Our Don’t Starve Together Console Commands & Cheats Wiki will give sầu you information about working developer console, cheats, và how khổng lồ use it.

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Don’t Starve Together Console Commands & Cheats


Don’t Starve sầu is a survival video game developed by the Canadian indie đoạn phim game developer Klei Entertainment.

By using these cheats and console commands, you can get many advantage in the game. These will give sầu you various kinds of resources, enables useful modes.

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Don’t Starve sầu Together Console Commands & Cheats List

Below is the list of all Don’t Starve sầu Together Console Commands & Cheats with a brief description of what it does.

c_spawn(“prefab”,amount) : Spawn prefabc_give(“prefab”,amount) : Give sầu Itemc_goadventuring() : Go Adventuringc_doscenario(scenario) : Scenarioc_sethea​lth(percent) : Set Your Healthc_setsanit​y(percent) : Set Your Sanityc_sethunger(pe​rcent) : Your Hungerc_setmoisture(pe​rcent) : Set Your Moisturec_settemperature(degrees) : Temperaturec_godmode() God Modec_supergodmode() : Super God Modec_maintainhealth(ThePlayer) : Maintain Your Healthc_maintainsanity(ThePlayer) : Maintain Your Sanityc_maintainhunger(ThePlayer) : Your Hungerc_maintaintemperature(ThePlayer) : Maintain Your Temperaturec_maintainmoisture(ThePlayer) : Your Moisturec_maintainall(ThePlayer) : Maintain Allc_makeinvisible() : Mob Invisibilityc_speedmult(multiplier) :Set Your Running SpeedThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(enable) : kích hoạt Predictionc_freecrafting() và GetPlayer().components.builder: GiveAllRecipes() : Creative sầu SetMaxHealth(value) : Maximum HealthThePlayer.components.sanity: SetMax(value) : Max SanityThePlayer.components.hunger: SetMax(value) : Maximum HungerThePlayer.components.hunger: Pause(true) : Pause HungerThePlayer.components.combat.damagemultiplier=(value) : Change the Damage Multiplierc_setbeaverness(percentage) : Werebeaver Transformationsc_listallplayers() : List all playersAllPlayers : Get a certain playerc_move(AllPlayers) : Teleport another player to lớn youAllPlayers: PushEvent(‘death’) : Kill a playerAllPlayers:PushEvent(‘respawnfromghost’) : Resurrect a playerAllPlayers.components.builder:GiveAllRecipes() : Give sầu creative sầu mode to a playerc_goto(AllPlayers) : Teleport to lớn a playerAllPlayers.components.inventory: DropEverything() : Drop a player’s inventory itemsc_despawn(AllPlayers) : Despawn a player’s characterc_gonext(“prefab”) : Teleport khổng lồ PrefabConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse(): Remove() : Delete Item Under Mousec_select()/ Remove()minibản đồ = TheSim: FindFirstEntityWithTag(“mini­map”) : Reveal MapTheWorld.minimaps.MiniMap/ ShowArea (0,0,0,10000)TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_nextcycle”) : To the Next Day Cyclec_skip(num) : Skip OnUpdate(1630x) : Skip timeLongUpdate(X) : Time units và updatec_speedup() : Speed up simulationTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_nextphase”) : Skip phaseTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setclocksegs”, day=x,dusk=y,night=z) : Set segmentsTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setseasonlength”, season=”summer”, length=15) : Set season lengthsTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, “summer”) : Start SummerTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, “winter”) : Start WinterTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”) : RainTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”, false) : Stop RainTheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_sendlightningstrike”, ConsoleWorldPosition()) : Do Lightning Strikec_spawn(“shadowmeteor”, 1) : Meteor Strikeprint(math.sqrt(ThePlayer: GetDistanceSqToInst(ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse()))) : Measure DistanceTheNet: Kick(userid) : Kichồng a playerTheNet: Ban(userid) : Ban a playerTheNet: BanForTime(userid,time_in_seconds) : Temporarily Ban a playerc_connect(“IP address”, port, “password”) : Connect khổng lồ a serverc_reset() : Reload the worldc_regenerateworld() : Regenerate the worldc_regenerateshard() : Regenerate a world shardc_save() : Save the serverc_shutdown( true / false) : Shut down the serverc_rollback(count) : Roll back the serverTheNet: SetAllowIncomingConnections( true / false ) : Enable/Disable new player joiningc_announce(“announcement”) : Make a hệ thống announcementAllPlayers.components.inventory: DropEverything() : Drop a player’s inventory itemsc_move(AllPlayers) : Move sầu another playerc_despawn(AllPlayers) : Despawn a player’s characterc_stopvote() : Stop a voteErasePersistentString(“morgue”) : Clear the morgueThePlayer.components.talker: Say(tostring(c_countprefabs(“prefab”))) : Count the number of something in the entire worldc_countprefabs(“prefab”) : Count the number of something in the worldworm1 = c_spawn(“wormhole”) và wormét vuông = c_spawn(“wormhole”) và worm1.components.teleporter.targetTeleporter = wormét vuông và wormét vuông.components.teleporter.targetTeleporter = worm1 : Spawn Wormholefunction spawn_beef(tendency) local beef = c_spawn(“beefalo”); beef.components.hunger: DoDelta(400); beef.components.domesticatable: DeltaTendency(tendency, 1); beef: SetTendency(); beef.components.domesticatable.domestication = 1; beef.components.domesticatable: BecomeDomesticated(); kết thúc : Spawn a Domesticated Beefaloc_find(“flower”).Transform: SetPosition(AllPlayers<1>: GetPosition(): Get()) : Teleport Items lớn the playerThePlayer.Transform: SetScale(number,number,number) : Alter player sizec_select().Transform: SetScale(number,number,number) : Size of prefab under mouseThePlayer.AnimState: SetMultColour(number,number,number,number) : Alter player color/transparencyc_select().AnimState: SetMultColour(number,number,number,number) : Alter color/transparency of prefab under mouse_select(): AddComponent(“inventoryitem”) : Makes prefab under mouse pick up able

How khổng lồ use Cheats và Console Commands

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