Diablo 3 will not require an always-on internet connection for its PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 versions.

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In a recent interview with GameTrailers, Blizzard production director John Hight explained some of the new features for the game"s console version, including a new camera for multiplayer.


"You can have sầu four people on the same screen. No split-screen, we just zoom the camera out. Or if you"re offline..." Hight said, interrupted by the interviewer before elaborating on the offline option.

Hight also discussed other differences in the console version, such as having direct control over the character using the analogue stichồng instead of clicking in the environment to move.

There will also be a new evade button for players to escape from groups of enemies, as well as all nội dung from the PC version through update version 1.07.

Hight added that the console version of Diablo 3 will continue to receive sầu updates just as the PC version does.

Blizzard Entertainment

The PS3 version is currently further along in development than the PS4 version, as Hight said Blizzard only recently saw the final PS4 controller.

Diablo 3 was announced as part of a "strategic partnership" between Sony and Blizzard, although it"s currently unclear if rival platforms will be supported.

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The PS3 version of Diablo 3 will be demonstrated at next month"s PAX East show in Boston, which takes place between March 22 & 24.


Officially announced at the start of the event, the PS4 is compared khổng lồ a "supercharged PC". It features an x86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU và 8GB RAM.

The Dualshock 4 controller, which was leaked before the event, appears similar in thiết kế to lớn the standard PS3 controller, except for a touch pad, chia sẻ button, và light bar that acts like a PlayStation Move sầu.

Sony Computer Entertainment

New first-các buổi tiệc nhỏ games include Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second SonDriveClub.

Square Enix announced a new Final Fantasy, which will be unveiled at E3, Ubisoft confirmed Watch Dogs for launch, và Braid creator Jonathan Blow announced The Witness.

Bungie, meanwhile, revealed that the PS4 version of Destiny will feature exclusive sầu nội dung, while Capcom teased a new game called Deep Down.

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