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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power nguồn of Chaos: Joey the Passion is the third Yu-Gi-Oh! game for PC. It is also the final game of the nguồn of Chaos game series. The game features 771 cards, including 234 new cards & 466 cards which were introduced in the previous two games of the series.

This game features Yugi”s friend Joey Wheeler as the opponent và typically urban themed menus và fields. The game also adds new dueling choices, new dueling options & more Decks for the opponent, making this the Power nguồn of Chaos game with the most content.

The cards from the previous two games, if installed, are included. New game features include a ranked difficulty for the computer opponent, denoted by a star gauge in the Duel thực đơn, which ranks from 1 star lớn 9. As you win duels, the difficulty increases, và the opponent swaps his Deông xã for a more potent one every time this happens. Later difficulty levels (8-9) allow the opponent khổng lồ use different Decks in that same cấp độ. Losing consecutive sầu duels results in decreased difficulty for the first time in nguồn of Chaos games. Other options include allowing the opponent to lớn use cards from the previous two games, increasing the difficulty. Also, the option khổng lồ make many Limited cards Forbidden is given, making the game more balanced. One other new addition to the game is that when you win cards that you already have sầu, you may have a choice of getting different cards, or keep the ones you”ve earned. This can only be done when every thẻ you win in a match or one card in a single duel is a common card, not new. Last, you can also duel a friover via LAN or via Gameranger.

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Duel Field

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Joey”s quotes

Theses quotes your opponent use during the game.

Quote 1: Joey Wheeler doesn’t take a back seat lớn nobody! It’s time khổng lồ duel!

Quote 2: Come và bring it! I’ll take ya on anytime anyplace!

Quote 3: Listen up, a true duecác mục doesn’t baông xã off from notoàn thân cuz only cowards don’t st& up lớn a challenge! You betta come strong cuz it’s time khổng lồ duel!

Tie: It’s a tie! If you wanmãng cầu duel me again, name the time and place & I’ll be there

Your loss:

Quote 1: Look buddy, you gotta work harder and put yourself inlớn the deck! Once you learn all about the heart of the cards, I can guarantee that you’ll win.

Quote 2: Let me give sầu ya some advice. I didn’t win cuz I’m the number one duedanh mục in domain authority world I won cuz you stink.

Quote 3: Duecác mục extraordinaire Joey Wheeler’s battles have only just begun!

Your win:

Quote 1: Hey hey! Gimme one more match! I know I can beat ya this time!

Quote 2: Arrrrrrrgh!

Quote 3: Argh! Man, I got totally whooped! But I’m never gonmãng cầu quit as long As I got my whole future ahead-ame.

During duel:

Quote 1: Alright! With this, victory is in the bag!

Quote 2: This thẻ used khổng lồ be one of my opponent’s precious cards. Note: Refers to cards that Joey got from opponents in the anime.

Quote 3: Yeah! This is the card I’ve sầu been waiting for!

Quote 4: I offer two of my monsters on the field as a tribute! Note: For monsters with 7 or 8 stars.

Quote 5: I offer my quái thú as a tribute! Note: For monsters with 5 or 6 stars.

Quote 6: I summon my Red-eyes blachồng dragon!

Quote 7: I sumtháng Insect queen!

Quote 8: I sumtháng Jinzo!

Quote 9: Oh-Kay! I offer two monsters as a tribute! Note: For Fusion Sumtháng, although there”s a mispell here.

Quote 10: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand FUSION! Note: For fusion monsters only.

Quote 11: As a thousvà years pass by, my legendary dragon become smarter & stronger! I summon Thous& Dragon!

Quote 12: Hohoho, wait a sec, I’m gonna activate dis! Note: Trap cards only.

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Quote 13: I ain’t gonna get taken down that easy!

Quote 14: TA-DAAA! I activate my handy-dandy Kunai with Chain! My monster’s attaông chồng points increase by 500 points!

Quote 15: Hehehehe-he!

Quote 16: I was waiting for you lớn vày that!

Quote 17: HA! I don’t mean khổng lồ brag, but my skills are perfect!

Quote 18: Oh no! What am I gonna do?! It’s all over! Just kidding, I activate my trap!

Quote 19: I activate my spell card! Note: Quotes 15-18 are used when you vì chưng something that triggers a trap/magic thẻ.

Quote 20: Dark Hole!

Quote 21: Change of Heart!

Quote 22: Monster Reborn!

Quote 23: Trap Hole!

Quote 24: I activate Mirror Force!

Quote 25: CHAIN!

Quote 26: I’ll just go along và mix this little thẻ here. Let me give sầu you a little hint. Better be careful, cause this card’s a trap. Note: After Joey’s skill advances once the odds of this being true decrease from 100% to lớn about 1/2.

Quote 27: I kết thúc my turn!

Quote 28: I’m gonmãng cầu resurrect a Boss from the graveyard!

Quote 29: It feels soooooooo good to lớn snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Quote 30: Uuugh! Note: When he takes damage.

Quote 31: Uhhhhh… NO! Note: When you destroy one of his good monsters.

Quote 32: A! Not too shabby, but you ain’t gonna beat me with those lame attacks! Note: From attaông xã damage of 0 to lớn 1450.

Quote 33: Whoah! Man, that was close… Too close! Note: When his LP are low.

Quote 34: Aaaaa! I better think of something fast, I’m running outta options! Note: When his LPhường are low.

Quote 35: Uaaaaaaaaaah! Note: When he takes big damage.

Quote 36: I’m changing it to attaông chồng position!

Quote 37: I’m switching it to lớn defence position!

Quote 38: Flip summon!

Quote 39: Flip!

Quote 40: Hehe! Your attaông xã triggered my effect!

Quote 41: The effect’s gonna activate at the same time!

Quote 42: My Field Spell card activates!

Quote 43: No way! A trap!?

Quote 44: You’re gonna tribute summon!?

Quote 45: Oh, oh! This looks bad!

Quote 46: A Special Summon!?

Quote 47: No! A Fusion!

Quote 48: Nieeeee!

Quote 49: Wha! Can’t be! Note: Quote 48 is used when you activate a Spell Card & Quote 49 is used when you Special Summon a Boss.

Quote 50: Gonna have lớn risk it all I summon Time Wizard!

Quote 51: I sumtháng Rocket Warrior!

Quote 52: I summon Alligator Sword!

Quote 53: I sumtháng Panther Warrior!

Quote 54: Say bye-bye to lớn all your trap cards cause I’m summoning Jinzo! Note: Jinzo renders every trap card worthless.

Quote 55: I hope Lady Luông chồng is on my side I activate Graceful Dice!

Quote 56: I activate Scapegoat!

Quote 57: This card”s gonna turn the tables, Shield and Sword!

Quote 58: Hehehehehe! You fell right into lớn my trap, I activate Giant Trunade!

Quote 59: It’s all or nothing, I activate Skull Dice!

Quote 60: Voila! I bet you didn’t think I was gonmãng cầu activate this Graverobber.

Quote 61: Take this! I activate Magic Arm Shield!

Quote 62: Ooooo, YEAH! Copycat’s effect activated! Now, which trùm cuối should I choose?

Shortcut Parameters

Here are some undocumented (case-sensitive) shortcut parameters that you can use.

They may be used in the following manner:

Cliông chồng Start. Cliông chồng Run. Type in the program path with the flag(s) (i.e.“C:Program FilesKONAMIYu-Gi-Oh! Power nguồn of Chaos JOEY THE PASSIONjoey_pc.exe”-fps). The quotes are necessary for Windows to handle the spaces. Press Enter. -Lspa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp ——————— Game text is Spanish. -Lita ——————— Game text is Italian. -Lfra ——————— Game text is French. -Lger ——————— trò chơi text is German. -Leng ——————— Game text is English. -Ljpn ——————— Game text is Japanese. -fps ———————- FPS tracker appears in upper-left corner -speedy ———————- Faster animations -e ——————— Use software emulation for rendering -h ——————— Use hardware rendering -nosound ——————— Disable game sound -win ——————— Run in windowed mode -16 ——————— Run in full screen 16 bit color mode -24 ——————— Run in full screen 24 bit color mode -32 ——————— Run in full screen 32 bit color mode


The game”s cover contains Alligator”s Sword Dragon, Gearfried the Iron Knight, Graceful Dice, Graverobber, Panther Warrior, Red-Eyes Blachồng Dragon, Rocket Warrior, Scapegoat, & Skull Dice – all signature cards of Joey Wheeler used prominently throughout the game. v e Video gamesDuel Monsters Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories Dark Duel Stories (III: Tri-Holy God Advent) 4: Battle of Great Duedanh sách The Eternal Duedanh sách Soul (5 Expert 1) 6 Expert 2 The Sacred Cards (7: The Duelcity Legend) Reshef of Destruction (8: Reshef of Destruction) Worldwide Edition: Stairway lớn the Destined Duel (International) Online Online Duel Evolution 3: Duel Accelerator Power of Chaos Yugi the Destiny Kaicha the Revenge Joey the Passion Tag Force

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