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The first thing you notice when playing Cossacks: Baông xã To War is that it doesn"t have much to do with fearsome, vodka-swilling horsemen of the Russian Steppes. Instead, you find yourself in possession of a sprawling RTS set between the 16th and 18th centuries, featuring titanic clashes between the great nations of Europe và beyond.

For those new lớn it all, the Cossacks games are to lớn the RTS genre what War And Peace is khổng lồ literature - epic, with a cast of thousands and made in Russia. Well, Ukraine. Up lớn 8,000 units can populate any of the often vast maps, and while frigates and Men-O-War trade salvoes on the ocean waves, cavalry & infantry charge through volleys of grapeshot on the lvà in impressively staged fights.

Money, Money, Money

Bachồng at your lovingly constructed thành phố, an intricate economy has to be looked after, with resources gathered, troops fed and armed, và marketplaces built khổng lồ ensure a healthy flow of trade.

While this is the second expansion pachồng for Cossacks: European Wars, it is packaged as a stand-alone game. You get all the gameplay tweaks from the first expansion, The Art Of War, together with a bunch of all-new missions, nationalities, units và features. All this is yours for the reasonable ask of $20.

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Switzerlvà và Hungary are the new countries in question, and each sports chất lượng cavalry và infantry units & a distinct architectural style. There are 100 new maps to try your h& at, & the new terrain styles are supplemented by a user mod pachồng that contains a further 30 units.

Risky Business

None of which should distract from the fact that this is fundamentally the same micromanagement-heavy game released last March. It’s a daunting game khổng lồ piông xã up, with a baffling array of build options & unit functions making it about as welcome a gift khổng lồ the casual người chơi as a hurriedly-wrapped pig’s excreta. And despite the developer"s claims khổng lồ have sầu improved it, the Al still leaves a lot khổng lồ be desired, committing such ills as telling formations of cavalry to stay put while distant artillery slowly decimates them. And, in single-player at least, victorious strategiesusually revolve Laround building the right type of buildings & troops, rather than movements on the battlefield.

Shine On

The visuals still look pretty good. You can practically see the buttons gleaming on tunics and the action flows smoothly. The additions to lớn the online game are impressive sầu, & include a rating system, the more diplomatic & economic-oriented Peace Time mode (in which the onus is on out-building your opponents rather than out-fighting them), và the ability to forge alliances with CPU controlled sides.

Overall, it’s not bad value, and points khổng lồ CDV for making it a stand-alone sản phẩm. But, despite its impressive sầu unit count and appealing setting, Cossacks: Baông xã To War still lacks elegance và isn’t quite up to lớn scratch.