Fantasy Legend War Of Contract Gift Code


Our Ancient Fantasy Gift Code 2021 Wiki has the lakiểm tra danh mục of working gift codes. Get new active sầu coupon code and redeem some free items.

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Ancient Fantasy Gift Code


By using the new active sầu Ancient Fantasy Gift Code (also called Promo Code or Redeem Code), you can get some various kinds of miễn phí stuffs such as which will make your game more fun.

We will keep update this danh sách & will add whenever the new codes are released, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Ancient Fantasy Gift Code (August 2021)

Here is the menu of new codes that currently available. (August 2021)

New Available (Working)AFFacebook : Redeem this code và get the rewardExpired (Out of Date)welcome : Redeem this code & get the rewarddiscord : Redeem this code and get the rewardhello2021 : Redeem this code và get the reward

How khổng lồ Redeem the Codes

The way to lớn using codes is very simple và easy khổng lồ understand.

Step 1. Launch the game. To use the code, you need to lớn reach into level 18 in the game first. After that, look for the Player Avatar Icon on the top-left corner of your screen và tab on it.

Step 2. When new window pop up, move sầu onto lớn the Settings section.

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Step 3. In the Settings section, find CDKEY button và cliông chồng that.

Step 4. Code Exchange window will open up.

Step 5. You will see text box area where you can use code.

Step 6. Input the code & press Exchange button to receive sầu tons of nice rewards.

Where và How lớn find Code

You may be wondering where to lớn find Ancient Fantasy Gift Code. Usually, you can find them on Twitter, Reddit, Official Website, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and even on the Youtube. Codes can be released when special events are updated, or they can be released periodically. As game codes are so hard to find, it is the most convenient way khổng lồ kiểm tra this page. So, please bookmark this page & visit it whenever you need a code.

trò chơi Description

Gear up for adventure in Hess L& with warriors all over the world, and explore the secret totem legend!

※trò chơi Features※

▶Over 200 Heroes from 6 FactionsYou can summon, grow và fight with over 200 heroes from the Element, Human, Orc, Elf, Saint, and Immortal Factions. Build your ELITE team with these excellent heroes now!▶Idle chơi Game, Bounty RewardsGet rid of the boring “fast challenges”. Focus on the core part only. EXPhường., equipment, advance items, gold, etc. The idle gameplay guarantees you bounty rewards when you are AFK.▶Global Arena, Compete for the TOPGear up and strengthen your CHAMPION team. Challenge players all over the world. No boundary in this game! See who will step up as a TOP Player in the Arena!▶Smart Formation, Key khổng lồ VictoryMake good use of the faction advantages. To plan your battle formation wisely is the key lớn victory! Do not forget the camping buff. No wit, no win!▶Svào Tribe, Hold togetherBuild your own svào tribe with your mates. Power nguồn up together with the Tribe tech, and enjoy defeating bosses one by one together. You will never be alone in this game!