Heroes of might and magic iv

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The undisputed king of turnbased fantasy games is baông xã (well, if it is disputed it’s not often, & nobody listens anyway), and in time-honoured sequel tradition it does all the things that every other sequel lớn every other game out there does. That’s right, they’ve sầu changed the graphics a bit. Take a peek at the screenshots on these pages and you will notice hi-res, crisp, new, colourful graphics with highly detailed landscapes. Given the addictive sầu nature of the gameplay in the Heroes series, if all New World Computing had done for Heroes IV was slap pretty new graphics on top of Heroes III và put it it in a box, this would be enough lớn keep turn-based geeks all over the world perfectly happy.

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We at ZONE Towers, however, require a little more than a bit of gloss from our high-profile sequels. So you can imagine then, how we were less than impressed when the first couple of hours of gameplay appeared khổng lồ present an almost identical gameplay experience to lớn what was offered with Heroes III. You know the sort of thing: take your hero, ramble round the landscape, piông xã up a few units before plodding into lớn battle, & piông xã up treasures, gold and items along the way before meandering inlớn battle against various creatures guarding the better (ie useful) items and goodies. Did we yawn? Well, yes we did, but as always in these situations we pressed on in the hope that things would get better, and almost without us noticing, they did.

Bury me deep

Heroes Of Might And Magic IV, as the more intelligent amuốn you will have guessed by now, is all about heroes and how you develop them. No change there then, but how you develop them is now entirely up to you. Hero classes can change dramatically depending on the choices you make when they gain a level (levels are gained through experience won from successful battles). There are five schools of magic, và you can train your heroes in any of them, from a basic cấp độ right up to grvà master màn chơi, và the huge array of skills và spells can be mixedvà matched so you can develop your heroes to lớn suit just about any situation. Heroes also take an active sầu part in combat now, making it even more crucial that you choose the right paths for them along the way, và this has the net effect that you actually care about whether they live or die.

Guide your heroes through an ever more complex path of choices and you will be upphối when that huge horde of minotaurs kicks their heads in và ruins all your hard work. This is a good thing. It makes you think long và hard about the choices you make on the main game maps. It makes you think twice before you take on that enemy stronghold with dozens of svào units, & it forces you lớn develop increasingly more powerful units of your own lớn protect your heroes on their way lớn mastery of the more difficult skills & levels of magic in the game. The core of the game then, is just about right. Let"s move on then khổng lồ the most controversial area in a game of this nature, namely: combat.

After You Then

The battle sequences may have sầu had a graphical facelift, và the combat maps are not as claustrophobic as in previous incarnations of the Heroes series, but combat, it has lớn be said, is still as singularly unexciting as it ever was. You can, if you wish, activate tự động combat to lớn get things over quickly, but even when you appear to lớn be evenly matched with your opponents you will thua trận more often than not with this option, so taking control of things yourself is the only way forward. Admittedly, battles become more exciting later in the game when your heroes have sầu advanced skills và spells, and strategy becomes more important in order khổng lồ win, but after the incredible combat sequences in Etherlords, HeroesOf Might And Magic IV feels decidedly flat in this department. Does it matter? To be honest, no it does not.

There’s so much to vày in Heroes IV outside of combat that the battle scenes suffice as a means lớn an over and are no great annoyance. The most important thing about Heroes IV is everything matters. Every structure you build in your towns, every skill & school of magic you choose for your heroes, every key landmark you conquer on the bản đồ. all of these things are important when it comes to lớn determining your overall success, and this is what makes the game so hugely addictive sầu. The only downer was a bug that kept crashing me lớn desktop every time I left the build structure screen. We assume this will be fixed very quickly with a patch (kiểm tra the homepage listed here before buying to see if there’s an update) but other than that Heroes IV is a triumph for New World Computing, & probably the last truly great old-school turn-based strategy game that we will see on PC for a long time khổng lồ come.