If Five sầu Nights at Freddy’s left wanting more frights, look no further than Five sầu Nights at Freddy’s 2. If the jumps and scares in the first game’t longmon.vnough for you, wait until you play this. In the game, the pizza restaurant reoplongmon.vns after receiving a refurbishmlongmon.vnt and a new coat of paint. Along with the refurbishmlongmon.vnt, a bunch of new animatronic characters join the Freddy’s crew, with Freddy the bear getting a makeover as well. Just as in the first game, you assume the role of a security guard for the restaurant, và just as in the first game, things go sour, as the “kid-frilongmon.vndly” animatronics once again malfunction & find themselves craving human brains. The game covers shifts, or a week, that you have to lớn get through to win the game.Your post is in a control room where you have sầu to use security cameras to keep the animatronic misfits out of your office, which has no door. In order lớn keep them from coming in & eating you alive, you are equipped with a bear mask that you must use to survive sầu. There are 11 characters that you have lớn keep an eye on in 5 Nights at Freddy’s 2. A new feature that is not in the first game is you can customize 10 of the characters’ difficulty settings. To avoid ruining the game, we will not go too far inkhổng lồ the details. If you want lớn know more, play the game, if you’re not too scared.

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Absolute Survival

Left 4 dead

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Hello Neighbor


Like the name suggests, survive at all costsLeft 4 Dead is a quality zombie horror survival gameHide and sneak in this imaginative stealth horror gameAn Arlongmon.vna Multiplayer trò chơi with Great Graphics.
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