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Mega Man X6, known as Rockman X6 (ロックマンエックス6) in Japan, is a video clip game developed & published by Capcom. It is the sixth main entry in the Mega Man X series. The game was first released on the PlayStation in nhật bản on November 29, 2001 và was later made available in both North America & Europe.Bạn sẽ xem: Mega man x6 download không lấy phí full game

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The plot of Mega Man X6 takes place during the 22nd century where humans và intelligent robots called "Reploids" live sầu together. The game follows shortly after the events of Mega Man X5 in which planet Earth was devastated by an attachồng by the "Maverick" leader Sigma & the protagonist Zero sacrificed his own life to lớn save it. As the world recovers, a Maverichồng known only as the "Zero Nightmare" has begun spreading chaos. Zero"s comrade X, curious of its name, seeks out this new threat. Like past games in the series, Mega Man X6 is an action-platformer in which the player tackles a series of stages và adds the chất lượng weapon of each boss lớn X"s arsenal.

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Prominent series artist và producer Keiji Inafune was not involved in the game"s production, as he had intended the fifth installment in the series to lớn be the last with Zero"s death. Critically, Mega Man X6 has received mixed lớn positive sầu review. The game was released for the Microsoft Windows in different parts of Asia in 2002 & 2003. It was also re-released in 2006 as part of the North American Mega Man X Collection for the GameCube và PlayStation 2. Mega Man X6 was made available on the PlayStation Network as part of the PSOne Classics line on July 8, năm ngoái in Japan. It was released for the Windows internationally, along with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as a part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 (Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2 in Japan) on July 24, 2018 and July 26, 2018 for nhật bản.


Three weeks have passed since the events of Mega Man X5. Zero is missing, presumed dead. As a result of the Eurasia space colony incident, Earth"s surface has been rendered uninhabitable, forcing the human population to lớn take refuge underground. An intelligent Reploid researcher, Gate, is searching through the ruins of Eurasia and finds something unusual. A week later, Gate goes mad as he completes an experiment, và declares his intentions to turn Earth into a utopia for high-class Reploids.


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Meanwhile, X is awakened by Alia after a dream involving Zero, and she informs hyên of a large Maverichồng near Eurasia. He briefly encounters a being reminiscent to lớn Zero, although the being appears distorted và discolored. X then meets a scientist named Isoc and his subordinate, High Max, who are in the tìm kiếm of the Zero-lượt thích being, which they identify as the "Zero Nightmare". Isoc invites all Reploids to lớn join his cause to lớn destroy the Nightmare phenomemãng cầu, which is turning the Reploid population inkhổng lồ Mavericks. However, this is revealed to be a ruse khổng lồ lure Reploids lớn areas affected by the Nightmare, where they will become Mavericks under Gate"s control.

X journeys khổng lồ the suspected areas to lớn investigate the Nightmare phenomemãng cầu & rescue the Reploids who volunteered to help. He learns that Isoc"s eight investigators have been infected by the Nightmare and become Mavericks. During his battles, X can also encounter the Zero Nightmare và defeat hlặng. Following this, the real Zero appears, unaware of how he survived his battle against Sigma.

Following the defeat of the eight investigators (or High Max), X meets Gate, who reveals he found a piece of Zero"s DNA at the Eurasia crash site. The DNA drove sầu Gate insane, và he created the Nightmare phenomena alongside the Zero Nightmare to lớn help build his utopia.

The Hunters go khổng lồ Gate"s laboratory to put khổng lồ a stop lớn his plans. Following Gate"s defeat, he confesses he has rebuilt Sigma, but Sigma is a shell of his former self: a partially coherent, half-built body, with his programming still severely damaged. However, Sigma has enough strength lớn nearly kill Gate, và challenges X and Zero. With his sanity slipping, Sigma is once again defeated and one of three endings will occur, depending on which character defeats Sigma:

If X defeats Sigma, but did not defeat the Zero Nightmare, Alia is instead with X at the over, who thanks hlặng for rescuing Gate. X leaves Gate"s fate up khổng lồ Alia, which is left unknown. Zero is then shown lớn be alive, but refrains from revealing himself khổng lồ X & Alia, despite the two being able to sense his presence. Zero says he"ll be leaving the fighting to lớn X for a while, as there"s something he needs khổng lồ vày.

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If Zero defeats Sigma, he is seen at a laboratory at an undetermined period in the future. Fearing that he still possesses the Sigma Virus & could become a Maveriông xã, he requests to be placed in stasis. An unknown scientist agrees to help him, and seals Zero away for the next 102 years, presumably leading to lớn the events of the Mega Man Zero series.


The gameplay is very similar to lớn Mega Man X5. The player can select X with the option lớn outfit hyên ổn with different armors offering quality abilities (most of which have sầu to lớn be downloaded, as always, through Dr. Light"s hidden capsules.) Zero can be unlocked after finding and defeating the Zero Nightmare, bringing his own weapons & techniques khổng lồ the fold, including a refined Z-Saber fighting style. Both characters can be equipped with various power-up items earned after rescuing certain Reploids.

Mega Man X6 has an increased emphasis on rescuing Reploids over previous titles in the series. Whereas previous games rewarded the player with health or an extra life, Mega Man X6 rewards the player with additional parts or other permanent prizes. Rescuing Reploids was made more difficult in this game with the addition of the Nightmare, which makes any Reploid it infects evil, thus rendering the Reploid impossible khổng lồ save sầu. The parts system was altered as well. Rather than attach a certain part to a certain armor, parts are attached khổng lồ the character itself. The number of parts that can be equipped at once is dependent on the player"s rank, which is increased by harvesting Nightmare Souls.

Depending on the player"s actions during the game, it"s possible to unloông xã what are normally the final set of stages, namely Gate"s laboratory, much earlier than normal than what is considered the norm for the X series; with the exception of Mega Man X5, players normally had to defeat the 8 main bosses before unlocking the final stages. In X6, defeating both the Zero Nightmare and High Max, Isoc"s bodyguard, are enough to lớn unlochồng Gate"s laboratory before even defeating most of the main bosses.


According khổng lồ the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Mega Man X6 was the seventh best-selling game in nhật bản during its week of release at 39,318 units sold. Dengeki Online reported that Mega Man X6 sold a total of 106,980 units in Japan by the kết thúc of 2001, marking it as the 109th best-selling game of the year in the region. The game eventually saw a re-release as part of the PlayStation the Best range of budget titles. Mega Man X6 was also included on the North American Mega Man X Collection for the Nintenbởi vì GameCube & PlayStation 2 in 2006.

Mega Man X6 received mixed lớn positive sầu Review, with an average score of 69% on GameRankings. GameSpot gave sầu the game a 7 out of 10, saying that the game is "a disappointing effort. The nightmare system và nhà cửa collecting add variety and longevity to lớn the game, but... The graphics aren"t really even up to the standards mix by older games in the series, và while the music is good, there aren"t any tracks that particularly st& out. Despite these shortcomings, it"s still Mega Man, & the gameplay is still entertaining, making X6 an attractive package for hard-core Mega Man fans." IGN gave a more positive sầu nhận xét, an 8 out 10, stating "It"s an all-new Mega Man game, yet it"s still pretty much the same. There"s nothing wrong with that"; they praised the soundtrack và trả lời value. Aước ao the most negative sầu review, Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a 3.5 out of 10, saying "I thought I’d sooner see Sasquatch ride a Chimera barebaông xã through the streets than a bl& series lượt thích Mega Man X last through six installments."

In retrospective sầu, referred to lớn Mega Man X6 as "sloppy" citing multiple issues within its kiến thiết such as repetitive stages & background images.