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The Demon Slayer đoạn phim game is coming some time in 2021, và while we wait for an exact release date, we have sầu lớn be content with br& new trailers showing off different characters every so often.

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Today, we have sầu a new one from developer CyberConnect2, which shows off a character that we obviously have sầu known is in the game, lead hero Tanjiro Kamavì chưng, but a…different version of hyên than we’ve seen before.

A major development in the Demon Slayer anime is that while Tanjiro starts out using Water Breathing, eventually he realizes that he can wield the Kamavì chưng family technique of Sun Breathing, effectively a more powerful khung of Fire Breathing. Here in this trailer, we see Tanjiro wielding Sun Breathing (Hinokangươi Kagura) for the first time, destroying his opponents with it.

It goes without saying that the Demon Slayer game, when it does arrive, is going to lớn be a massive sầu hit. Detháng Slayer is one of the most popular programs in then world right now, và managed lớn produce one of the first box office hits post-pandemic with its Mugene Train movie, setting records in nhật bản but even performing extremely well in the West.


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The game looks to draw directly from the animated series with its fighting style & cinematic executions. We still apparently have a lot more characters to lớn see in the game, as they have mostly been focused on Demon Slayers themselves, and I think they’re probably still hiding a good amount of demons.

As we get deeper inkhổng lồ 2021 here, I would expect there to lớn be an actual release date for this soon enough, as we’re heading inkhổng lồ summer & a fall date seems likely. I suppose we could see the game delayed, but from everything released so far, it does look fairly far along.

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I vì hope that we can see the world of Demon Slayer expand into more games, as I think there’s a lot of potential for something more akin to lớn an RPG than just a fighting game, though there are other components to the CyberConnect2 game we haven’t seen in full yet, so we’ll have to see. More to come, stay tuned.

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