Geometry dash apk + mod download for android & pc

Geometry Dash APK 2.111 (84.8 MB)

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Geometry Dash Lite APK 2.21 Mod: Unlocked (74.8 MB)


Geometry Dash Description

The game is very difficult, the background music is cool -

The game"s structure is very simple, all by the reality of the graphics, such as triangles, squares, diamonds, etc., and the game world is composed of these graphics, although the structure is simple, but the hierarchy is not simple, the game is horizontal Version 2D, to lớn highlight the characteristics of the trap, need khổng lồ go through the exquisite thiết kế, have to say, developers cleverly given each color different colors khổng lồ distinguish, so intuitive display so that players are more likely to lớn produce a trap response, the game the most The magic is that the rhythm of the music and the player"s jump rhythm is almost synchronized, if you are sensitive to the music, maybe you can cthua thảm your eyes, marching rhythm can escape all the traps, quite interesting.

Each time you touch the screen, the role will jump, in addition lớn no other extra action, & in the main thực đơn interface, you can choose the role of control và system settings, and so on options, enter the game after any choice of level Can start in the upper right corner of the game can be suspended, pause the interface can view their progress and so on, the game screen is very clean, no extra buttons lớn block the player"s line of sight, it is worth noting that the suspension HELPhường can view at any time, Not familiar with the operation of the players can see.

The game is very simple khổng lồ play, inkhổng lồ the cấp độ, the players selected the role will be lớn the right forward, the way the obstacles will always blochồng the players, and the only way khổng lồ avoid these obstacles is lớn jump, although it looks simple, but right The player"s operation requires a high challenge, and because the perspective sầu of the restrictions, the player will never know how the front of the terrain, so this greatly increased the difficulty of the opponent is the number of players can adhere lớn the most critical elements, of course, Reactivity, experience is also necessary, the experience is lớn rely on many times khổng lồ play, only the combination of the two, in order khổng lồ break through their limits, on the custom màn chơi, the need is the player imagination.