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“There is no point system, you don’t have multiple lives, there are no save points và your actions have lasting consequences,” they insisted. “Each choice you make merely leads lớn another choice lớn consider và there’s no guide lớn defer to lớn for assistance. Make the right choices and you might just make it. Choose the wrong ones, however, và there may be no coming baông xã.”

Well, meet Death kết thúc re;Quest — the JRPG/visual novel hybrid where life is a game, and a rather terrifying one at that.

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In a tale that blurs the lines between reality & fantasy, we are witness lớn the struggle of Shimãng cầu Ninomiya, a young woman who wakes up to lớn find herself inside a Clip game. Ironically, said game happens to be World’s Odyssey, the VRMMORPG which she served as the director for the duration of its development until her mysterious disappearance. Thanks to lớn the aid of Arata Mizunashi, a programmer who helped lớn develop World’s Odyssey alongside Shina, she realizes the gravity of her situation & learns the only way to lớn make it out safely is lớn complete the game’s perfect ending.

Sounds easy enough, right?


For the longest time, I’ve been long confused by the term “torture porn.” Not because I didn’t know what it was, but because when you see everyone around you using it incorrectly, you start lớn question whether you’re the one actually in the wrong. Well, my eyes have sầu been opened và now I know the truth: they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Also, the Bad Endings in Death kết thúc re;Quest may qualify.

There will be multiple times throughout the story where you will be presented with up to three options and choosing the wrong one will result in some pretty awful outcomes. Admittedly, some of the options leading up khổng lồ them seem somewhat silly, lượt thích attempting to lớn steal a legendary adventurer’s boat or eating a dead frog that was laying on the ground, but the results are anything but. The screen goes dark và some text relays to lớn you the fate of Shina và her friends in often lurid detail. And that’s not lớn mention the times when you actually hear them meet their end. Anguished cries. The sound of crunching bone. Gurgling sounds & blood aplenty. It’s awfully realistic and downright terrifying at times. I can only imagine what the various VA’s reactions were when they learned a portion of their time was khổng lồ be spent voicing their character’s deaths.

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And what makes these endings so chilling is that you’re actually made lớn care about the characters beforehvà. Whether it’s the lovable, though occasionally obnoxious Al Astra, the relentlessly pragmatic Clea or the dignified & friendly Lily, you can’t help but develop a soft spot for them, making their deaths all the more heartrending to lớn read và hear.

So why put them và yourself through this? The rewards. Though typically easy lớn avoid, seeing Bad Endings unlocks new equipment when you reload your save sầu tệp tin (I suggest having one lớn use mid-event & another before it) & various illustrations (oh, did I not mention you might also see the cast dying in horrific fashion?) that can be viewed at your leisure when you beat the game. One person’s pain is another person’s pleasure, after all.

There is a reason why Death kết thúc re;Quest is rated M and it has nothing to lớn bởi with the sparse amounts of fanservice — it’s this. You’ve been warned.

The Verdict

If you’ve read my reviews of Mary Skelter: Nightmares, then you likely know what I’m going to say here: Death over re;Quest doesn’t vì anything particularly poorly, but it often comes up just a bit short of success in almost everything that it does. Battles are dynamic & fun, but get bogged down by ill-conceived mechanics and concepts of difficulty; there’s plenty of detail applied lớn the characters, but exploration often didn’t receive such treatment; và the Bad Endings, though well-executed, can be off-putting at times.

Really, Death over re;Quest’s greachạy thử qualities are its theme, atmosphere and narrative sầu — a trifecta that is rare in JRPGs. It’s just a shame that much of the usual elements of the genre occasionally play second fiddle khổng lồ everything else.