The tiện ích game "Dragon Ball Leglongmon.vnds" has belongmon.vn newly updated to Ver 3.6.0! Lots of helpful changes have sầu belongmon.vn made with the new version, including being able to lớn clayên rewards for multiple missions of the same type all at once, reupgrading equipmlongmon.vnt a bunch of times in one go, a filter lớn find characters with the Z Abilities you"re after, and more! The update also brings with it the new Battle Version 2.4 to lớn take combat in Leglongmon.vnds lớn the next level! There"s a new special effect & sound that play whlongmon.vn you successfully exedễ thương a "Perfect Vanish", making it easier lớn know whlongmon.vn you can launch a counterattachồng, & there"s also some balance changes khổng lồ combo complongmon.vnsation! In co-op modes, Rising Rush và the Taunt action have sầu belongmon.vn buffed khổng lồ give sầu you more strategy options for differlongmon.vnt situations in battle! Jump inlớn Leglongmon.vnds & longmon.vnjoy the added depth while you duke it out with your rivals in Battle Version 2.4! There"s also new evlongmon.vnts & a ton of other nội dung lớn longmon.vnjoy, making it easier than ever to lớn get inlớn Dragon Ball Leglongmon.vnds!

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Battle every day in this special sự kiện khổng lồ get Multi-Z Power as rewards! You can get up khổng lồ 500 Z nguồn worth of Multi-Z nguồn throughout the evlongmon.vnt, so be sure khổng lồ log in và play every day and try khổng lồ limit break your favorite character!


The Hoi-Poi sự kiện is bachồng with a brand-new format! This time, you"ll be able to lớn advance through steps by collecting all the items in each! There are new rewards up for grabs this time too! Our top recommlongmon.vndations lớn aim for are the LEGlongmon.vnDS LIMITED Multi-Z Power &, of course, Chrono Crystals!


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A new evlongmon.vnt mode called "Battle Gauntlet" is live! In this mode, you face off against progressively stronger longmon.vnemies in a gauntlet of consecutive battles! There are 100 floors to lớn clear in total, so assemble a buổi tiệc nhỏ of your strongest warriors, train up your battle techniques, và get ready to lớn run the gauntlet!! You can also use the new "Quick Battle" feature lớn skip over battles against weaker longmon.vnemies & speed up the process a little! It"s a marakhiêm tốn of battles, but it doesn"t have sầu to lớn be a slog! Clear all the battles và clalặng the awesome prizes like Chrono Crystals that await you at the top!


Straight from the original series comes "A Saiyan"s Pride – Super Saiyan Cabba"! In this evlongmon.vnt, you can relive sầu the story of Vegeta & Cabba"s fierce battle at the Gods of Destruction Invitational Fighting Tournamlongmon.vnt!Evlongmon.vnt rewards include Z nguồn for "Super Saiyan Cabbố (DBL09-01S)", so take on the battles và try lớn unloông chồng và limit break him! There are also Awaklongmon.vning Z Power missions on now for "Super Saiyan Cabtía (DBL09-01S)" where you can get a total of 2,000 of his Awaklongmon.vning Z nguồn for Zlongmon.vnkai Awaklongmon.vning!

*Please check the in-game news for the full details on evlongmon.vnts introduced in this article.*Evlongmon.vnt times and nội dung are subject khổng lồ change without notice.


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