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If you have ever tried to watch Youku, CNTV, or Tudou from outside China, you have sầu probably noticed that your access is restricted. There are a lot of Clip streaming platforms and other Chinese websites that are inaccessible from other parts of the world.

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Tight government control over business and financial transactions also make it very difficult khổng lồ access Chinese bank accounts from a foreign IP. To bypass all these geoblocks, you need a new IP address in China. The challenge is to get one without giving up your privacy.

The only safe way to get a Chinese IP. is khổng lồ use a premium VPN with servers in mainlvà Trung Quốc, but finding one isn’t easy due to the national VPN blochồng. Read on lớn learn which VPN providers passed our demanding in-house tests khổng lồ provide secure access lớn Chinese nội dung.

Quick Guide: How to lớn Get a Chinese IPhường Address with a VPN

Install the VPN and connect to lớn a VPS in Đài Loan Trung Quốc.

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How a VPN Can Get You a Trung Quốc IP Address

Anytime you’re online, your device sends & receives data. The data you sover out carries your IP. address, which tells websites where you are. A VPN masks your location by diverting your mạng internet traffic khổng lồ a private server. The VPS then relays your data lớn its final destination.

When it reaches a trang web, your traffic displays a new IP.. address based on the location of the VPN server. If you connect to a VPS in China, websites & services will see the server’s Chinese IPhường address and think you’re really in China.

This process makes it easy khổng lồ change your apparent location & access content only available within China. A quality VPN is also the best tool available today for online privacy & security. Read on khổng lồ find out why that protection is critical when you need an IPhường. in China.

A VPN Also Keeps You Safe & Lets You Stream Almost Anything

With a Chinese IP. from a reliable VPN, you’ll enjoy full access to lớn videos on Youku và Tudou, and get China-specific results on tìm kiếm engines lượt thích Baidu. You can complete transactions in Chinese yuan và use Chinese bank accounts without being blocked.

Seeing the same internet as Chinese citizens is a great way khổng lồ learn about present-day Chinese culture. It’s also the safest, easiest way to lớn kiểm tra whether your company’s website or service is blocked in Đài Loan Trung Quốc.

China’s extensive censorship, known as the Great Firewall of Đài Loan Trung Quốc, severely limits access to the internet from a Chinese IPhường. International news sites, social truyền thông, and messaging apps are almost all banned. So make sure your VPN makes it easy khổng lồ get non-Chinese IPs, too.

As soon as you finish using geo-restricted sites that require an IP in China, always switch khổng lồ a server in another country. The best VPNs have sầu servers around the world khổng lồ protect your freedom & give you easy access lớn US Netflix, the Đài truyền hình BBC iPlayer, Australian TV, and more.

If you’re traveling lớn China, you will also need a VPN lớn stay in touch with the outside world. Be aware, however, that most VPNs are illegal in China. To get around the laws, you must install your VPN ứng dụng before entering the country.

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There are không tính phí address IP. changers, but we strongly recommover against trying khổng lồ use one to lớn get a Chinese IP. Because of all the obstacles to lớn VPN use in the country, almost no không tính phí VPNs operate servers in China. Websites advertising không tính phí VPNs for Đài Loan Trung Quốc are usually scams.

Proxy services are even more dangerous. Most free proxies operate peer-to-peer networks that expose your connection lớn other users, including hackers và Chinese mạng internet spies.

We only recommover VPNs that protect your data and let you browse anonymously with your Trung Quốc IPhường. Most importantly, features like tracking prevention ensure that with a premium VPN, Chinese authorities can never trace your activity baông chồng khổng lồ you.

What lớn Look For in a VPN

Servers in China: Only a few high-end VPNs offer servers in mainl& Trung Quốc. You need at least one hệ thống there to lớn get a Đài Loan Trung Quốc IP. address.Unlimited VPS switching: Your VPN should let you connect lớn a Chinese VPS, then easily switch to another location, as often as you wish.Fast connections: The Great Firewall slows down all internet traffic entering or leaving China. Choose a VPN that offers high hệ thống speeds lớn minimize the hassle.

The Best VPNs lớn Get a Chinese IP Address

1. HMA

Overall Rating: 4.6 – The Overall Best-Rated VPN with Servers in China

Try VPNArea >
VPNArea is packed with security features. A kill switch & DNS leak protection keep your identity và location hidden, while an automatic IPhường. switch function lets you easily clichồng in and out of China IPs. You’ll also be protected by military-grade 256-bit encryption.

The server network spans 55 countries worldwide. There are at least two hệ thống locations in China, each with multiple IP. addresses. The servers are fast and can get you around many geoblocks, as well as the Great Firewall’s VPN filters.

New subscribers get a 30-day money-back guarantee from VPNArea. That’s not a huge amount of time khổng lồ decide if it’s right for you, so you might want to lớn see what other users have lớn say about it before signing up.

You can protect up khổng lồ 8 devices at once under one VPNArea subscription.

Read our expert Review of VPNArea for more details.

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