Hệ điều hành endless

On the net we can find a large number of Linux distributions of all kinds, from complete distros, simple & for advanced users to Linux systems that imitate other systems, such as Windows, so that users feel more familiar with them. Within this second type of Linux distros is where Endless OS comes into lớn play, a strange project, but one that has become very popular, which seeks to bring the experience of a Mobile operating system, such as Android, lớn the PC.

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Endless OS is a Debian-based Linux operating system that offers users an ordinary và simplified experience thanks lớn its EOS Shell desktop, derived from GNOME 3. Thanks khổng lồ this, this distro goes one step further by demonstrating that a Linux operating system It does not have sầu to be complicated lớn use, but can be as much, or more, than Windows even for inexperienced users.This distro is committed lớn using a read-only root file system managed by OSTree, which allows managing the applications of the distro in a much easier and safer way, avoiding any user having the slightest doubt about how it works.

ContentsEndless OS, the không tính phí operating system of some laptopsEndless OS FeaturesBasic version vs full versionDoes not allow running Windows programsDownload Endless OSMinimum và recommended requirements

Endless OS, the không tính phí operating system of some laptops

The most comtháng when we buy a máy tính is that it comes with a Windows 10 OEM license. However, there are some manufacturers that offer cheaper laptops without an operating system, or install other không lấy phí operating systems as FreeDOS or Endless OS as standard.Specifically, this operating system may be installed by default in some Acer notebooks that are sold without an operating system. However, that does not compel users to lớn use it, but it is possible at any time khổng lồ install another operating system, such as Windows, to lớn replace Endless OS, or even use it together in a Dual Boot configuration.

Endless OS Features

Endless OS is yet another distro that wants khổng lồ end the myth that Linux is difficult lớn use. Therefore, this distro offers a desktop inspired by the launchers of Android & iOS applications (especially on tablets) so that from the first moment users, even those who enter Endless OS for the first time, can use the distro without problems.In addition lớn its ease of use, this system comes with more than 100 không lấy phí programs và applications that we can use from the first moment. Ahy vọng them we find a web browser (Google Chrome), an office suite (LibreOffice), a multimedia player (VLC), basic system tools, games, etc. If we have an Internet connection we can tải về more applications completely không tính tiền of charge.
This distro has no cost . Any user can tải về it and use it for the purposes they want, both personal & professional. In addition, it has completely không tính phí periodic updates khổng lồ keep it up to date và, being based on Linux, it is less vulnerable to viruses than other systems such as Windows.

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Basic version vs full version

Endless OS offers users two different versions. The basic version is the smallest version of this distro, occupies about 2 GB và comes with a few pre-installed applications. It is the recommended version for users who have an Internet connection, since it allows us khổng lồ tải về & install other apps through its software center. To use it, it is recommended to lớn have a USB with at least 8 GB of không tính tiền space và we can use it in Live sầu Mode.On the other hand, the full version comes with more than 100 programs of all kinds installed by mặc định. Aý muốn them we can find games, productivity programs & even resources to learn to lớn cook or make health consultations. This version occupies 16 GB & a USB of at least 32 GB is required khổng lồ kiểm tra it. If we vày not have Internet access, this is the version that will give us the most service.

Does not allow running Windows programs

We must make it clear that we are talking about a Linux distro, with all the good & bad that this entails. Unlượt thích other distros that usually bring software (such as Wine) that allows you to install và use Windows programs , Endless OS does not have sầu this feature. Mainly because the support is not perfect, & in addition lớn the fact that many applications bởi vì not work well with this program, its configuration can complicate things a bit.Endless OS wants khổng lồ offer the best performance possible, & the only way to achieve sầu this is khổng lồ turn its baông xã on advanced programs và offer native sầu Linux alternatives to all Windows applications. In case you need Windows programs, from Endless 3.0 it is possible khổng lồ install this distro together with Windows in a Dual-Boot .

Download Endless OS

This distro is completely không lấy phí and we can tải về the lathử nghiệm version from its website . We are going lớn be able khổng lồ choose several ways to tải về & install this distro. If we already have sầu Windows on our PC và we don’t want lớn format, we can choose the ” Side-by-Side ” option. This allows us to install Endless OS together with Windows through an installer that we must run on Windows. This will copy all the necessary files lớn the hard disk và modify the boot so that, when we turn on the PC, it asks us what system we want khổng lồ load.
This is the easiest way, since if we get tired of this distro & want khổng lồ uninstall it, we can vì it like any other program, from the “add or remove sầu programs” section of Windows 10.In case you want to tải về an image khổng lồ manually install the distro (for example, lớn format và work only with it) we can choose whether we want to lớn download a desktop version of this distro, a version for a virtual machine (igiảm giá khuyến mãi lớn be able khổng lồ thử nghiệm it before nothing) and even an image that will allow us lớn install it on a Raspberry Pi 4 .

Minimum and recommended requirements

In order to lớn use this distro, the first thing we must have sầu is a 64-bit processor , since there is no official 32-bit image. Any CPU sold after 2007 will smoothly meet this requirement. Although its developers vày not specify speed or cores, it is expected to have sầu at least a Dual-Core CPU of at least 1 GHz.As for RAM memory, this distro can work perfectly with 2 GB of memory. And we will need about 32 GB of storage space in case we want to lớn install the most complete version of it.Finally, this distro loads the graphics drivers of any graphics thẻ, both Hãng Intel và AMD or NVIDIA, although in case of using one of the last two it is recommended khổng lồ update them after installing the distro lớn take better advantage of its performance.Of course, we must take into lớn account that there are a number of components not compatible with this operating system:Smart thẻ readers.Fingerprint readers.Internal modems.Expansion ports.Asus Number Pad.Asus Screen Pad.