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Talking about anime, Dragon Ball is one series that has the highest number of fans worldwide, và khổng lồ be honest Dragon Ball Super is no different when it comes to lớn its fan following.

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This article was recently reviewed & is up to date as of July 14, 2021.

"Dragon Ball Super Season 1" has managed to become everyone"s favorite, và now fans will finally be able khổng lồ pass the fever lớn "Dragon Ball Super Season 2"! The obsession of fans made the Dragon Ball Franchise a massive hit in the anime industry. And fans are now waiting for the renewal of season 2 because of its happy ending, they are longing for more Goku-Vegeta action.

What Rumors Are We Hearing About Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Going with what was reported by Newsweek, the pre-production of the next mix of episodes has already started, & it started in September 2018. The production started beforeh& lớn avoid the problems with the animation quality of the original series run. The report also suggests that the creator who was responsible for drawing the character models for the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie will be doing the same for the second installment. However, when the rumor reached the Toei Animation studio, they shunned the rumor right away, and Toei Animation"s Media Representative sầu David Syatt told that no episodes are in production right now.

It could possibly be the case as Toei Animation is busy making other mythological action anime like Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac with a 12 episode run. The rumors have sầu also mistaken its release date with the premiere of Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

How Famous Is Dragon Ball Super Series?

Talking about anime, Dragon Ball is one anime series that has the highest number of fans worldwide, & to lớn be honest, Dragon Ball Super is no different when it comes to lớn its tín đồ following. That could probably be one of the biggest reasons behind Toei Animation coming up with a new Dragon Ball series, movies, và games. Also, it is quite possible that "Dragon Ball Super Season 2" could be the next project of Toei animation that can perkhung massively well after Dragon Ball Super Broly.

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When Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release?

Dragon Ball Super

Toei Animation is not entertaining Dragon Ball Super Season 2 for now. However, after the new arc was introduced in the recent manga chapters, fans can hope that the upcoming season will follow the manga. If that"s the case, then fans will not have sầu to wait for too long for the next installment. Also, Toei Animation and Funimation want the subbed và dubbed episodes to lớn air together. The Dragon Ball Super dubbed episodes ended in October- November 2019. Therefore, we assumed the next season was going khổng lồ air in early 20đôi mươi. However, this didn"t happen. As of May 2021, we continue to lớn wait for Toei Animation lớn renew Dragon Ball Super for Season 2.

Are There Any Spoilers?

Duh, yeah! According khổng lồ the events laid down in the manga, the upcoming season opens in a new era of Dragon Ball, which introduces another vicious villain. The new arc starts with a scene where fans can see Universe 7 train fighters lớn get stronger and more powerful. In the next part, Goku & others meet with a Galactic Patrol agent who shares Moro"s story, the Planet-eater.


Ten million years ago, a villain came into lớn space that destroys the planets & turns them into lớn dead stars to lớn absorb its life energy. Once the energy of 320 planets is absorbed, Supreme Kai exchanges the majority of his godly power & succeeds in sealing Moro"s magic. Fans believe that Moro still had a considerable amount of battle ability in him.

But Moro was sentenced to life imprisonment after he was handed over to galactic patrol. But, it looks like he has escaped, và Galactic Patrol is searching hyên down. Listening to lớn Moro"s story, Goku becomes excited to meet hyên in person. With Vegeta, they both tag along with the Galactic Patrol to lớn hunt escaped Moro down. After going through some adventures, they finally get a transmission saying that Moro"s location has been detected. Goku tries khổng lồ sense hyên ổn, but who could match Moro"s smartness? It turns out Moro got khổng lồ know about Goku & Vegeta before they could find hyên ổn.

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