The following article contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XV & the end of Final Fantasy VII disc 1.

Final Fantasy XV has, in more ways than one, always felt like an unfinished project. From its many past updates to its now-canceled DLC plans, it was pretty clear that the developers had plenty of ideas that just couldn’t make it into the final product before launch. The same rings true for Final Fantasy XV’s other half-baked heroes – including the game’s leading lady, Luna Nox Fleuret. While her character could have finally been salvaged from the depths of development hell, Final Fantasy XV just killed her off (again) by canceling her upcoming episode.

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Luna has always had it rough during development, probably more than most of the Final Fantasy XV cast. She originally started as a completely different character named Stella, who would have stood out from the other leading ladies in the series. She was eventually scrapped because she had a completely “different role” than Luna. Not like we actually knew what Stella was gonna bởi in the first place, but okay.

Back then, Tabata promised that Luna would be presented as a very “strong-willed character” who talks khổng lồ people about her hopes and dreams. Overall, she would be playing a really big part in the story.

And it’s true, Luna actually did play a big role in Final Fantasy XV. She always guided Noctis when they were kids, helped Noctis by communicating with the Astrals, and strived to lớn tư vấn Noctis fulfill the prophecy as the King of Light. Noctis, Noctis, Noctis.

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But wait, who is Luna? Behind her responsibility as an Oracle and her royal duty lớn babysit the prince of Lucis behind the scenes, who is this woman?


Screen time always plays a huge part in developing a character, and Luna just didn’t have sầu that luxury in Final Fantasy XV. Episode Lumãng cầu could have been the real turning point for her character as we would have sầu supposedly got the chance to lớn play & experience her as a person instead of a walking, talking plot device. Imagine learning more about her interests, possibly even talking to lớn Gentiamãng cầu about how she really feels about Noctis and why she goes through such great lengths to help him. Not for the fact that she’s an Oracle, but because she actually loves hyên ổn. Because, y’know, she’s his fiancee and not some trophy wife.

Having her own character episode in Final Fantasy XV also meant we could have sầu seen her actual play style & what she does with that trident. Up until now, it’s been nothing but a decoration she carries around. Does she use magic? Is she a physical damage dealer? We have sầu no hint as khổng lồ how her play style works, which could also largely attribute to lớn her overall character.

Out of all of the many personalities in Final Fantasy XV, Lumãng cầu really felt lượt thích the character who needed an episode the most. While Ardyn also needed his own episode, most of his lore could actually be found in-game. As for Luna, it’s more of a “what you see is what you get” sort of khuyễn mãi giảm giá, and there honestly isn’t much lớn see. Even Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata admitted that she needed more time in the spotlight, stating that he had that “desire to lớn depict Luna as an even stronger female personality.” It’s actually pretty funny how Ardyn managed lớn one-up her again by getting his Final Fantasy XV episode developed first.

Unfortunately, some plans just don’t push through after a company suffers a loss of $30 million. It’s a shame that Lumãng cầu had lớn take the hit, seeing as how she could have been so much more. Who knows if we’ll even see her in crossover spin-offs, & even then, she’d probably be just another stepping stone for Noctis. Whatever the case, Luna’s character arc seems destined lớn chia sẻ the same fate as Final Fantasy XV itself: poorly handled, và regretfully discarded.