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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.1

Download Full version (with HD-mod):Download Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.1 => Link 1alternative Link 2 (503 Mb)

Official version, needs original Heroes 3 Full (HD Mod recommended):Download Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.1 => Link 1alternative Link 2 (237 Mb)

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.1 - Full Changelog:

HotA bugs

<-> Fixed a bug where the game would crash when an ally’s heroes made an exchange in online play<-> Fixed a bug where the game would crash when digging up a Grave in online play<-> Fixed a bug where the game would crash after a new month’s monster spawn on maps with many objects<-> Fixed a number of bugs và memory corruption connected to creating a new boat<-> Fixed a bug where the game would crash when reviewing a turn where a anh hùng had been acquired from a sea Tavern or Prison<-> Fixed a number of bugs và memory corruption connected khổng lồ an AI-controlled hero disembarking a boat<-> Fixed a bug where information on certain events would be transferred incorrectly to lớn an inactive player during online play<-> Fixed a bug where the pathfinding mechanism would misbehave due to the game failing to consider whether an inactive player’s anh hùng were on a boat<-> Fixed a bug where Fangarms would fail to lớn retaliate to all attacks in the first turn<-> Fixed a bug where, upon death of a staông xã that had been cloned several times, only one clone would disappear<-> Fixed issues with incorrectly converted campaign savegames made in old versions<-> Fixed a bug where the Map Editor would crash when holding down Shift<-> Fixed a bug where checking a maps with a Grave sầu would cause the Map Editor to lớn crash<-> Fixed a bug where objects would sometimes be displaced when opening maps files made in old versions in the Map Editor<-> Fixed issues with certain menu objects in the Map Editor<-> Fixed the bug where Steel Golems would lack a tichồng after editing their properties in the Map Editor<-> Fixed a bug where the setting for available factions in monsters would be read incorrectly from a Template Editor file

SoD bugs

<+> When checking the casting possibility, Spellcasters now consider all stacks instead of the first one on each side only

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.1 - Gameplay

<-> Spawning points for Zombies were changed for Churchyards<-> Warlock’s Lab value was raised from 3000 to 10000

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.1 - Graphics

<+> Small creature portraits were reworked & improved<+> Some large creature portraits were reworked<+> A Snow sprite was added for the Warlock’s Lab<+> Yellow battlefield grid was introduced for Highlands và Wasteland<+> Campaign bonus resource icons reworked<-> Campaign bonus icons were added for the Cove’s Fort, Citadel và Castle


<+> Monolith/Portal and Subterranean Gate icons were added for World View


<+> Firewalk and mt_Firewalk templates were added<-> On aremãng cầu maps, sự kiện messages are only skipped now if they contain no text<+> Incorrectly looped ambient soundbites for Sea Serpent Maelstroms, fire and two-way Monoliths/Portals were fixed<-> A number of scenarquả táo và texts were fixedHeroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.6.0 - Full Changelog:



HotA bugs

<-> The Pond of Gems has been fixed, previously designated as Gold Mine in the game files<-> The possibility khổng lồ repeatedly visit the Gazebo by a single hero has been eliminated<-> A bug has been fixed where under a anh hùng with the Sniper"s Bow, a shooter staông xã would approach the opponent & shoot instead of attacking in melee, when so ordered<-> The endless casting bug has been fixed for Satyrs & Leprechauns<-> A bug has been fixed where the Resistance skill would sometimes lower the opponent"s spellpower by 1 more than required<-> A bug has been fixed where issues with pathfinding and route length calculating would arise for heroes on ships during the opponent"s turn on multiplayer<-> A bug has been fixed where the color of arrows designating the route (red or dark red) would not take inkhổng lồ account the wearing off of the Fly spell<-> RMG: A bug has been fixed where the maximum number phối for the zone & the entire maps would be calculated separately for all dwellings of the same creature<-> A bug has been fixed where the required Shipyards would often not be spawned on random maps, most often with the "Normal" water level<-> A bug has been fixed where the Alt+F4 hotkey would not work<-> RMG: Crashes tied lớn the overly long template description have been fixed<-> RMG: No more than 48 towns can now be phối per maps (previously, exceeding this number would cause crashes)<-> A bug has been fixed where the timer running out while on the spell selection screen in spell research would crash the game<-> A bug has been fixed where the game would crash after entering the cheat code for increasing the contrast<-> A bug has been fixed where an AI-controlled hero would begin moving in circles because of the incorrect evaluation of spells granted by the Aurora Borealis<-> Town Gate now cannot be placed on water<-> The hint featuring incorrect number of creatures khổng lồ be killed when attacking a copy of a staông chồng created by the Clone spell has been fixed<-> A bug has been fixed where the cursor would remain artifact-shaped if it was so before exiting the exchanging heroes screen in a town<-> A bug has been fixed where the ESC hotkey would cause issues with the exchanging heroes screen<-> Fixed: the previously "fixed" bug with the Faerie rồng spell frequency has been reverted, as it was found not to be a bug<-> A bug has been fixed where the spells in Tower"s Library could copy other existing spells when loading savegames made in pre-1.5 versions of HotA<-> Some memory leaks tied to dialogue elements have been fixed

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4 - Gameplay

<+> If both heroes died as a result of a battle, they will not turn up in taverns, unless all other ones have become unavailable<-> RMG: In the 6lm10a template, the unguarded 21–22 và 24–25 connections are now always l& passages<-> RMG: In the 6lm10a template, the frequency of Dragon Utopias has been increased from 100 khổng lồ 200. A limit has been introduced: no more than 1 Dragon Utopia per player & AI-controlled player starting zone & the adjacent ones; no more than 2 Dragon Utopias per silver treasury zone<-> RMG: In the Diamond template, all 4 roads from each player"s starting zone are now mandatory<-> RMG: In the Diamond template, the frequency of Dragon Utopias has been increased from 100 khổng lồ 200. A limit has been introduced: no more than 1 Dragon Utopia per player & AI-controlled player starting zone<+> RMG: Wide connections between random maps zones now also work in the underworld<-> The value of casting element protection spells by upgraded elementals has been decreased for the AI<+> Faerie dragons now cannot ayên ổn Chain Lightning at allied stacks

SoD bugs

<+> A bug has been fixed where unoptimal nhân vật route was traced that could change after several continuous clicks<+> A bug has been fixed where the value of summoned creatures would become zero for the AI in the event that all other creatures under a hero"s command would be killed; the AI would then cease attacking the summoned Elementals with magic, and in HotA, also with splash damage from Liches và Magogs<+> A bug has been fixed for the situations where the hind hex of a two-hex creature"s corpse would be covered by a one-hex creature"s corpse; in this event, it would be impossible lớn target the big creature with the Resurrection & Raise Dead spells, even when pointing at its front hex<+> The cheat codes for building up towns và reviewing the opponent"s towns are now turned off upon starting a new game or loading a game<+> A bug has been fixed where a combat would sometimes become desynchronized if one of the players had the Angel"s Alliance on a hero not taking part in this combat<+> A certain hero-clonning bug has been fixed<+> A bug has been fixed where the game would crash upon starting a scenario with a random nhân vật on the maps, but no heroes available to lớn the player<+> RMG: A bug has been fixed where an unguarded passage could be blocked by a group of objects<-> RMG: A previously missed instance of a bug where a Monolith, a Subterranean Gate or a Shipyard could block a land passage has been fixed<+> RMG: A bug has been fixed where a wide connection between zones would sometimes not be created if a non-wide connection already existed there<+> A bug has been fixed where the AI could enter a cycle when considering magical terrains during spell evaluation<+> A bug has been fixed where a nhân vật would neglect using a ship he/she summoned<+> A bug has been fixed where another boat could be built in a town with a shipyard built right before that moment even if a boat already was there<+> A bug has been fixed where hints about the reason of cast unavailability for upgraded Elementals & target immunity for Archangels would not appear<+> Faulty hints when trying to lớn order Archangels to resurrect themselves or a stack where no one had been killed have sầu been fixed<+> A bug has been fixed where Roland"s specialty would affect Crusaders but not Swordsmen<+> Reentering the cheat code to lớn increase contrast now restores the regular contrast level<+> The cheat thực đơn now cannot be used during the đoạn Clip intro upon launching the game & the fading when switching between different game screens<+> The cheat to build up the town now does not build Shipyards or boats in landlocked towns, does not skip decorative buildings and does not reset the number of hireable creatures in the town"s dwellings<+> A bug has been fixed where pushing an allied player"s hero from the garrison lớn the guest nhân vật slot would cause this nhân vật to lớn appear as changing allegiance to lớn inactive players

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4 - Graphics

<+> New Conflux town sprites (Fort, Citadel, Castle, Capitol) have sầu been introduced for the adventure map<+> Faulty moat graphics have sầu been fixed for Fortress town<-> Blinking pixels by the horse"s hooves have been fixed for the male Knight, female Necromancer and Witch combat sprites<+> Buggy shadow has been fixed for the Pit Lords sprite<+> Buggy shadow và a blinking px have sầu been fixed for the Mages sprite<+> The faulty Bone Dragon image on the Necropolis puzzle map has been fixed<-> Vey, Luna, Ciele và Gelare portraits have sầu been fixed

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4 - Map editor

<+> The incorrect position of Elementals in the creature lists has been fixed

Template editor

<+> An "Anarchy" option has been added where turning it on will often allow visiting objects with the use of Fly without having to lớn defeat their guards, và revert the bugfix lớn always place object guards correctly<+> A "Portal repulsion" connecting option has been introduced where turning it on will force the Monolith-enabled connection to lớn spawn as far as possible from object guards, Subterranean Gates và other Monoliths<-> A bug has been fixed where the order of object thiết đặt rules would change when editing several zones at a time<-> The faulty exporting of *.jpg images has been fixed


<+> Hints has been introduced to be displayed when targeting a staông chồng, showing the effect of damage spells, healing và resurrection spells & First Aid Tent healing, along with the number of remaining shots for caster creatures<+> The hint about the number of remaining shots for arrow towers has been removed, seeing as they have sầu unlimited shots<+> The casting interface has been enhanced for the Faerie Dragons: the cast-shaped cursor will now replace the attaông chồng cursor only when the prepared spell can indeed affect at least one creature being targeted to the selected hex<+> The game window will now not become unresponsible during generating a random maps or loading a map<+> Maps of non-standard sizes are now correctly displayed on the scenario selection screen


<-> A number of issues with maps, templates, texts & fonts have been fixed<+> New map Daggerwin Valley have been introduced<+> Templates mt_Andromeda, mt_Antares và Clash of Dragons have been introduced<+> Map creation date format has been changed in the maps selection dialog<+> The limit for list length in the pathfinding algorithm that could lead to irregular behavior from the AI has been lifted

Version 1.5.2 was found to be peppered with minor bugs, which called for a quiông chồng bugfix.

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.3 - Full Changelog:

HotA bugs

<-> Non-working Thorgrlặng specialty fixed

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.3 - Graphics

<-> Sand Gem Pond image improved<-> Oasis image fixed


<-> Map fixes

We have acknowledged numerous comments inquiring about new Resistance mechanic and the reasoning behind choosing it for our project. Here are the advantages of it over the old one we consider significant:

The original Resistance skill suffered of vast dispersion in terms of usefulness. Every battle featuring a nhân vật trained in it was essentially a coin toss that could momentarily decide the outcome of a long game. The new mechanic is lacking the random factor, và its effect is permanent. The original Resistance mechanic was completely negated by the Orb of Vulnerability, which rendered the skill with already limited usefulness virtually useless. The new mechanic allows suppression of crucial spells like Elemental summoning and Resurrection. The new Resistance mechanic finally made the skill unequivocally useful, allowing the player to select it by choice, rather than by force.

Notice that the old mechanic persists in the game as a creature ability. The gamble element cherished by many is preserved for existing tactics featuring such creatures.

In order khổng lồ allow the players to compare the two mechanics và appreciate the advantages of the new one, we introduced the chạy thử version option in the HotA 1.5.3 launcher. With it enabled, the game will employ the old Resistance mechanic. This will give the players who have unfinished games started with the old skill version the option to lớn complete their games with all the advantages of the new stable release, albeit with the old skill mechanic. The Crew, however, is not planning on reverting the change; the old mechanic will be completely abolished by the next major release.

Another important point is understanding that altered Resistance skill & rebalanced spells vày not ảo diệu the entirety of our plans to rework the game"s magic system. These exact changes are merely measures to accommodate banning Orb of Negation & Recanter"s Cloak on all official templates. Simply speaking, these steps were made khổng lồ allow for acceptable magic-based gameplay until next major releases are rolled out.

A large-scale rebalancing operation is currently being planned; it will include altering magic skills (such as Eagle Eye & Mysticism), dealing with overwhelmingly useful (for instance, Mass Slow) and miserably useless (for instance, Magic Mirror) spells, and solving the issue of poorly interbalanced magic schools. This is a complex undertaking which is of high priority for upcoming releases. It is meant khổng lồ be batch delivered in one update.

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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.2 - Full Changelog:

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.2 update is live. It mostly contains bugfixes và polishes. The Resistance skill properties were altered, some spells were rebalanced, two new scenargame ios và a number of decorative updates have been introduced.

Version 1.5.1 is available!

Contains some bugfixes & minor improvements. Introduces some new scenarquả táo, a few decorations và hero-portrait improvements.

HotA bugs

<-> Fixed a potential crash after right-clicking objects <-> Fixed a potential corruption of the Shipyard after a turn reviews <-> Fixed a bug where a staông chồng of Archangels could resurrect itself <-> RMG: Fixed a potential crash while generating a maps, caused by the zone repulsion mechanic <-> RMG: Fixed a bug where wide zone connections could disrupt the mandatory road structure<-> Fixed a bug where spell research would become unusable after a siege in an online game<-> Fixed a number of graphic artifacts in online play for the inactive player during an ally"s turn <-> Fixed a bug in online play where an inactive sầu player would have sầu the minibản đồ rendered in windows where it"s absent <-> Fixed the wrong Faerie Ring sound clip <-> Fixed the impassable hex layout for one of the Highlands combat obstacles

In-game experience

<-> Creatures generated on beginning of a new month now won"t be spawned closer than two squares from existing creatures on the adventure map <-> RMG: Maximum per zone for Taverns và Hermit Shacks is down to lớn 1 (except on the Jebus Cross, mt_Jebus, and mt_TeamJebus templates, where the maximum is still 3)<-> RMG: Maximum per zone for Mineral Springs on the Jebus Cross, mt_Jebus, & mt_TeamJebus is up khổng lồ 3

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.1 - Graphics

<+> Added 5 new Puddle decorations for the highlands terrain<-> Fixed portraits for the following heroes: Gem, Coronius, Marius, Olema, Gunnar, Alamar, Sephinroth, Zubin, Merist, Aenain, Brissa, Labetha, Gelare<-> Fixed the male Cleric hero sprite on the adventure bản đồ <-> Fixed one of the highl& obstacle sprites in combat <+> Lightning spell animation has been increased in duration

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.1 - Map editor

<-> Fixed a potential crash on startup

Template editor

<-> The original Hill Fort is now marked as banned by default <-> Fixed the incorrect default values displayed for Fly/Town Portal/Dimension Door/Water Walk spell scrolls


<-> A number of new scenartiện ích ios has been introduced. New scenarios in v1.5 include: With Sword & Fire, Talent Shortage, Before the Storm, A New Day Tomorrow, The Devil Is in the Detail, Dead Man"s Tales, Island of Dust, Broken Compass <-> Added the Boomerang & Apocalypse templates <-> Waterfall ambient sound has been changed<-> Map & text fixesHeroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.0 - Full Changelog:

Before the release notes here are a few clarifications:

The update 1.5.1 is planned lớn come in the next few days, once we finish some minor nội dung that didn"t make it into the releaseWe couldn"t find the time lớn highlight some nội dung from this release before it happened, but it will be done anyway.The official documentation is not yet fully updated - for now you can examine the full changelog below

This update is the biggest to happen since the beta-release. In shortest terms possible, here are only a few new additions:

Fully functional visual template editor that allows to create and edit Random Map Generator templates of the new extended HotA format.New terrain for the Conflux town - Highlands. The first successfull attempt in adding the new terrain in the history of Heroes III add-ons and modsNew visitable objects and decorations unique lớn the Highlands terrainSpell retìm kiếm. The mechanism that fixes the everpresent problem of Mage Guild: its inadequacy for providing spells, that the player actually needs.Full differentiation of anh hùng models by their class and gender both in and out of battle.A feature that lets one pick the specific method of attachồng for certain creatures (lượt thích shooters, casters or Harpies).

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The official links of HotA are unfortunately not available at the moment, but will be added to lớn the post once their functionality is restored

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.1 Full changelog: - Important Information. <-> - Bug và error fixes & changes lớn previous elements. <+> - Innovations.

Version 1.5

If you prefer launching the game using the HD .exe file created by the HD hack, we recommover you to lớn delete this tệp tin và recreate it after upgrading your game khổng lồ 1.5.1

<+> The game has a built-in savegame converter. Games saved in previous versions will be compatible with the current one.

<+> Introducing the random map template editor, a tool allowing any player to create his own template using extensive sầu formatting features.