Top 10 Game Rpg Hay Nhất Cho Android

August 17, 2021:Updated thelistIf you enjoy spending some chất lượng time levelling up, evolving your character and being sucked into other fantasy worlds, then our danh sách of the top 25 best RPG games for Android is certainly a gold mine for you!

PC & console gamers have been enjoying RPGs for decades, it"s one of the foundational genres for the đoạn phim game medium. Because of this RPGs have sầu thrived in the di động space, with both Android và iOS being hot-beds of innovation for the genre.

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The offer of escaping inlớn another world và embarking on a grvà adventure is a compelling one, now more than ever. And no other genre fulfills that brief quite lượt thích a good RPG.

Thankfully, we can now all get our RPG fix on our phones. The advance in smartphone processing power & screen công nghệ means that it"s technically simple to lớn render these vast worlds on our pocket devices.

Meanwhile, the huge success of the genre has seen Role-Playing Games" mechanics being adopted inlớn other types of games. Hitpoints, levels, stats, character developments - all can be found in a casual time-waster near you. Just head to lớn the Google Play Store, tải về the one you lượt thích from the danh mục & prepare to lớn sink a bunch of hours in there!

The following danh sách reflects that diversity, we hope. Can"t see your favouriteRPG games for Android in there? Let us know in the comments below.

Original list by Jon Mundy, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

If turn-based is your thing, then you will have a blast trying out Exos Heroes. With a narrative that is compelling và an intense playstyle that will glue you to your phone for yours, it"s easy khổng lồ see why this title is one of the first we"ll mention on our list (even if the games are in no particular order).

The epic graphics you"ll see in Exos Heroes will make you feel lượt thích you"re immersed in a cinematic rather than a game. The strategic elements are also spot on. To put it plainly, there might be RPG games for Android that look good but have sầu no essence - this is not one of them. If you decide lớn pick this one, take a peek at our Exos Heroes tier các mục, to lớn help you get a good headstart.

Download Exos Heroes from the Play Store.

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Knights of the Old Republic is a true classic of the genre on any platsize. It is a premium game, but even so, it deserves its spot on the menu. The narrative is amazing, and if you"re a true Star Wars fans, you won"t want lớn miss out on it. You can create your own character with which you can influence the destiny of the world - will it be light? Or maybe dark?

No matter what you choose, there is one main reason why this game won a spot on our list. Which other Android RPG allows you to actually be a planet-hopping, force-choking, wookie-befriending Jedi Knight? That"s right - none.

You can also read our Knights of the Old Republic nhận xét if you"re curious lớn learn more about the experience playing this game!

Download Knights of the Old Republic from the Play Store.

Do the narrow range of settings and often juvenile plots put you off RPGs? Banner Saga 2 should set you straight with its downbeat Nordic setting and tough narrative decisions. It also features an engrossing tactical battle system which is enough khổng lồ get us excited. Might not be the best RPG on Android, but it"s certainly one of them!

The graphics, however, are something else. There are no games that have truly left us in awe on that field until Banner Saga 2. The beautiful hand-drawn graphics made us give sầu us a spot to the game in our best looking games for Android too - it"s just that good!

You didn"t buy in on the hype yet? Then you better read the Banner Saga 2 reviews - you"ll definitely love this game as much as we do!

You still can"t tải về the Banner Saga 3, but we will update our các mục of Best RPGs on Android as soon as it releases!

Download Banner Saga 2 from the Play Store.

When it comes khổng lồ choosing just one Final Fantasy game it"s pretty tough. Depending on who you ask, some might say that Final Fantasy VIII is the best - others piông chồng FFVII. However, we"ll bet our money on War of the Visions. This game stands up better today for a multitude of elements, from graphics, to play style and narrative sầu.

It"s a great game that will deliver on a true Final Fantasy experience and will keep you busy for hours on end. We have sầu ranked the best characters in our War of the Visions tier danh mục, if you decide this is a game you"d like to lớn test out, don"t miss out on checking it.

Download War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave sầu Exvius from the Play Store.

The World Ends With You was built for the touchscreen of the Nintendo DS, and it makes the switch to lớn di động effortlessly. It"s a strikingly fresh JRPG mix in an alternative sầu version of Tokyo"s Shibuya district, where fashion determines your combat skills và attacks are initiated through various swipes and taps.

The graphics và playstyle feel light, & that"s not easy khổng lồ say for many RPG games out there who are overly cluttered & require some rocket scientists to lớn figure out. Don"t forget to read The World Ends with You: Solo Reset review.