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The success of PUBG và Fortnite spawned an entire industry of battle royale games, some of which came with interesting new ideas, but far more blatantly attempting to lớn copy the successful formula of the two most well-known franchises. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) launched in December 2017, although it had spent almost an entire year in Steam’s Early Access. Throughout the year, the team fine-tuned the PUBG experience, & it debuted on Xbox & PlayStation in early 2018. 

Even before it officially launched, PUBG had surpassed almost all other games on Steam in terms of peak concurrents. It surpassed League of Legends, the most popular online PC game, in August 2017, four months before its official launch. 

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Epic Games spat with Apple and Google, which resulted in the removal of Fortnite from both app stores, has added more fuel to lớn PUBG Mobile’s fire.

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That has been somewhat dampened by India’s recent ban of the title. 

We have collected data & statistics on PUBG mobile. Read on below to find out more.

PUBG Smartphone key statistics

PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại was the highest grossing game in 2020, generating $2.6 billion in revenue It has been downloaded over 730 million times In Q.3 20đôi mươi, over 50 million people played the game daily. An additional 70 million played the Chinese version, trò chơi for Peace Before the ban, half of all PUBG điện thoại players were from India (App Annie) Over 75 percent of PUBG thiết bị di động players are male in India, 60 percent are male in the United States

PUBG điện thoại Overview

Launch date 9 February 2018
HQ Seongnam giới, South Korea
Developers PUBG Corporation, xFAIRx
Publishers VNG trò chơi Publishing, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, xFAIRx
Industry Video games

PUBG thiết bị di động Revenue

Quarter Revenue
Q2 2018 $18 million
Q3 2018 $66 million
quận 4 2018 $92 million
quận 1 2019 $150 million
Q2 2019 $341 million
Q3 2019 $514 million
quận 4 2019 $505 million
Q.1 2020 $675 million
Q.2 2020 $619 million
Q.3 2020 $643 million
Q.4 2020 $555 million
quận 1 2021 $709 million

Source: Sensor Tower

PUBG điện thoại Users

Date Daily Active Users
April 2018 10 million
December 2018 30 million
April 2019 50 million
March 2020 65 million
December 2020 30 million

Note: India’s ban of PUBG điện thoại sunk the games daily active users by more than half. 

Source: Tencent 

PUBG Smartphone Downloads

Date Downloads (Cumulative)
November 2018 200 million
June 2019 400 million
March 2020 600 million
June 2020 730 million

Source: Tencent

PUBG Sales

Date Sales
May 2017 2 million
June 2017 4 million
August 2017 8 million
September 2017 10 million
June 2018 50 million
December 2019 60 million
July 2020 70 million

Note: This is for sales of PUBG on PC và console. PUBG Smartphone is free-to-play. 

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