Heroes and castles 2


Heroes and Castles 2 ($1.99) runs into the problem that trying khổng lồ bring big-scope, console-style games to Mobile often have: these games are often well-made and can be fun khổng lồ play. But sometimes, they’re terrible fits for the actual platform. And that’s where my issues with Heroes và Castles 2 lie: the game’s good, I just came to dread playing it because it isn’t a good fit for the thiết bị di động platform.

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Heroes và Castles 2 thankfully delivers on its title. There are heroes, which you control; castles, which you try khổng lồ defend; there’s both heroes and castles; there’s also at least 2 of each. In general, missions boil down lớn “there are bad guys, take them out." But you’ll have missions where you’re defending your castle from invaders, missions where you are involved in skirmishes with random batches of enemies, và ones where you have khổng lồ raid your enemy’s castle before they destroy yours. Those latter missions are the most fun, just because so many games offer “kill everyone" levels. Fewer games offer you the opportunity lớn summon up an army of blunderbuss-wielding dwarves lớn go blow up the castle housing a skeleton army. That might have sầu just sold you on the game, và hey – it’s $2 & it lets you destroy the skeleton army’s castle. It ain’t so bad.

The structure surrounding the game has you trying khổng lồ protect your castle from invasions, while freeing other lands from the skeleton armies that have sầu invaded. The new lands you conquer will net you bonuses và new units to lớn use in battle, but they must be periodically defended khổng lồ keep them. If you fail khổng lồ protect your castle, which is the main progression, with 50 total waves, there’s no penalty. But if you die or your base is destroyed, then you lose that property.


You will need khổng lồ both summon up different units, using your recharging currency of command points khổng lồ bring forth a variety of offensive sầu và defensive sầu units. Some have advantages against certain enemy types, so you need khổng lồ be smart. Generally, getting lớn & staying near your maximum unit count is ikhuyến mãi for trying lớn win. You also will be running around the battlefield & attacking enemies, though if you die, you đại bại. Your character gains experience, can use a variety of weapons, and unlock different abilities along a skill tree.

Heroes và Castles 2 does a great job at keeping its disparate elements all tied together & working in perfect harmony. Managing both combat và unit-summoning is never too difficult, though I bởi vì wish you were notified more often of when you lost units. You know when your castle and bannermen are under attachồng, but you can easily get overwhelmed by the loss of units that you didn’t even know you lost in the chaos of war. Still, summoning up new ones isn’t so difficult, and the most important alerts bởi vì come in. The game constantly keeps you on your toes with invading armies, khổng lồ where progression can be slow, but if you’re smart, you can get plenty of shots at expanding your territory. And if the singleplayer bores you, you can play online in both co-op & versus modes. Real-time online play on mobile games isn’t really my forte, but it’s there if it’s yours.

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The prdouction values of Heroes & Castles 2 are great as you would expect from Foursaken Media. There’s gorgeous lighting effects. The heroes & enemies are all fantasy archetypes, nothing that stands out as particularly special or quality, but they all are detailed & look good. It’s a good-looking điện thoại game, and it runs super-smooth on the lachạy thử devices. If you find performance stuttering at all, you can configure specific graphic details.

Controls-wise, there’s a virtual joystick and buttons to lớn use, but they generally work well. You regularly have to enter menus in order to lớn use abilities và buy units, and the action thankfully pauses when you’re in these menus, so you can choose just what you want lớn buy. The game supports MFi gamepads, và while I thought all the touchy stuff you had to lớn bởi would mean the game might actually work better with the touchscreen, it actually works amazingly with a gamepad. I highly recommend it. It’s perfectly fine without one, but it feels great with a gamepad.


Heroes và Castles 2 is $1.99, but uses a currency system with consumable IAPhường. You can buy random new items, & buy upgrades for units as well. I’m left a bit uneasy by the idea that there’s a lot of stuff where you have to lớn either hope that the luck of the draw goes your way in terms of a weapon you want, or khổng lồ save up to lớn buy powerful upgrades, particularly when even a $0.99 purchase would go a long way. It’s a $1.99 game, but I’d rather that Foursaken either go all the way free-to-play or to lớn go with a premium price point & not worry so much about IAP in paid games. It’s far from the worst scenario in practice, as even comtháng weapons will bởi well enough for you early on as long as you use them. And character upgrades can be had by replaying earlier levels. But still, it’s the kind of system that just leaves me feeling unhappy about it. It’s not awful, just not igiảm giá.

I lượt thích Heroes and Castles 2…to a certain degree. I have sầu a huge problem with it: I think it’s because it’s a terrible game lớn play on sản phẩm điện thoại. This isn’t so much about the unique of the product, just that it’s on the wrong platsize.

The battles in the game aren’t really timed, & can go on for an unknown amount of time. Skirmish battles will eventually end, but raids could go on for seemingly forever, as far as I can tell. This is a problem if you get an tin nhắn you need to kiểm tra right now, as if you switch lớn another tiện ích, Heroes và Castles 2 closes pretty much instantly. Sure, that’s not a problem in theory, because this is clearly a very resource-intensive sầu game. But the game doesn’t save sầu in the middle of battles, so if you forget that leaving the phầm mềm will eliminate your progress in any one battle, then whoops, too bad!


I really came khổng lồ dread playing the game. Ironically, I was more Smartphone than ever recently because of some stuff going on in my personal life where I had to do a lot of traveling on public transit. But because there was always that fear that I might thảm bại ten minutes of progress because I had khổng lồ respond to lớn a text message or khổng lồ an important tin nhắn, led me to lớn stiông chồng with games with less commitment or less resource usage. Again, this is a problem that could be sovled if and when the game supports saving in the middle of battles. But right now? This is a terrible mobile game.

So definitely play this on an ipad if possible. I started on my iPhone & then couldn’t get iCloud sync to the iPad working, và iOS 8.3 blocks manual save transfers, so be careful if you want lớn play on your iPhone. I certainly lament that tablet gaming has been turned inlớn something that’s just a companion to lớn iPhone gaming, literally the same games on a bigger screen 99% of the time. I’d love lớn see more games that are tablet-exclusive sầu, taking advantage of the different expectations of the size factor, the ability to charge more, và to lớn create more in-depth experiences.