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File: Dota HotkeysAuthor: VinthianLenguage: EnglishVersion: 1.06bSize: 204 KB.Filename: dotahotkeys.exe

DotA hotKeys is a little utility program which can be used to custom the Hot keys of the DotA inventory (Items). DotA hotkeys also has other additional options available, such as edit Quick Chat, show HPhường of enemies và allies, và disable the Keyboard Windows key.

DotA hotkeys Features

– Show Ally HPhường and Enemy HP– Disable Windows Key– Edit Quichồng Chat– Edit Hotkeys– This dota hotkeys works with the maps DotA 6.88w9, 6.88v3, 6.88u, DotA 6.85k and others maps.– Works with Garena, RGC and other platforms.– Supports Warcraft 1.27a, 1.27b & 1.28.– DotA hotkey for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

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Instructions:– Unzip the downloaded file…

– Copy the dotahotkeys.exe pháo file to lớn the main warcraft folder…

– Run dotahotkeys.exe file as administrator (right-clichồng on it, & then cliông xã “Run as administrator”)…

– Now, you can see next to lớn the Windows cloông xã a icon…


– Just clichồng it with the right mouse button & custom your hotkeys commands (“Edit Hotkeys”), and and then clichồng “OK”…


– If you want you can also “edit Quiông xã chat”…


How to lớn Download DotA Hotkeys

Clichồng on the links for a free download dota hotkey for windows …


Frequent errors and solutions

1.- The DotA Hot keys customized aren’t working.Solution: Cchiến bại the program and run again as administrator (Right Cliông xã the dotahotkeys.exe pháo file và select the option Run as administrator).

2.- Error:The same variable cannot be used for more than one control. The current thread will exit….

Solution: In certain instances this error message is displayed, just cthua thảm the program và run again as administrator.
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