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ABOUT THIS GAME Unconsciously waking up on the empty coast, I found myself in a mysterious isl& full of dinosaurs, “ARK”. You are indifferent, hungry & cold, you must learn khổng lồ hunt, get resources, make goods, grow crops, develop giải pháp công nghệ, build Shelter so that you can survive sầu in this world. At the same time, you can also use techniques to lớn kill or tame, breed, & ride the wild beasts that live on this islvà. You can also build tribes with hundreds of people, invade each other, survive… & escape from this island!


Tame, train, breed và ride dinosaurs in a living ecology

Dinosaurs, creatures, and reproduction! More than 50 different categories of primitive creatures are available for players to tame. The game uses a conquest-protective domestication mechanism where players need khổng lồ stun the dinosaurs to lớn weaken & tame them, then take care of them until they are healthy. Once tamed, it will become your most loyal partner, you can give sầu them orders, and they will make different feedbacks depending on how you tame và train. Pets will constantly nâng cấp & consume food, and can also transport supplies và equipment items. The game also provides a quality breeding system, players can choose the pet khổng lồ cultivate the best attributes, or simply, directly raise a dinosaur baby! You can ride the pterosaurs lớn the top of the snow-capped mountains, lead the Raptors khổng lồ cross the dangerous jungle, or ride the Tyrannosaurus khổng lồ hunt down the enemies who fled! Come and experience this vibrant, instant ecosystem, find your place in the cruel class of predators và prey.quý khách đã xem: Ark survival evolved free download

Food, water, temperature, và weather

Food & water are essential elements for survival. There are many different kinds of food in the game, different foods will have sầu different nutritional value (even human flesh!) All actions will consume food and water, & long-distance travel will continue to consume these items. The weight of the items you carry will affect your tốc độ of action. Day & night transitions và weather conditions will also affect the environment around you, making you more vulnerable to hunger & thirst. Make clothes, build shelters and use fire to fight against the harsh and changing environment in the area & protect yourself.

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Harvesting, building houses, drawing

Logging, mining, collecting all kinds of materials, become a generation of production masters. Use your hands, work benches and machine tools lớn make more and more complex và powerful equipment. Use assembled parts lớn build your large base, from thatch to lớn wood to stone khổng lồ steel, with a variety of materials to lớn choose from. You can also use inkjet lớn customize your exclusive sầu base & place a bulletin board that can be written lớn swear your territory. Weapons, clothes, armor, etc. can also be painted in different colors to show your personality and distinctive sầu taste.

Planting, cultivating & growing

By collecting seeds from wild plants, you can plant them in your dwellings, water them và fertilize them (any feces that produce calories can be used, and some feces are still higher. The plants you plant can produce delicious và rare fruits, which can also be used khổng lồ make tonics according khổng lồ the formula. Go & explore and find rare và powerful seeds! The growth of plants can also make you a tyrant in the ark without violence.

Sumtháng the ultimate creature

You can carry the sacred objects khổng lồ the island’s special summoning locations to lớn awaken the mysterious creatures in the Ark. These mysterious creatures are powerfully aggressive sầu and they provide the ultimate achievements & goals for the most powerful tribes và pets in the game. Once killed, these tribes & pets will also receive sầu rich rewards.

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Tribal System

Create a tribe with your friends so that all your domesticated creatures can be used by your allies. Your tribal alliance can also be resurrected through the resurrection point in your home page. At the same time, raising your tribal allies khổng lồ a higher cấp độ can save sầu you some administrative burden. Assign key items & secrets lớn build your tribe.

Role-playing growth system

All items must be produced in accordance with the blueprint – the blueprint has a variety of data statistics & chất lượng, & will have sầu certain requirements for resources. More remote and cruel location owners have better resources: including the highest mountains, the darkest caves, the deepest ocean! You can tăng cấp your character through a variety of behaviors, nâng cấp your domesticated creatures, or learn a new “memory stamp” khổng lồ create items without blueprints. You can also personalize yourself through the character’s hair, eyes and skin tone.

Super hardcore game mode

Any thành công you make has durability và will run out if you don’t fix it. When you leave the game, your character will fall asleep in this permanently running world. Your thành công will be placed in the box or on the character’s body toàn thân. Anything can be picked up & stolen; therefore, you must build certain security measures, or build a building, or arrange a biological guard. Death is permanent, & you can also be stunned, arrested, và forced lớn other players lớn eat; you can also draw blood, use its feces for fertilization, or even use it as your pet’s foodstuff!

Exploring and Discovering

The mystery of the Ark is in its awesome và spectacular environment, encompassing many natural và unnatural world structures, a vast world of underground, underground & underwater. Once you have explored the world accordingly, you will find that your exploration diary will be updated in the game in time. These diaries are written by ancestors in the ARK world, detailing the background stories of various creatures và the world of ARK. Expand your ARK diary, record the places you are interested in, and even create a compass or GPS to lớn help other players. You can play text or voice chats with other players in the game, or wireless over long distances. Draw your own sign lớn guide or confuse other players… and… In the end, how vì chưng you fight against the Creator of this ARK world? A clear game ending has already been arranged.

The Eternal View of the Big World & the Super-Cosmic View

On more than 100 character servers, your character, all the buildings you build, the creatures you have sầu domesticated, will still exist when you leave the game. In Steam, you can transfer your characters and items to lớn ARK’s network by connecting the obelisk & uploading (or downloading) your data! The world of each ark will be different from the previous one, you can leave your footprints on this land & embark on the journey – the special official ARK theme will be displayed in the world map for a certain limited time, while There will also be a variety of time-limited items!

Steam platkhung hack support

You can choose to play single player games and bring your character items on unofficial servers into multiplayer mode. The editor for virtual engine 4 can be personalized by adding a hack to lớn the game on Steam. You can see how we use our map lớn create the ARK world as an example. Lead your VPS và create your own ARK, we look forward to lớn what kind of world you can create!

The high-end sub-era visual experience

In the mô tả tìm kiếm of the specially-customized virtual engine 4, the Ark injects images of various creatures in the world into a new life, bringing them to lớn life in the game, and including full-motion brightness và world illumination, weather system. , (rain, fog, snow, etc.), like the reality of the analog cloud volume system, and the latest version of DirectX11 & DirectX12 rendering giải pháp công nghệ. The music in the game is done by the creator of “Ori and the Blind Fores”, award-winning composer Gareth Coker!

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