2
Hãng sản xuất Intel UHD Graphics 6303E9B000009009B3E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 6553EA500000000A53E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Hãng sản xuất Intel Iris Plus Graphics 6553EA500000400A53E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Intel UHD Graphics 6303EA500000500A53E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 6553EA500000900A53E358MBLVDSx1 DPx2

Configuration NotesFor UHD630 you likely vì chưng not need lớn giả the device-id as it is already 8086:3E9B. If it"s anything else, you may use device-id=9B3E0000You can kiểm tra under Device Manager in Windows by bring up the iGPU, opening properties, selecting details, & clicking Hardware IDs.An UHD620 in a Comet Lake CPU requires:device-id=9B3E0000AAPL,ig-platform-id=00009B3EPciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0)layout-id

You can delete this property outright as it"s unused for us at this time

For us, we"ll be using the boot argument alcid=xxx instead lớn accomplish this. alcid will override all other layout-IDs present. More info on this is covered in the Post-Install Page


Removes device properties from the maps, for us we can ignore this




Here"s where you specify which kexts to lớn load, order matters here so make sure Lilu.kext is always first! Other higher priority kexts come after Lilu such as VirtualSMC, AppleALC, WhateverGreen, etc. A reminder that ProperTree users can run Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R khổng lồ add all their kexts in the correct order without manually typing each kext out.

BundlePathName of the kextex: Lilu.kextEnabledSelf-explanatory, either enables or disables the kextExecutablePathPath lớn the actual executable is hidden within the kext, you can see what path your kext has by right-clicking và selecting Show Package Contents. Generally, they"ll be Contents/MacOS/Kext but some have sầu kexts hidden within under Plugin thư mục. Do note that plist only kexts do not need this filled in.ex: Contents/MacOS/LiluPlistPathPath to lớn the info.plist hidden within the kextex: Contents/Info.plist


Needed for spoofing unsupported CPUs lượt thích Pentiums and Celerons

CpuidMask: Leave this blankCpuidData: Leave this blank


Blocks certain kexts from loading. Not relevant for us.

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Patches both the kernel và kexts.


Settings relating lớn the kernel, for us we"ll be enabling AppleCpuPmCfgLock, AppleXcpmCfgLock, DisableIOMapper, PanicNoKextDump, PowerTimeoutKernelPanic và XhciPortLimit. Everything else should be left as default

AppleCpuPmCfgLock: YES

Only needed when CFG-Loông chồng can"t be disabled in BIOS, Clover counterpart would be AppleIntelCPUPM. Please verify you can disable CFG-Lock, most systems won"t boot with it on so requiring use of this quirk

AppleXcpmCfgLock: YES

Only needed when CFG-Loông xã can"t be disabled in BIOS, Clover counterpart would be KernelPM. Please verify you can disable CFG-Loông xã, most systems won"t boot with it on so requiring use of this quirk

CustomSMBIOSGuid: NO

Performs GUID patching for UpdateSMBIOSMode Custom mode. Usually relevant for Dell laptops

DisableIoMapper: YES

Needed to get around VT-D if either unable to lớn disable in BIOS or needed for other operating systems, much better alternative to dart=0 as SIP.. can stay on in Catalina

DisableRtcChecksum: NO

Prevents AppleRTC from writing to primary checksum (0x58-0x59), required for users who either receive sầu BIOS remix or are sent inkhổng lồ Safe mode after reboot/shutdown

IncreasePciBarSize: NO

Increases 32-bit PCI bar kích thước in IOPCIFamily from 1 khổng lồ 4 GB, enabling Above4GDecoding in the BIOS is a much cleaner và safer approach. Some X99 boards may require this, you"ll generally experience a kernel panic on IOPCIFamily if you need this

LapicKernelPanic: NO

Disables kernel panic on AP core lapic interrupt, generally needed for HP systems. Clover equivalent is Kernel LAPIC

PanicNoKextDump: YES

Allows for reading kernel panics logs when kernel panics occur

PowerTimeoutKernelPanic: YES

Helps fix kernel panics relating lớn power changes with Apple drivers in macOS Catalina, most notably with digital audio.

XhciPortLimit: YES

The reason being is that UsbInjectAll reimplements builtin macOS functionality without proper current tuning. It is much cleaner to lớn just describe your ports in a single plist-only kext, which will not waste runtime memory & such




Settings for boot screen (Leave sầu everything as default).


Helpful for debugging Openbộ vi xử lý Core boot issues(We"ll be changing everything but DisplayDelay).

AppleDebug: YESEnables boot.efi logging, useful for debugging. chú ý this is only supported on 10.15.4 và newerApplePanic: YESAttempts to log kernel panics to lớn diskDisableWatchDog: YESDisables the UEFI watchdog, can help with early boot issuesTarget: 67Shows more debug information, requires debug version of OpenCoreDisplayLevel: 2147483650Shows even more debug information, requires debug version of OpenCore

These values are based of those calculated in OpenVi xử lý Core debugging


Security is pretty self-explanatory, bởi not skip.

We"ll be changing AllowNvramReset, AllowSetDefault, Vault & ScanPolicy

AllowNvramReset: YESAllows for NVRAM reset both in the boot picker & when pressing Cmd+Opt+P+RAllowSetDefault: YESAllow CTRL+Enter & CTRL+Index to mix default boot device in the pickerAuthRestart: NOEnables Authenticated restart for FileVault 2 so password is not required on reboot. Can be considered a security risk so optionalBlacklistAppleUpdate: TrueIgnores Apple"s firmware updater, recommended to enable as to lớn avoid issues with installs và updatesBootProtect: NoneAllows the use of Bootstrap.efi inside EFI/OC/Bootstrap instead of BOOTx64.efi, useful for those wanting to lớn either boot with rEFInd or avoid BOOTx64.efi overwrites from Windows. Proper use of this quirks is not be covered in this guideExposeSensitiveData: 6Shows more debug information, requires debug version of OpenCoreVault: OptionalWe won"t be dealing vaulting so we can ignore, you won"t boot with this mix to SecureThis is a word, it is not optional to omit this setting. You will regret it if you don"t mix it lớn Optional, note that it is case-sensitiveScanPolicy: 0


Used for running OC debugging tools lượt thích the shell, ProperTree"s snapshot function will add these for you. For us, we won"t be using any tools.

NameName shown in OpenCoreEnabledSelf-explanatory, enables or disablesPathPath to file after the Tools folder


Used for specifying irregular boot paths that can"t be found naturally with OpenCore.

Won"t be covered here, see 8.6 of Configuration.pdf for more info




4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14 (Booter Path, mainly used for UI Scaling)


01: Standard resolution(Clover equivalent is 0x28)02: HiDPI (generally required for FileVault lớn function correctly on smaller displays, Clover equivalent is 0x2A)

DefaultBackgroundColor: Background color used by boot.efi

00000000: Syrah BlackBFBFBF00: Light Gray

7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 (System Integrity Protection bitmask)

General Purpose boot-args:boot-argsDescription
-vThis enables verbose mode, which shows all the behind-the-scenes text that scrolls by as you"re booting instead of the Apple logo sản phẩm và progress bar. It"s invaluable to lớn any Hackintosher, as it gives you an inside look at the boot process, và can help you identify issues, problem kexts, etc.
debug=0x100This disables macOS"s watchdog which helps prevents a reboot on a kernel panic. That way you can hopefully glean some useful info and follow the breadcrumbs to lớn get past the issues.
keepsyms=1This is a companion setting to lớn debug=0x100 that tells the OS to lớn also print the symbols on a kernel panic. That can give sầu some more helpful insight as lớn what"s causing the panic itself.
alcid=1Used for setting layout-id for AppleALC, see supported codecs khổng lồ figure out which layout to lớn use for your specific system. More info on this is covered in the Post-Install Page
GPU-Specific boot-args:boot-argsDescription
-wegnoegpuUsed for disabling all other GPUs than the integrated Intel iGPU, useful for those wanting to run newer versions of macOS where their dGPU isn"t supported
csr-active-config: Settings for "System Integrity Protection" (SIP). It is generally recommended khổng lồ change this with csrutil via the recovery partition.

csr-active-config by default is set to lớn 00000000 which enables System Integrity Protection. You can choose a number of different values but overall we recommover keeping this enabled for best security practices. More info can be found in our troubleshooting page: Disabling SIP

nvda_drv: prev-lang:kbd: Needed for non-latin keyboards in the format of lang-COUNTRY:keyboard, recommended to lớn keep blank though you can specify it(Default in Sample config is Russian):American: en-US:0(656e2d55533a30 in HEX)Hint: prev-lang:kbd can be changed inlớn a String so you can input en-US:0 directly instead of converting to HEXKeyTypeValue


Forcibly rewrites NVRAM variables, vày note that Add will not overwrite values already present in NVRAM so values lượt thích boot-args should be left alone.

LegacyEnable: NO

Allows for NVRAM khổng lồ be stored on nvram.pdanh sách, needed for systems without native sầu NVRAM

LegacyOverwrite: NO

Permits overwriting firmware variables from nvram.pmenu, only needed for systems without native NVRAM


Used for assigning NVRAM variables, used with LegacyEnable set to lớn YES

WriteFlash: YES

Enables writing khổng lồ flash memory for all added variables.



For setting up the SMBIOS info, we"ll use CorpNewt"s GenSMBIOS application.

For this Coffee Lake example, I chose the MacBookPro15,1 SMBIOS - this is done intentionally for compatibility"s sake. The breakdown is as follows:

SMBIOSCPU TypeGPU TypeDisplay SizeTouch ID
MacBookPro15,1Hexa Chip Core 45wiGPU: UHD 630 + dGPU: RP555/560X15"Yes
MacBookPro15,2Quad Core 15wiGPU: Iris 65513"Yes
MacBookPro15,3Hexa bộ vi xử lý Core 45wiGPU: UHD 630 + dGPU: Vega16/2015"Yes
MacBookPro15,4Quad Vi xử lý Core 15wiGPU: Iris 64513"Yes

Run GenSMBIOS, pichồng option 1 for downloading MacSerial and Option 3 for selecting out SMBIOS. This will give us an output similar khổng lồ the following: