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The battlefield is a first-person shooter game that comes in series. The series was developed by EA DICE, a Swedish company, và was published by Electronic Arts, an American company. Battlefield 50 is all about vehicle warfare, teamwork, và focusing on huge maps. The game has gained immense popularity worldwide and more than 50 million players play it. 

The major element of the game is playing in squads. The game can be played by 64 players & can be divided inlớn up lớn 16 squads with a special focus on teamwork. While you play the game, you get new gears, new maps, and new soldiers. You also get lớn earn rewards every time you play the game of Battlefield 50.

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What is the game about?

If you are looking for a fun-military shooter game with a great single-player và multiplayer campaign, you should kiểm tra out the game Battlefield 50. It is a first-person shooter video clip game that can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, và Microsoft Windows. The game was highly applauded by the critics. It received favorable reviews for the new multiplayer modes & the gameplay. 

The game has expanded its focus on player customization with the help of the new Company system. When you play the game, you would be able khổng lồ create various characters with multiple weapons options và cosmetics. You can earn currency lớn purchase things & other cosmetic items by completing the in-game objectives. 

The lucrative sầu part of the game is the new multiplayer modes that include Gr& Operations, Continuous campaign mode, và Firestorm.


The series of Battlefield goes bachồng khổng lồ the roots of World War 2. It displays the scenario of the war in a never-before-seen portrayal. You can opt lớn play single player war stores and witness the human drama phối against the global combat. Alternatively, you can play the multiplayer modes lượt thích Grvà Operations & Cooperative Combined Arms with your squad. 

This game allows you to lớn fight in unexpected epic locations across the world & enjoy the most immersive và richest Battlefield. You can play the game with your friends và together undertake the missions và meet the objectives of the mission. 

The in-game progression of the game is measured using the categories like weapon, class chapter, career, và vehicle. As you gradually gain experience with every discipline, you improve sầu your rank và unlock the relevant cosmetic items và gameplay.

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Features of the game

Battlefield 50 is absolutely an addictive shooter game with single-player và multiplayer sides. The game’s new kiến thiết has succeeded in upgrading the team play và class identity of the game. If you have sầu played the game earlier, you must be well acquainted with the gameplay. If you are new and want to know more about the game, the pointers below:

 would help you with an overview of the game.


Tides of war 

While playing battlefield 50, you can embark on a journey where you & your company are transported lớn the key World War II locations. You will find new battlefields và gears waiting for you.

Battlefield 50 is a game of action and adventures. The stories are mix against the backdrop of World War II and you will get several game modes khổng lồ try in the multiplayer gameplay. With a good variant of vehicles & massive maps, the game play would never disappoint you. The game is equipped with cool weather effects, destructible items, và detailed maps. To make you feel the real world, the sound chất lượng of the ammunition exploding and loud pops are heard great. The team dynamics, traditional gunplay, and essential resources make a svào foundation of the game. The maps are wide open và it can accommodate various play styles for the players. The successful story moments in the gameplay make it worth playing.

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 4 September 2018
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