Theory: God of War Ragnarok's Main Villain Will Be Athena Athena"s return in God of War revealed that she is still a factor in Kratos" life & could bring his kết thúc. After all, she did it once before.

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Will Athemãng cầu Be The Next Villain in God of War
The sequel lớn the critically acclaimed God of War is set to lớn come out sometime in 2021 (or, as some have suggested, 2022). As implied by the range of the game"s release window, very little is known about its development or even its official name. As of right now, the internet has named the sequel God of War: Ragnarok, after the official teaser trailer shown during the PS5 Showcase ended with the text, "Ragnarok is coming." This has left fans speculating about what the coming sequel will include và who the father-son duo will face off with next. With the reveal of Athena"s continued presence in Kratos" life, it may be safe to lớn posit that she will be the game"s primary antagonist.

The kết thúc of 2018"s God of War left more than a few questions as lớn where the future of the series will go. As players approach the final moments of the game, a painting is revealed. The painting depicted the journey Kratos and Atreus had embarked on for the entire game, and showed the potential fate for Kratos và Atreus. With the series" focus on the theme of the son killing the father, many have seen the final image to be Atreus fulfilling the same destiny as Kratos did with his father, Zeus.

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The Greek pantheon also makes cameos throughout God of War"s most recent game. Kratos relives his final moments with Zeus in Helheim, inadvertently revealing the cycle of patricide khổng lồ Atreus. Later, while exploring a treasure vault, Kratos stumbles across a Greek vase depicting his exploits as the God of War, which he immediately shatters. The most important return comes when Kratos is forced lớn reckon with his past & comes face lớn face with the astral khung of his old friend & enemy, Athena.

Kratos and Athena"s Relationship In God of War

Throughout the God of War series, Kratos và Athena"s relationship tragically degraded. Athemãng cầu initially helped Kratos by giving hyên ổn the power to kill Ares, making him the new God of War. As Kratos continued down his path of revenge to lớn kill the Olympians, especially Zeus, a rift formed between the two which ultimately ended in Athemãng cầu sacrificing herself lớn save her father at the end of God of War 2 - attempting khổng lồ break the cycle of the son killing the father.

Death wasn"t the kết thúc for Athena, though. Throughout God of War 3, her astral form guides Kratos towards his goal under the guise of freeing humanity. When Kratos successfully kills Zeus, however, Athena reveals that her plan was miễn phí humanity by being the sole Queen of Olympus. To achieve sầu this, she needed the power of hope stored within Pandora"s Box.

However, when they opened Pandora"s Box lớn defeat Ares, its contents poured out into lớn the world which caused the chaos and death that surrounds the series. Upon seeing the empty box, Athemãng cầu realized that the power of hope was now embedded in Kratos, hidden beneath his rage, grief, and sorrow.

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Kratos would come to lớn accept that he had to lớn release the power of hope lớn humanity in order to save sầu them from the chaos và destruction he had caused, and the only way lớn bởi so was to lớn sacrifice himself. Kratos impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, and as he lay on the ground in a pool of blood, Athena removed the blade & vanished, leaving Kratos khổng lồ finally die.

Athena"s Return in God of War 2018

Kratos somehow survived his impalement, but the evidence is still there. A giant soto stretches across his torso, a constant reminder of his past and uncontrolled rage. Kratos is ashamed of who he is, the power he has, và what all of this has already done lớn humanity. However, when Baldur threatens his family at the start of God of War (2018), he chooses to lớn use his rage to protect his son Atreus.

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Early on, there are hints to a sickness in Atreus that, at a pivotal point in the game, overwhelms hyên ổn & brings hlặng cthua khổng lồ death. Kratos realizes, with the help of Freya, that it is Atreus" godhood, rage, and fear causing turmoil within him. Now confronted with the consequences of trying khổng lồ hide the past, Kratos returns trang chính to lớn retrieve sầu the Blades of Chaos in order lớn venture into lớn Helheyên. The Blades of Chaos represent unbearable pain và anguish for Kratos, having used them lớn kill his first family in a blind rage brought on by Ares. Though Kratos inherited the Blades of Chaos upon defeating Ares, he chose to lớn rid himself of them altogether. However, it is revealed in the game"s tie-in comic God of War: Fallen God that the blades always found their way bachồng khổng lồ Kratos.

As Kratos wraps the chains around his arms once more, Athemãng cầu appears in the doorway. She speaks, voicing his biggest insecurities and using his grief as her weapon. When Kratos raises the blades, now glowing once again with the fires of Olympus, the words "You cannot change. You will always be a quái vật." falls from Athena"s mouth. Realizing he must accept this part of hlặng, Kratos agrees, but states that he is her "monster no longer" before walking through her and turning her astral form to embers.

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Athena has seemingly haunted Kratos for some time, but how she is bound khổng lồ him is unknown. Maybe her astral form is bound to the Blades of Chaos, becoming the reason they always returned to Kratos, or perhaps she has followed hyên ổn of her own không lấy phí will. What is known, thanks to God of War: The Official Novelization, is that Athemãng cầu isn"t gone yet. She is still watching và tormenting Kratos:

"A reflection in a blade seized his heart. He turned. Athena, the one goddess that so tormented his mind, filled the doorway."

"... she watched hlặng silently with a smug, satisfied smile on her otherwise stone face."

With this in mind, here are three theories for how her role as the main antagonist in God of War: Ragnarok could manifest.

GoW Ragnarok Theory 1: A Source of Power

When God of War: Ragnarok's Release Date Will Likely Be
Athena"s incredible powers are catalogued on her God of War Wiki page. She is capable of bestowing or amplifying power, previously giving Kratos the "Rage of the Gods" which plays an important role in his victory over Baldur and Atreus" discovery of his godhood. This specific ability may continue to be an important story mechanic, as both Athena và the Norse Gods have sầu seen what Kratos did to lớn the god who cannot die.

In the post-credits sequence for God of War (2018), Atreus has a premonition in the size of a dream. In it, a violent storm rages, not unlượt thích the one summoned by Kratos" rage và grief when Atreus was near death. After opening the door, it"s revealed that Thor has come, harnessing an immense amount of power. While Thor, the God of Thunder và Storms, is incredibly powerful on his own, Athemãng cầu has the ability lớn amplify that tenfold. Athemãng cầu may over up potentially granting Thor his own version of the Rage of the Gods in order lớn match Kratos. After all, it may be their only hope in defeating Kratos.

GoW Ragnarok Theory 2: A Source of Revenge

Similar to the God of War theory above sầu, Athena may choose to bestow power khổng lồ Freya. With Freya vowing to kill Kratos for killing her son, she and Athemãng cầu have sầu a lot in common. Though Athemãng cầu mix in motion the death of her family, her true goal at first was to lớn liberate humanity with hope, not by killing the gods. The anger built-up in Athena by the end of God of War 3 compliments that of the already-powerful Freya.

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This would also be a smart move for the Goddess of Wisdom. In Greek mythology, Athena was always able to best her brother Ares because she would outsmart hlặng with advanced tactics to overcome brute force. Her very being is built on defeating the God of War by playing the long game, & that game may be entering its climax with this new và powerful pantheon. Freya, with her own ability to lớn outsmart the gods, could prove sầu khổng lồ be a powerful ally to Athena. Their combined power & intellect could prove khổng lồ be a near unbeatable enemy to Kratos và Atreus.

GoW Ragnarok Theory 3: A Source of Doubt

Ultimately, Athena may just continue to plague the mind of Kratos now that he has fully unleashed his past. By dawning the Blades of Chaos, embracing his godhood after so many years and telling Atreus the truth of who he is, Athemãng cầu has the chance to lớn live on through his revival of the past. It"s still unclear if this version of Athena is the true astral form seen in God of War 3 or if she is just an illusion conjured by Kratos" grief. Regardless, Athemãng cầu holds two important powers to make either scenario work: the ability to lớn possess objects & pyrokinesis - the ability khổng lồ control fire. Athemãng cầu may have sầu possessed the Blades of Chaos, causing them khổng lồ always find their way back to lớn Kratos, & would explain why she appeared as he dawned the blades once more, igniting them with his rage.

Athemãng cầu is undoubtedly going to lớn play an important role in the next chapter of Kratos" story. Even in this new land, the same struggles of sons killing parents, hiding the past, và seeking revenge are front và center. Athena has almost come to embody these themes. As more details about God of War: Ragnarok trickle out over the next year or so, a clearer picture will begin lớn khung, và one of this theories may just turn out to be true.