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This is how long it takes lớn beat Cyberpunk 2077, whether rushing through the story or completing everything it has lớn offer


One big question surrounding the most anticipated game of all time is how long is Cyberpunk 2077. The timeframe to lớn complete Cyberpunk 2077 and its length will affect many people"s decision on whether to lớn buy the game or not. Some are looking for a 100+ hour epic that will occupy them for weeks, whereas others are keen for the Cyberpunk 2077 length khổng lồ be a shorter game they can bash out in a weekkết thúc. We"ve got all the answers on how long is Cyberpunk 2077, so read on for all you need khổng lồ know, completely spoiler không tính phí.

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How long is Cyberpunk 2077?

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As is the case with any game, it"s impossible khổng lồ say the Cyberpunk 2077 length is exactly a specific amount of time, because everyone"s experience will be different. We"ve completely beaten the game though, so can give sầu some estimates for how long you"ll spkết thúc playing as V và exploring Night City.

If you only want to play the main missions và absolutely nothing else, you can breeze through the story in about 15-trăng tròn hours. You"ll miss out on most of the game this way & a lot of important aspects that tie in lớn the main story – which means you won"t get the best ending – but you can beat the game this way.

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If your intention is to play through the main story, plus most of the important side stuff, you"ll be looking at slightly over double that time – likely 45-50 hours. This way, you"re not 100%ing the game & clearing every single icon off the maps, but you will have explored all the major narrative arcs và your decisions will determine the ending you get.

Finally, if you want lớn find everything, complete all gigs & side missions, buy all the vehicles and upgrades, and fully max out your character màn chơi, you can expect lớn spend maybe 80-100 hours in Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, this is determined by your skill level & the difficulty you play on, but we reckon that"s about right for the average player. If you vày play this way, you"ll be phối for the DLC and expansions that are bound to come out soon, but it is a huge undertaking. Good luck!

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