Gto: Paradise Lost (14 Book Series) Kindle Edition

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I want khổng lồ preface this Reviews by saying that GTO is one of my favourite manga. The reason for that is that I want to lớn explore what Paradise is lacking compared to GTO. After all, it has the same style of writing, same humour, same premise. So what is it lacking? After thinking for a while I came to understand why I lượt thích it soo much less.It lacks a growth element, Onizuka already faced every possible challenge imaginable. He was a teacher of bullies, sociopaths & crazies và faced every challenge imaginable. So how can he even grow beyond that point? Every problem Onizuka comes across in paradise (as far as I read) doesn't challenge Onizuka. He comes up with a crazy unethical solution & solves all the life problems for all offenders. He is lượt thích a perfect being, unlượt thích the flawed character he was in GTO in which he failed at many things & always tried his best to lớn overcome even with help of students which at some point tried to lớn fail hyên.Another problem I noticed with Paradise that it doesn't introduce many good characters. In original GTO you had a cast of over the top & fucked up characters, but likeable. All of them were contained within the school and often interacted with Onizuka. You could see them change slowly by hanging with Onizuka. In paradise soo far they just orbit around the Onizuka, most the conflict comes from the outside Onizuka classroom which I find personally not as engaging. Also, most of the characters just stop being of any importance after their arc kết thúc. So the points I found were growth và characters. Those were the points that made the original Great Teacher Onizuka amazing. I hope that in future Fujisawa tries to work with formula and come up with exciting arcs because what I read so far is pretty average.