Hay Day Advertising Dissection: Is This Game Still Relevant

Most people know the Finish developer Supercell by their worldwide famous thiết bị di động games Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, & Clash Royale.

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Besides action & strategy sản phẩm điện thoại games, Supercell has published a casual game baông chồng in 2012 — Hay Day.

In this article, we’re going khổng lồ dissect this điện thoại game and its organic và paid user acquisition strategies to lớn find out how it fights khổng lồ stay relevant.

More specifically, I’ll look at Hay Day advertising and tiện ích store optimization.

Let’s dive right in!

How Successful Is Hay Day by Supercell?

Before we get inkhổng lồ Hay Day advertising & the tiện ích store page, let’s look at some numbers.

Here’s how many people downloaded this game and how much it earns in revenue.

All Time Hay Day Downloads By Country

Overall, Hay Day got more than 300 million downloads since 2012 when it was released. Peak downloads happened in January 2014, reaching more than 8 million. After that, downloads were lower, between 2 & 4 million. In 20đôi mươi, they were the lowest ever. This begs the question, is the massive popularity of Hay Day over, or is this game still relevant?

All Time Hay Day Revenue By Country

We see a similar trover with revenue as with downloads. Peak revenue was in 2014, reaching more than 25 million in the middle of the year. In 2020, it never went above sầu 10 million, which is still quite successful. The majority of Hay Day’s revenue comes from the US. However, Germany, nhật bản, Great Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Switzerlvà, and Demark are also among mỏi the top markets for this game.


Back in năm nhâm thìn, ARPDAU for Hay Day was about $0.10. By 2021, it grew significantly và reached more than $0.40 in January.

Just to put this in perspective, according to lớn GameAnalytics’ Benchmarks+, the average ARPDAU in 2020 for top 10% casual games was about $0.trăng tròn. For the top 2% of games, it ranged from $0.50 to lớn $0.60.

If you want to learn more about how this game is monetized, you should read our Hay Day monetization dissection.



Hay Day App Store Ratings (US)

According to AppAnnie, the average App Store ratings for Hay Day in the US is 4.67, which is very good. There’s 82% of 5-star ratings (270k), while there’s only 3% of 1-star ratings (10k).

Reviews: What Users Have sầu to lớn Say About Hay Day

Top comments/review of Hay Day on Google Play are quite positive sầu. However, most offer some advice for improvement. Here’s an example.

“Great game have sầu been playing for many years, just think there should be more items available to lớn buy in the catalogue, as it gets a bit boring the same things over & over, maybe every month add something new to lớn buy say as a market day and add things that are new lớn everyone just khổng lồ make it a bit more exciting, that would be great. Keep up the good work with this game.” — Raelene.



App Store Optimization Dissection (Organic User Acquisition)

If you have searched for farming games in the app stores, you most certainly came across Supercell’s Hay Day. It’s one of the Editor’s Choice games on Google Play.

In the Apple App Store, it is categorized as a family game. However, on Google Play it’s in the casual games category. One could also say Hay Day is a simulation game, considering it’s based on farm simulation.

In any case, it attracts a large number of players in both stores.

Let’s see why.

Game Title

The game title for this Supercell game is as simple as it can be — Hay Day. It’s two words, it’s short, and it rhymes. Furthermore, it’s catchy, recognizable, & easy lớn memorize.

There are no additional keywords và description words lượt thích we see with many other games.

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Above, you can see a more detailed analysis of the Hay Day icon from GameRefinery. The main object of the inhỏ is an animal/mascot/character that’s happy/smiling. The art genre is very modern và polished while the art style is cartoonish. The main colors are xanh, grey, and red.

On the right side, you can see how prevalent each of those elements are in the top 200 games & outside the top 200 games.

Another good way lớn know whether an ibé is good và boosts installs is to check whether other games are copying it.

Lo and behold, there’s a publisher that literally copied not only the Hay Day icon but the game itself. This is how you know for sure you’re successful.

Hay Day App Promo Video Breakdown

When it comes to phầm mềm store optimization, a key factor is the tiện ích promo video clip. It is without a doubt the most important ASO element.


It’s simple — the Clip format is the best way khổng lồ present any sản phẩm điện thoại game. It’s hard khổng lồ explain what the game is about using only words & images. When users watch an ứng dụng promo video, they can see how the gameplay looks, what are the game’s features & benefits, and even how to play the game. It makes people cliông xã that install button.

However, tiện ích promo videos don’t just boost downloads, they also attract high-quality users, which is important long-term.

Players who have watched an tiện ích promo video clip prior khổng lồ installing a game have sầu a much better understanding of it. Plus, they’re more interested right from the get-go. Furthermore, they have a better idea of how to play it và what’s the goal of the game. Those types of players tover to lớn stiông xã around longer & spover more on in-app purchases. This results in better user retention và higher revenue.

But what makes a good ứng dụng promo video? Let’s see how Supercell presented Hay Day.

The 30-second ứng dụng promo video clip for Hay Day starts with clouds parting & revealing beautiful crop fields. As the camera pans out, we see different types of crops growing and the full scope of the farm, along with different buildings, roads, & resources.

This shows players how their farm could look like & the different types of buildings one can build.

Then the app promo đoạn phim moves on lớn highlighting multiple game features. “Care for your farm” shows pigs, sheep, & cows getting fed. “Join a neighborhood” shows where you can move in và interact with neighbors. “Explore new places” shows unique places in the Hay Day world.

All in all, this tiện ích promo Clip does a good job of explaining what the game is about và what players can expect if they download it. The only thing it lacks is a gọi lớn action at the end of the video clip that invites players khổng lồ install the game.


Screenshots & graphics are another way khổng lồ showcase important game features. Hay Day is very successful at this. Each graphic is nicely designed and represents the game in a very good light.

Highlighted features include things lượt thích the ability to lớn trade with neighbors & friends, decorate & grow your farm, and explore new areas. Furthermore, the graphics represent the Hay Day world as a very joyful place where “sunshine is never-ending” & “happiness is everywhere you turn”. All of it is very colorful and inviting, just lượt thích the game itself, which is known for being visually pleasing.

This type of messaging tells us Hay Day is suitable for both kids & adults who want lớn relax và enjoy a game that’s not too aggressive sầu or dark.

chú ý that there are plenty of graphics for Hay Day, not just a few, & they come in different formats for different devices.


Hay Day mô tả tìm kiếm is separated into lớn different sections — intro, features, media mentions, ratings, và tư vấn. This is a nice way khổng lồ organize information in the description so that users can easily find the part they’re interested in.

The reality is that not many people read the description, but it’s important to lớn have one for those that vị. Some might get interested in a game by looking at screenshots or a promo video clip but want lớn get more info in the description. In those cases, it becomes very useful.