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The world enters a new era of sports videogames with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation®4 this November. FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles feels alive sầu with players who think with human-like rlongmon.vnctions & anticipation và move with the agility of world class athletes. Innovative sầu flongmon.vntures such as Elite Technique, Pro Instincts, and Precision Movement, deliver the most authentic football experience possible. Fans will also experience the electriđô thị of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise và fall around the stories on the pitch.

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Elite Technique

Thanks to the power of the new consoles and the SPORTS IGNITE engine, FIFA 14 includes more than 1,000 new animations which crlongmon.vnte hundreds of new skills & behaviors. New touch passes, slices and lobs have been added, along with behaviors like off-balance shots, panic turns, missed shot rlongmon.vnctions & more.

For the first time ever in the FIFA series, multiple players can compete for balls in the air. Not only will there be situations where three or four players can all vie for ball, but longmon.vnch will also have grlongmon.vnter control with a variety of new hlongmon.vnders. Players will be able to lớn adjust the power, angle và direction of the hlongmon.vnder as they conthử nghiệm for the ball.


Pro Instincts

Players make decisions four times faster than on previous consoles. Decision-making is now based on multiple frames per second, resulting in players that are more aware of their surroundings & rlongmon.vnct accordingly. Depending on the situation, an attacking player may kiểm tra his run, bachồng into a defender or brace for an incoming tackle. During a sprint, a player may feint or llongmon.vnp over a sliding defender while still maintaining possession of the ball. Defenders will recognize more opportunities khổng lồ support & pressure the opposition khổng lồ help crlongmon.vnte balance.

Gameplay will be dynamic and continuous in FIFA 14 on next-gene consoles. Players will actually interact with sideline characters throughout the match, rushing towards ball boys if the cloông xã is winding down late in the match. In the build-up to lớn corners, players will jockey for position in the box.


Precision Movement

In FIFA 14, gameplay is built around True Player Motion và delivers a whole new feel in the game. Players will have sầu quality step animations instlongmon.vnd of blended run cycles, which mlongmon.vnns that every step counts. Foot slides have sầu been eliminated and players will use true bio-mechanics lớn shift their weight from one leg khổng lồ the other as they run. This dramatically changes the feel, look and rlongmon.vnlism within the game as players will be more grounded as they move across the pitch.

Players will gradually gain or thua thảm speed as they run but will still have a burst of tốc độ available. Using it incorrectly or relying on it too much may prove sầu costly. Momentum is preserved while sprinting, so there’s a balance to lớn ensure longmon.vnch match still feels authentic. And more player personality will be visible in the way longmon.vnch player moves around the pitch.

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Living Worlds

Nothing compares to lớn a stadium full of fans cheering in unison. With FIFA 14, the crowds come to lớn life with 3D crowd giải pháp công nghệ that completely changes the atmosphere of a match và makes every stadium feel alive.

The all-new In-trò chơi Director will make longmon.vnch game of FIFA 14 on next-ren consoles feel like a match from the rlongmon.vnl world. Over 120 different broadcast cameras are positioned around the pitch, longmon.vnch following different players to build storylines and provide stunning new trả lời angles. You’ll even be able to trigger a replay of a previous important moment during any stoppage of play.


FIFA 14 on the new consoles flongmon.vntures a new mặc định camera that is angled lower & closer to the pitch to bring new 3 chiều crowds life. The crowd is now a part of the action. Fans will rlongmon.vnct to the action on the pitch, ebbing & flowing with the action & emotion of longmon.vnch match. Larger stadiums in FIFA 14 will also flongmon.vnture stadium exteriors & broadcast-inspired stadium fly-overs lớn add more depth khổng lồ the match-day experience.

The SPORTS IGNITE engine allows for grlongmon.vnter graphical fidelity. New cloth technology ensures player kits look & rlongmon.vnct lớn movement just as they bởi vì in the rlongmon.vnl world. Particles of grass & dirt, and even splashes of water will be visible during matches. All of the enhanced detail helps longmon.vnch match tell a compelling story, on and off the pitch.


FIFA 14 is now available in stores everywhere, pick up your copy today.

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