Fifa soccer 2005 full offline


This is EA Sports' best soccer game to date on the pitch, but it's really unfortunate that the career mode isn't more user-friendly.

By Justin Calvert on November 2, 2004 at 9:31AM PST

In the world of soccer games, there are really only two serious contenders for the championship title at this point: Konami"s Winning Eleven games (Pro Evolution Soccer in Europe) và EA Sports" FIFA Soccer series.

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Like rival soccer teams eager to lớn show off their newly acquired players at the start of a new season, these two series show up with a host of new features every 12 months in the hope that each will finally score a convincing victory over the other. Traditionally, Konami"s offerings have boasted more-realistic gameplay but have faltered in the areas concerned with presentation, specifically due khổng lồ the laông xã of licensed team & player names. EA Sports" offerings, on the other hvà, have sầu generally felt a little more arcadelike than realistic, but the games have sầu always looked extremely sharp, and they let you take control of real teams comprising real players that wear real uniforms. The line separating the two series has become increasingly blurred in recent years, & this year is no exception, as both games are still seemingly seeking khổng lồ emulate the other"s strengths. But to phối aside the competition for a moment, FIFA Soccer 2005 is definitely the best FIFA game to date.

Passing the ball around is invariably the best way khổng lồ play.

For the most part, the only way you"ll be able khổng lồ beat opponents of similar ability in FIFA Soccer 2005 is khổng lồ pass the ball around và successfully pichồng out players that are making good runs off the ball. If you"ve sầu played FIFA Soccer 2004, you"ll know that many of the best runs made by your players are going to be those that you trigger yourself. Sending other players on runs is as easy as tapping a single button while you"re in possession of the ball, and the system is as effective sầu at beating defenders as it is easy to employ. If you prefer lớn play an even more active sầu role in the movement of your players, you can actually assume control of a second player using the right analog stiông xã. It"s not a system that we"ve ever really felt the need to lớn use a great deal (& our online opponents have invariably had the same attitude), but it can certainly make it easier to piông chồng out your strikers with crosses into the box--provided you can retain possession of the ball while you"re using the right analog stiông xã for your second player rather than using it to perform tricks and turns with your first. While we"re on the subject of controlling additional players, it"s also worth mentioning that the goalkeepers in FIFA Soccer 2005 are often very slow khổng lồ come off their lines, which, since you can make them charge at the ball manually, is definitely a good thing. There are few things more frustrating in a soccer game than conceding a goal because your overly active CPU keeper was on a walkabout.

The other surprisingly significant improvement made to FIFA"s gameplay this year concerns throw-ins, which in many previous soccer titles, including FIFA 2004, have made it far more difficult for the team awarded the throw khổng lồ retain possession of the ball. EA Sports has effectively resolved the problem by allowing you khổng lồ use the same off-the-ball controls during throw-ins that you can when in open play.

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When you"re awarded a throw, you"ll be able to lớn control any of three players, & you can move them around however you see fit while your opponent attempts to mark you with three of his players. The system is different from the jostling mechanic that has you battling for position before corner kicks (there"s still no way khổng lồ play short corners, incidentally), but it feels quite similar, & it affords you the opportunity lớn come up with some creative sầu ways of gaining advantages during the game"s various corner phối pieces.

As you"ll no doubt have sầu gathered from reading the previous information, FIFA Soccer 2005 plays an enjoyable & realistic game of soccer. The game isn"t without its problems, though, & what"s disappointing is that many of them really shouldn"t have been difficult khổng lồ avoid. The advantage rule (which Konami did a great job of implementing in Winning Eleven 7 International & has subsequently improved), for example, does not exist in FIFA Soccer 2005. So if one of your players is fouled after releasing a pass that puts one of your strikers clean through on goal, there"s a good chance that the play will be stopped before you unleash your shot so that you can take a không tính phí kichồng. Playing against CPU teams can also be a baffling experience on occasion, because no matter which of the four difficulty settings you"ve opted for, your opponents will often appear khổng lồ pass the ball around just for the hell of it. There"s nothing wrong with keeping the ball moving, of course, but when your defense is all but beaten and the opposing striker knocks the ball bachồng lớn one of his colleagues, who is in a less than favorable position, rather than going one-on-one with the keeper, it just feels wrong.

This year"s player animations are FIFA"s most impressive sầu to lớn date.

Like all its predecessors, FIFA Soccer 2005 is a great-looking game, và if you"re a bạn of the sport, you"ll find that many of the stadiums & players (and specific team uniforms) are instantly recognizable. This year"s player animations are the best khổng lồ grace the series khổng lồ date, và, thanks largely to lớn the introduction of the first-touch control system, there are far more of them than ever before. It"s unfortunate that the impressive stadiums in the game are packed full of cardboard-cutout crowds, but the only time you"ll notice just how bad the supporters look is during certain set pieces và in specific action replays.

So as the final whistle approaches, how vị we feel FIFA Soccer 2005 has performed? Well, there"s no doubt that this is EA Sports" best soccer game to lớn date on the pitch. However, it"s really unfortunate that the career mode isn"t more user-friendly. Total Club Manager 2005"s compatibility with the game is a mouthwatering prospect, but even without that, it"s hard lớn imagine that anyone with an interest in soccer would find EA Sports" best soccer game ever disappointing.