What Does PK Mean?

The abbreviation PK means "Player Kill" và "Painkiller." Here is more information about each of these abbreviations of PK, including examples of use.Player Kill"Player Kill" is a gaming term, which refers lớn killing a character controlled by another player as opposed lớn a BOT (Robot Player), which is a player controlled by a computer. For example:Sam: How was the game?Jo: Rubbish! I got so bored I started PKing my own side.Jack: I"m seriously going to PK Iceman today.Sandra: Good luck with that. I think he"s more likely to lớn PK you, if history is any indicator.PainkillerThe abbreviation PK is also used as a straightforward abbreviation of the words "Painkiller" or "Painkillers." For example:Toni: How was your date? Billie: Awful! He never stopped going on about how cool his dad is. When I got trang chính I had such a headache I had khổng lồ take a PK.

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Summary of Key Points

First Definition of PK

"Player Kill" is the most comtháng definition for PK on online gaming forums.PK
Definition:Player Kill
Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
Guessability:3: Guessable
Typical Users:Adults & Teenagers

Second Definition of PK

"Painkiller" is another comtháng definition for PK.

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Type:Abbreviation (Initialism)
Guessability:3: Guessable
Typical Users:Adults and Teenagers

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