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When planning an event in your community centered around Valentine’s Day, it can seem difficult lớn generate ideas that won’t leave sầu your single residents sitting at trang chủ wishing they could join in the fun.

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At first thought, it may seem as if Valentine’s Day is too targeted toward couples to be open lớn just anyone. But here’s the good news—Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples anymore, và it can actually be a perfect opportunity lớn get your residents together regardless of relationship status!

With the help of our top picks for creative sầu Valentine’s Day ideas, your association can get in the spirit of the holiday. Whether you arrange a fun, memorable night for your residents by hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner và a movie, or even a Valentine’s Day dance in your community that welcomes couples but also has opportunities for single residents to mingle, turnout is sure khổng lồ be high. Read on for our favorite creative Valentine’s Day ideas khổng lồ make the holiday one khổng lồ remember!

Arrange a Brunch for Your Residents

Start off Valentine’s Day with a bang by hosting a themed brunch for residents.

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Brunch is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a laid-baông xã, lighthearted atmosphere with good friends around a community. Bonus: there’s never any shortage of great brunch recipes! Try incorporating a “mimosa” bar with flavored và sparkling juices for a treat the kids can enjoy, và remember to keep decorations light & airy with floral touches.

Floral Tablescape from Domestic Fashionista


Valentine’s Day Brunch from 100 Layer Cakelet

Show a RomCom in Your Clubhouse

Everyone loves lớn congregate for movie night, và Valentine’s Day is no exception! After dark, transsize your clubhouse inlớn a cozy spot khổng lồ watch a romantic comedy—you can even let your residents vote on which movie they’d lượt thích khổng lồ see. Just remember to keep the snaông xã bowls stocked. Here are some recipes perfect for the occasion:

Valentine’s Day Popcorn from The Wetherills Say I Do
Valentine’s Day Movie Snacks from A Beautiful Exchange

The Icing on the Cake? A Dessert Party

Valentine’s Day is all about being sweet. If you’d rather stay away from hosting a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner for your residents, why not make it more interactive by inviting them to lớn decorate desserts? This is a great option because it gives couples a chance to lớn enjoy dinner together, but still congregate with their neighbors to lớn kết thúc the day on a high note.


Valentine’s Day Cookies from Passion For Savings
Hand-Dipped Cookies from Family Fresh Savings

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