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A Bellingmê say man accused of stabbing his mother multiple times, wrapping her in a blanket và leaving her toàn thân in Lake Samish in late July was found competent Thursday to stvà trial in Whatcom County Superior Court. Matthew Downey Gregory, 30, is for the death of his 64-year-old mother, Frances Gregory.

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If convicted, he faces trăng tròn years to lớn life in prison. Chief Deputy Public Defense Attorney Angela Anderson raised competency concerns regarding Gregory after she noticed he had some confusion about his case. She said in court Thursday that while the doctor at found Gregory competent, she believes certain issues weren’t addressed. “I have concerns with the findings of Western State Hospital.


At the beginning of our interview, with Mr. Gregory there was some confusion as khổng lồ who I was, even though Mr. Gregory and I had met several times,” Anderson said. “There were some concerns regarding time và space & where he was at, & how he got lớn the jail.

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I think those issues weren’t addressed.”. Gregory, who has a thin frame and curly brown hair, appeared in court in a black-and-white striped jail jumpsuit. During his hearing, he stood straight with his eyes often closed và his palms at his sides. He did not look at Anderson when she was speaking to hyên ổn, or at the judge.

After on July 30, his father told investigators his son had been diagnosed with mental health issues, according lớn court records. Gregory also pleaded not guilty in court Thursday to his murder charge. Gregory’s jury trial is tentatively set for Oct.


Frances Gregory’s around 10:30 a.m. In the water at Lake Samish on July 29, near the. She was without pants or shoes và her legs were wrapped in a torn goose-down blanket, according to lớn court records. An investigation revealed no evidence of sexual assault, the records state.

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Police identified Frances Gregory from her driver’s license, records show. Whatcom County Medical Examiner Dr. Download simple puzzle box plans.