There’s no need khổng lồ sit tapping your power-armoured feet in anticipation of Dawn of War 3: Relic Entertainment’s next game, over a decade after the original, is already out and we really lượt thích it. Allow us lớn bring you everything we know about the third iteration in the Warhammer 40,000 strategy series.

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Has Dawn of War 3 got you in the tactical mood? Here are our favourite strategy games on PC.

Dawn of War 3 review

Here’s our full PC Đánh Giá of DoW3.

Dawn of War 3 trailer

Let’s get lớn the good stuff: here’s Dawn of War 3’s brilliant cinematic trailer:

Dawn of War 3 release date

You can get your strategy on right now: Dawn of War 3 released on April 27. It’s available in two editions: Collector’s Edition, và Standard Edition.

As you’d expect, the Standard Edition only includes the base game, but here’s what’s in the Collector’s Edition:

Premium disc bookLenticular art cardOfficial soundtrackGodsplitter Daetháng Hammer replicaThree mounted cloth faction bannersMasters of War Skin Pack

Dawn of War 3 gameplay

Dawn of War 3 follows both the Mã Sản Phẩm of the first’s large armies and control-point capture, the second’s hands-on tactics at squad-màn chơi. As you can see in the đoạn phim above, there’s a focus on scale và super-sized units, but DoW 3 still retains the clashing armies of the first game & heroes of the second.

While the strategy of each map is controlled by power generators & capture points like in the first game, units with quality special abilities are inherited from DoW2. They’re called Elites, và in singleplayer they are collected and upgraded as you progress. They dominate battlefields, be it through tactical buffs from commander units or, y’know, massive sầu guns. However, they’ve got specific weaknesses: never sover a nhân vật in alone if you’re not prepared to thua kém them. Chechồng out our Dawn of War 3 unit guide for more.

Cover has been simplified; squads capture defensive areas và become more resistant to lớn range fire, rather than there being flat buffs in certain areas of the maps. Cover is, however, now easier to lớn clear out with assaults. Being in cover grants near immunity from ranged damage, so jetpacking/charging/teleporting in really is the only option khổng lồ clear out the entrenched. Of course, assault troops have sầu a massive advantage once close-quarters are achieved, so it doesn’t take much to lớn counter.

Dawn of War 3 campaign

Dawn of War 3’s campaign features each faction converging when a catastrophic weapon is found on the mysterious world of Acheron. That weapon is the Spear of Khaine. Through the narrative sầu you’ll move from Space Marine, khổng lồ Ork, lớn Eldar as each go about their business of trying to lớn massacre the others.

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Let’s take a look at some sample missions from the campaign. The first, for the Space Marines, involves roving through the icy plains in pursuit of the Eldar:

The Eldar return the favour, looking lớn draw out Gabriel Angelos by blowing up his stuff & threatening to kill his friends:

Finally the Orks are also picking a space-elf fight lớn destroy an Eldar base:

Throughout, you use a selection of elite units in combination with a swell of line troops lớn complete massive maps with multiple objectives. All three races follow the theme of starting small và establishing a base then overwhelming an enemy, with quality twists on traditional RTS structures for each army.


Dawn of War 3 multiplayer

An objective-based system is used for matches, with turrets và power cores khổng lồ destroy rather than wiping out your opponent’s buildings.

Dawn of War 3 DLC

Beyond the campaign and multiplayer, how will Dawn of War 3 expand? Warhammer is so ripe for addons that DLC is inevitable, but there’s nothing confirmed yet. All we have sầu had so far is the Annihilation Update, featuring a new map, mode, & unit.

The Company of Heroes 2 Mã Sản Phẩm seemed the most likely, with factions added as paid upgrades every so often, letting anyone face against them in multiplayer without paying, but to lớn play as them you cough up the cash. However, big, chunky expansions worked very well for both the original game & the sequel.

A lot of this could also depover on how successful the game is in its first year. A Dawn of War 3 that sells a couple of million copies is a far steadier base on which to lớn build a constantly expanding service Model than one that limps its way lớn a couple of hundred thous&, getting a single expansion before being shelved for the next big game. Early signs were good for Relic’s lademo RTS, with Dawn of War 3 seeing 100 hours of game time in its launch week.


Dawn of War 3 modding

Dawn of War 3 launched with a maps editor và Relic want lớn exp& on that with a proper hack support workshop.

After all, what is more ripe for modding than a Warhammer 40,000 game? No matter how long Relic spover building a base version, within three months Games Workshop will have released some new army, unit or special character that someone would want lớn use. Even if GW gave up on the franchise tomorrow, Relic aren’t going to lớn cram everything that currently exists within the massive sầu universe into lớn the game – the community will gather up their favourite factions & get them working, if allowed.

This was the case for the first two games, with mods like Ultimate Apocalypse still being regularly updated by committed development teams. While neither ever had the legacy of something like Skyryên ổn or the long-running map-making pedigree of Blizzard’s games, there was lots of interest there. Previous versions didn’t have the support structure of the Steam worksiêu thị, nor the modern mạng internet speeds and màn chơi of modder capability that’s pushed mods into lớn such a mainstream area of gaming.


Dawn of War 3 units và races

We have a dedicated menu of every Dawn of War 3 unit. Here’s a brief rundown of the three factions: