2 Ways To Get Google Drive 100Gb Free Cloud Storage Forever


So, you start to lớn notice your PC or your Smartphone device is running out of memory. Like me, you may have asked yourself “How vì I get 100GB không lấy phí on Google Drive?”.

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Let’s face it, 100GB is enough lớn hold approximately 100,000 photos, 24 movies, or around 240,000 documents. That’s probably adequate for most.

With so much data today, it is essential that you have sầu the right backup system. Hard drives bởi vì a good job of providing additional storage.

But what happens if your hard drive gets damaged? It is very difficult to recover your data. It’s also not convenient khổng lồ take the hard drive everywhere.Cloud storage is an excellent solution that allows you lớn access your data from any device with an mạng internet connection.If you already have a Google trương mục of some kind, it makes sense lớn ask about this cloud service.

How vị I get 100GB không tính phí on Google Drive?

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive sầu is a cloud service that allows a user to lớn backup all of their important files. Your Google Drive sầu trương mục can be accessed from Android, Windows, iOS, và Linux.This includes laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, & Smart TVs. It supports any tệp tin type including videos, photos, và music.You can backup Word, Excel, và PowerPoint presentations. Naturally, Google Drive is very handy if you already use Google products lượt thích Gmail and Google Docs.The Google Drive sầu phầm mềm is pre-installed on many devices, including the new Chromebook. If not, you may need khổng lồ download it và then mix up your Google account.

You can then mix up your Google Drive sầu account as the mặc định location for a file type, or all files.Perhaps you want all of your photos lớn be saved straight to your Google Drive sầu app. This way, you can save storage space on your smartphone.

Table of Contents

How bởi I get 100GB miễn phí on Google Drive?What is Google Drive?What is the tệp tin size limit for Google Drive?Understanding how much additional storage you needAnd now, how can I get 100GB free on Google Drive?What files count towards my 15GB of không tính phí Google Drive space?What files don’t count towards my 15GB of không tính tiền Google Drive space?What happens when you run out of Google Drive storage?How can I make the most of my không tính tiền Google Drive sầu storage?Are there any Google Drive sầu storage space offers?Which cloud service offers 100GB for free?Why don’t more cloud storage providers offer 100GB of storage for free?Wrap Up

What is the file form size limit for Google Drive?

For documents, the maximum is 1.02 million characters. If you convert it into a Google Doc, it can be up lớn 50MB. Spreadsheets can contain up to 5 million cells. If you convert your presentation into Google Slides, the file can be up lớn 100MB. All other files can be up lớn 5TB.Before answering the question of how khổng lồ get 100GB of storage không tính tiền on Google Drive, we are going to lớn take a closer look at your storage needs.

Understanding how much additional storage you need

It’s a common mistake khổng lồ look at things like unlimited storage and even 100GB and wonder how much this is. Are you going to lớn need that much Google Drive storage space?Google experts are saying that there may be a crackdown on accounts that were inactive or those accounts that are over the storage limit.This can result in not being able khổng lồ store new files or Gmail users not receiving emails.For this reason, it’s best lớn calculate how much cloud storage space your need. A good rule to calculate your cloud storage needs is khổng lồ add up all of the files you currently have on your computer.

If you get, for example, 6 GB, you should at least double it. If you have sầu 6 GB, you will need at least 12 GB, so you would probably require 15 GB of miễn phí storage.You also want to think about the tệp tin type you want khổng lồ store. Is it for work & mostly documents? Will it be for movies?The larger the tệp tin type you intkết thúc to lớn backup, the more you will need. That being said, it’s always better lớn start off small và then increase how much storage you need.

And now, how can I get 100GB miễn phí on Google Drive?

Over the years, there have been several changes in Google’s pricing plans. When Google Docs was released, it came with 15GB of không tính tiền cloud storage.

The first version of Google Drive sầu offered 5GB of miễn phí storage space. In năm ngoái, Google released Google Photos with unlimited storage.When Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Photos merged, we were all excited about 100GB of storage for our data.Sadly, the 100GB storage of Google Drive sầu space is no longer available for không tính tiền.The current không lấy phí cloud storage with Google is 15GB. This is still around 5000 photos. Any Google user gets 15GB of storage space for không tính tiền. There are also 3 paid plans:

100GB of cloud storage costs €1.99 a month or you can pay in advance for the year for €19.99. That’s a saving of 16%;For 200GB of storage, it is €2.99 per month. Again, for 16% savings, you can prepay €29.99 annually;If you need more, 2TB of Google storage is €9.99 a month or €99.99 per year. The saving is a little more at 17%.

These paid plans are called Google One. They come with access lớn Google experts, and you can add up khổng lồ 5 family members lớn your plan. Extra thành viên benefits for a user with a paid Google tài khoản may also receive Google Play credits or discounts on hotels.The only way you can now get unlimited storage with Google is by changing khổng lồ Google Workspace – formally known as G Suite. The Enterprise plan has unlimited storage, enhanced support, và up to lớn 250 participants in video clip meetings. There are also lots of advanced security features.

What files count towards my 15GB of miễn phí Google Drive sầu space?

This is where things get more complicated. Google has always allowed certain tệp tin types to not count towards your storage quota. This would include your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, & Drawings.With Google Photos, if you converted photos or videos to high-chất lượng, they wouldn’t count towards your không lấy phí storage. Essentially, you had unlimited không tính phí storage if you changed your photo lớn settings.

Starting June 1, 2021, this will not apply anymore. Google Docs, Sheets, etc. created after this date will count towards your 15GB of không tính tiền storage. If you edit an old Google Doc, it will now count as part of your không tính tiền cloud storage.Photos & videos you back up to Google Photos will also count towards your không tính phí storage, regardless of the tệp tin format. Photos và videos uploaded in high quality before this date won’t count.This is a bit of a game-changer. It will now be more difficult to take advantage of the free Google Drive space. More people might be forced khổng lồ subscribe khổng lồ a paid plan.It is worth knowing what happens when you run out of cloud storage with miễn phí Google Drive sầu storage.

What files don’t count towards my 15GB of không lấy phí Google Drive space?

After 1 June 2021, the only things that won’t count towards your không tính tiền cloud storage are Google Sites and tệp tin sharing. If someone shares a tệp tin with you, the tệp tin is part of their storage và not yours.


What happens when you run out of Google Drive sầu storage?

There are three things that may happen if you go over your free storage space. They are related to the 3 main apps, Gmail, Google Drive sầu, & Google Photos:

Gmail- it will be impossible khổng lồ send or receive sầu emails. If someone tries khổng lồ send you an tin nhắn, it will be returned;Google Drive- You won’t be able lớn create a new tệp tin in Google Docs, Sheets, etc. You also won’t be able lớn sync or upload any new files;Google Photos– You won’t be able lớn upload photos or videos in original quality. For now, you will have khổng lồ convert photos lớn high-quality ones.

After 1 June 2021, if you are inactive sầu for more than two years, or if you go over the storage limit, you risk losing files. Your Gmail, photos, videos, & productivity files could be deleted.

How can I make the most of my không lấy phí Google Drive sầu storage?

Knowing that you can’t get 100GB storage for free, there are two options. You can pay €1.99 a month, or you can make the most of your free 15GB storage.My advice would be lớn carry out the following tips and tricks as soon as possible. At least before the over of May 2021.Upload all of your photos và videos now. Make sure you upload them inlớn high-chất lượng file format instead of original quality.

Then change all of your existing photos và videos inkhổng lồ the lower resolution file type. It’s important lớn for this before the kết thúc of May because after, they will count towards your storage – high or low resolution.

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Keep on top of your Gmail. Especially those with large attachments. Make sure you are regularly deleting emails. Rethành viên that moving emails lớn the trash doesn’t không tính tiền storage space. You need to lớn empty your trash to lớn permanently delete them và save cloud storage.View your files by size. In your Google tài khoản, you have a menu bar on the left-hvà side. At the bottom, there is “Storage” và below, how much of your storage space is used. Cliông chồng on storage and a new menu of your files will appear. The list will appear from largest khổng lồ smallest. This makes it easier lớn delete larger files.Search for orphan files. This is a great little gem I recently discovered. When you delete a folder from your drive space, it doesn’t delete all of the files in it. But you can’t see these files. They are known as orphan files. Use the tìm kiếm button khổng lồ type is:unorganized owner:me. This will provide you with a danh sách of files you can delete.Remove hidden data from apps. You can vì this by entering your Google Drive ứng dụng và clicking on settings. Then choose Manage apps. A list of apps will appear và below each one, it will tell you if there is any hidden data. On the right-h& side, there is an “Options” button. Clichồng on this & select Delete hidden app data.

Empty your trash. Whether it’s photos và videos, Gmail, or files, clicking on delete isn’t enough. You need to lớn follow up & empty your trash bin to lớn see the reflection on your storage space.If you do all of these things and you don’t see a difference in your không lấy phí space, try signing out of your Google Drive phầm mềm và then baông xã in again.If this doesn’t make a difference, you might need to wait for up to lớn 24 hours before the additional storage is available. If not, then you should contact a Google expert.


Are there any Google Drive sầu storage space offers?

There are various coupons và offers that can provide you with 100GB of free Google Drive sầu storage. We will briefly take a look at some of them now.If you have a new Chromebook, you will be offered 1 year of 100GB storage with Google for free. To activate it, you can cliông chồng on the new Chromebook offers & then clichồng on the button “Get Perk”.

Then, follow the steps lớn verify your new Chromebook. Once finished, you will have a Success notification & your Google account will be credited with 1 year of không lấy phí storage.You can also keep an eye on Offer.com as this site publishes Google Drive coupons that sometimes contain không lấy phí space. CouponXOO is another site that may not offer không tính phí storage space but there are good discounts.For students và teachers, there is good news. If you have a G Suite/Workspace for Education provided by your school, college, or university you get access to unlimited Google Drive sầu storage. Just make sure you are using your provided education account và not your personal one.While we all want khổng lồ get as much for our money as possible, Google Drive sầu really is excellent value for money. €1.99 for 100GB is a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá & 15GB for không tính phí is also a bargain.You also need to consider the extras that come with the Google One trương mục. However, let’s see what other cloud storage service providers are offering.

Which cloud service offers 100GB for free?

After searching through all of the lathử nghiệm cloud service providers, we have sầu found two that offer 100GB of storage for không tính phí. The first is Degoo.This is a very simple file backup system that offers 100GB of không tính phí storage with unlimited mobiles, 1 desktop device, & end-to-end encryption.The only downside is that there is no option lớn live sầu sync your files. You also have sầu to lớn make sure your tài khoản remains active sầu. If not, after 90 days they might delete files.The second we found was FileShadow. This is another cloud storage provider that offers 100GB for không lấy phí as well as a little more than Degoo.You have sầu tệp tin sharing, revision tracking, and advanced searching. For security features, FileShadow has secure encryption và virus scanning. The paid storage plan is €12.85 a month for 1TB. In this case, Google One is a better value for money.

One of the best deals we found for large storage capacities was with iDrive sầu. They have sầu an offer for new customers with 5TB of cloud backup for just €2.93 for the first year. After that, it is €58.41. iDrive sầu is a better value than the Google Workstation Business Plus plan.A new competitor for Google is icedrive. Their không tính phí storage is up to lớn 10GB và monthly prices for 150GB are €1.83 paid annually at €21.99. Icedrive has good security features & various options for tệp tin sharing.There are of course other popular cloud providers which we should mention for a fair comparison. For Microsoft Users, The Microsoft OneDrive plan has 5GB of miễn phí space with plans for up lớn 6TB of space.A little bonus is the 1TB of extra space for those who have sầu Microsoft 365. For €83.99 a year, you can get Microsoft 365 Family. This is 6TB of storage space for 6 users & all of the Microsoft apps.


Why don’t more cloud storage providers offer 100GB of storage for free?

Because the cloud is something we physically don’t see, it is easy khổng lồ assume that the costs would be low. This is far from the case.

Cloud providers need khổng lồ invest in servers, security, storage, & IPhường addresses. You also need to think of the energy khổng lồ run the servers và the expert staff to lớn create and maintain the systems.The main idea of offering không tính phí Google Drive storage is that at some point you will use your storage quota. This leads lớn upgrading to lớn a paid plan. Considering the costs, Google is actually rather generous with its không tính phí space. Out of the big names, Google Drive account holders get the most không lấy phí storage.

Wrap Up

To get 100GB free on Google Drive sầu there are three options. First, you would need khổng lồ invest in a new Chromebook. Second, take advantage of being a student or teacher. And third, look for online offers & coupons.These may not be the perfect solutions, but it has been a few years since Google handed out 100GB of storage for không tính tiền.It was teasing us slightly. To dangle this offer in front of us and then take it away. It also seems a little unfair that the changes from 1 June 2021 are going lớn have sầu an impact on our không lấy phí storage.

By carrying out the methods to lớn take advantage of miễn phí Google Drive sầu storage, I managed to không tính tiền up 3GB of drive space. This is definitely a good place khổng lồ start.You might be tempted khổng lồ look at an alternative sầu cloud storage service. If you just want lớn use it as a backup, it makes sense to use providers that offer 100GB of storage for free.Especially if they have sầu great security features. One mistake you want khổng lồ avoid is lớn risk having security problems with your data.That being said, for €1.99 a month 100GB of storage with Google Drive is an excellent offer. When you are already used to working with Google Docs & the ease of file sharing, the cost is next to nothing.You have sầu Google experts at hand and security for your data. We think it’s only fair that Google asks for a small fee in return for so much.

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