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How khổng lồ khuyến mãi with the problem of Kingston SSD Toolbox not detecting SSD? The best backup software – AOMEI Backupper Standard can give you a h&.


Generally speaking, you can vì chưng the following things via Kingston SSD Toolbox:

Monitor the health, status & usage of the SSD.

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View identification data (model name, serial number, & firmware version, etc.).

Update drive’s firmware.

Run drive sầu diagnostic scans.

Securely erase data (Windows 7 only).

Utilize self-monitoring, analysis, reporting technology (SMART) and export detailed reports in .CSV format.

Although Kingston SSD Toolbox can monitor Kingston solid state disks efficiently, some users said that the Kingston SSD Toolbox cannot find drive sầu when they ran this Toolbox.

Solution to lớn Kingston SSD Toolbox not detecting SSD

Some professionals point out that users need lớn revert baông chồng to the Microsoft default AHCI driver and then run the Toolbox. To bởi vì this, you can refer lớn the following steps:

Step 1. Clichồng Computer. Then choose Manage.

Step 2. Go IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers > AMD SATA Controller or Hãng Intel SATA Controller.

Step 3. Right clichồng on AMD SATA Controller or Hãng Intel SATA Controller. Then choose Update Driver software.

Step 4. Go Browse > Let me pick to select Standard AHCI from the các mục.

Step 5. Reboot the PC. Then launch the Toolbox.

Some users followed these instructions but the SSD Toolbox still doesn't see the drive sầu. Once the Kingston SSD Toolbox is not working, you can’t know the status of the SSD. That is khổng lồ say, you don't know if there are bad sectors on the SSD or the SSD is going to lớn crash.

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Kingston SSD Toolbox doesn’t find drive – how to resolve? Under the circumstance, you’d better vày a disk backup of the Kingston SSD to lớn prevent your data from being lost.

Protect Kingston SSD with the best backup software

AOMEI Backupper Standard is an excellent freeware that allows users to backup Kingston SSD easily & efficiently. Almost all brands of SSD can be supported by this freeware like Samsung, SanDisk, & Intel etc.

This Kingston SSD image software runs smoothly on Windows 10/8/7, Windows Vista & XP.. Besides, you also can backup SSD to lớn HDD partition or backup hard disk drive sầu to lớn SSD with this freeware, because this professional software supports various external hard drives.

Is it complicated to lớn backup Kingston SSD? Don’t worry! All operating steps are simple and easy. Now you can download this freeware và follow the detailed steps below.

Before you bởi vì, you need to lớn install this backup utility and connect the Kingston SSD khổng lồ the PC.

Step 1. Open this software. Select Backup from the left side. Then choose Disk Backup.


Step 2. The Task Name can be modified by your needs. Select the Kingston SSD by clicking Add Disk.


Step 3. Select the destination path. Then cliông xã Start Backup.


Step 4. Wait for the Disk Backup Progress to be completed. Then you can clichồng Finish.


In Step 4, if you clichồng Cheông xã backup integrity on completion when the backup task is in progress, this program will check the data integrity of the backup image after completing the backup. You can also select Shut down PC, Restart PC, Hibernate or Sleep on completion.

If you want to restore disk backup image later, please go Home > the Disk Backup > Restore.

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Kingston SSD Toolbox not detecting SSD in Windows 10 – how to solve sầu it? You can revert baông chồng lớn the Microsoft mặc định AHCI driver at first. If the SSD Toolbox still doesn't see the SSD, you can turn lớn AOMEI Backupper Standard to protect your precious data of the Kingston SSD.

If you only want to lớn copy changes, you also can create an incremental backup or a differential backup with AOMEI Backupper Standard. Don’t hesitate to lớn use this freeware lớn have a try!

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