Tải game minecraft offline dành cho máy tính cấu hình thấp

Can Minecraft be played offline?How khổng lồ play Minecraft offline on a Windows 10 PC3. Playing Minecraft offline if you have the Java edition:

If you enjoy playing Minecraft, then it makes sense that you are looking for ways to play the game offline. To be fair, you st& lớn gain a lot when you play Minecraft without an active sầu mạng internet connection.

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For one, you avoid the installation of updates, which might be buggy or poor. Some updates bởi vì more harm than good, after all. By playing Minecraft offline, you might also experience reductions in lag times.

If the game gets configured for play without using your computer’s internet connection, then you will not have sầu to lớn authenticate credentials at the beginning of every Minecraft session.

Being able khổng lồ play Minecraft offline, you can have sầu fun with the game when a decent internet connection is unavailable or inaccessible. For example, when you are traveling on a train or plane, Minecraft will remain on the menu.

Can Minecraft be played offline?

Yes, Minecraft can be played offline. You just have sầu lớn set up things or make changes lớn some configurations to force the game to lớn operate without an internet connection.

Ways khổng lồ play Minecraft offline

There are several methods or procedures through which the Minecraft application gets configured for offline gaming. The igiảm giá path in your case is somewhat dependent on the Minecraft version or build running on your PC. We will describe all the known methods & procedures users employ lớn play Minecraft offline on their computers. Here we go.

How lớn play Minecraft offline on a Windows 10 PC

Here, you must carefully go through the procedures to lớn find the one that applies lớn you (or the one that suits the conditions in your case).

1. Playing Minecraft offline if you have the Java edition:

If your computer is running the standard Java Minecraft release, then the procedure to get Minecraft to lớn play offline is probably the easiest or most straightforward of the lot.

Follow these instructions to lớn configure Minecraft for the offline game mode:

First, you have to open Minecraft (by running the Minecraft Launcher, perhaps).Once the Minecraft window comes up, you have sầu lớn select SinglePlayer.Here, you must choose a game or select Create New World.Now, you must cliông xã on Create New World.Fill the box for the name of the world with your preferred name và then select Game mode.Here, you must cliông xã on Create New World.

That should be all. You are now good to lớn play Minecraft without the application using your mạng internet connection.

2. Getting Minecraft to lớn play offline if you have sầu the Windows 10 edition:

If your PC runs the Minecraft version designed for Windows 10, then the procedure we are about khổng lồ describe is the perfect fix in your case. You will have sầu to lớn perkhung several tasks or vị more compared to lớn the previous procedure, but the processes are relatively simple & straightforward too.

In general, you have khổng lồ use your computer’s internet connection to mix the stage for Minecraft’s offline mode. For one, you must check & confirm that the device on which you intkết thúc to lớn play Minecraft offline exists as a designed offline device. Microsoft allows users khổng lồ change designated offline device options only three times per year, so you might want lớn look into lớn that.

First, you must begin by fetching and installing all the Windows updates released for your computer (or checking & confirming that your PC is updated). Go through these steps:

Verify that your computer is currently connected to lớn the mạng internet.xuất hiện the Settings tiện ích through the Windows biểu tượng logo button + letter I key combination.Once the Settings window gets brought up, you have sầu to lớn click on Update và Security (on the main screen).

You will be directed to lớn the Update và Security thực đơn in Settings now.

Here, you must look at the right pane area of the window (under Windows Update) và then clichồng on the Chechồng for updates button.

Windows will now try lớn contact Microsoft servers & download centers lớn check if there is any update your computer is missing right now. If Windows finds something new, then it will download & install the update automatically.

Follow the on-screen instructions (where applicable).Restart your computer.

If your computer has already downloaded updates – which implies the updates are pending or waiting for the installation sự kiện – then you have to lớn cliông xã on the Install updates button. If the Install updates button too is missing, then you are likely to lớn see the option that offers lớn restart your PC. In that case, if you have sầu nothing to vày on your computer, then you must use that option lớn allow your machine lớn reboot.

If your computer has to install several updates, then you might see your PC restart multiple times. You must bởi whatever’s necessary lớn ensure your system installs all the updates available. In the resulting session (from the last restart), you have sầu khổng lồ open the Settings application, go khổng lồ the Windows Update menu there, & then clichồng on the Cheông xã for updates button.

If you see the message stating that your PC has all the lakiểm tra updates, then it means your work on getting your computer to install all the needed updates is done. You can now proceed to the next phase.

Here, you must make changes to lớn a setting in Microsoft Store to configure your PC for offline gaming. Follow these instructions:

First, you have sầu to get to lớn the Windows Start screen (by hitting the Windows button on your keyboard or clicking on the Windows inhỏ on your display).Now, you must clichồng on the Microsoft Store inhỏ to open this application.Once the Store window gets brought up, you have sầu lớn clichồng on your user account icon (around the top-right corner of the window).From the các mục that pops up, you must choose Settings.

You will be directed to the Settings screen in Microsoft Store now.

Chechồng for Offline Permissions & then clichồng on the toggle beside it (lớn turn on the parameter).

If you did everything correctly, then your device will over up with the required offline designation. Now, you must move sầu on to the final task khổng lồ prepare your game. Continue with these instructions:

Now, you have lớn open Minecraft (by double-clicking on the Minecraft Launcher on your desktop, perhaps).Assuming the Minecraft window is now on your screen, you have to sign in khổng lồ your Xbox Live sầu tài khoản.Do whatever you must to lớn get inside the game.Now, you can play the game (if you like).Leave Minecraft.Test things to confirm that you can now play Minecraft without an mạng internet connection.

You can configure the same thiết lập for other games – especially those you obtained from the Microsoft Store – to lớn get them lớn play offline. You can check the Xbox site lớn see the list of games that have sầu support for offline mode.

If you want to lớn find out more about Minecraft’s support for offline gaming or if you have sầu other questions or if you encounter any issue while configuring Minecraft to lớn play without an mạng internet connection, then you may find the answers you need this way:

First, you have sầu lớn fire up the Microsoft Store application và then cliông chồng on your protệp tin icon (around the top-right corner of the program window).From the list that pops up, you must select My Library.On the screen or thực đơn that follows, you must choose Games (khổng lồ see a list) and then select Show all.Now, you must choose Minecraft và then scroll down khổng lồ the Additional Information section.Cheông chồng the options under Learn more. Clichồng on the Support link.On the screen that comes up, you must cliông xã on the FAQ liên kết.

You will now be directed lớn the screen where all the details on the offline mode are presented.

3. Playing Minecraft offline if you have sầu the Java edition:

Here, we intover khổng lồ describe an alternative procedure through which you get lớn configure Minecraft for offline gaming. The method here applies khổng lồ users whose computers run the Minecraft Java edition và have their own Minecraft hệ thống or have access khổng lồ someone else’s Minecraft hệ thống (say a friend’s hệ thống, for example).

We must warn you of the risks và complications that might come into lớn play when you configure Minecraft for offline gaming this way. In the projected offline mode, people will be able lớn connect to lớn your VPS using any username. The security risks are considerably greater, so we advise that you play Minecraft in offline mode this way only if you trust all the players that use your server.

Anyway, these instructions cover everything that you need to lớn vì chưng here:First, you have sầu lớn open Minecraft by double-clicking on the Minecraft Launcher shortcut (which is probably on your desktop screen).Once the application window comes up, you have lớn cliông chồng on Play (the green button at the bottom of the window).

The main Minecraft window will come up now.

Now, you have sầu to cliông xã on Multiplayer (which is usually the second button on the screen).Here, you must cliông xã on the green mark cthất bại to your server.

The required mark is usually placed to lớn the right of the VPS in the danh sách of multiplayer games. Your Minecraft hệ thống is supposed lớn go offline now.

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Now, you must open the folder for your VPS.

We are referring to lớn the folder that you created when you set up your Minecraft server in the first instance.

Here, you should right-clichồng on the hệ thống.properties tệp tin.

A drop-down for the chosen tệp tin should appear now. Windows will ask you how you want khổng lồ open the tệp tin.

Select Notepad.

The file will be opened on the text editor application window now.

You must bring up the Find function using the Ctrl + letter F keyboard shortcut.Fill the text box for Find what with the following code:


You are likely lớn see the query about halfway down the danh sách there.

Replace the true part of the code with false.

Basically, you must change the online-mode=true text to lớn online-mode=false.

Now, you must save the changes you made to lớn the VPS.properties file:Cliông chồng on File (an option situated around the top-left corner of the application window) khổng lồ see the menu danh sách available.Select Save sầu.

If you did everything correctly, then you have sầu just disabled online mode on your VPS.

Now, you must go baông chồng khổng lồ the previous screen khổng lồ replace the checkmark cthua trận to the name of your Minecraft hệ thống.Go to lớn the Multiplayer thực đơn (on the Minecraft title screen) and replace the mark beside the hệ thống there.Now, you must double-cliông chồng on the VPS in view.

Windows will now work to lớn restart or relaunch the VPS.

Now, you must get baông xã khổng lồ your game và continue under the Multiplayer menu on the Minecraft title screen.

You are phối for everything.

4. Getting Minecraft khổng lồ play offline if you have the Bedroông xã edition:

If your computer runs the Minecraft Bedrock edition – which is not that common on PCs these days – then you have to configure the game for offline gaming through a different procedure. Minecraft Bedroông chồng Edition typically comes in a bundle, or it exists on these platforms: Windows 10 OS, Xbox One, Nintenbởi vì Switch, and others.

Anyway, these are the steps you must go through lớn play Minecraft offline on your computer:

First, you have sầu lớn open Minecraft (as you normally do).

We regọi the Minecraft Bedroông xã edition has an inhỏ that looks like a glassy bloông chồng.

Cliông chồng on Play.

The danh mục of games available is supposed lớn come up now.

At this point, you must select or create a new world (for the task ahead).

Otherwise (if you vày not want khổng lồ create a new world), you can choose an existing game this way: Double-cliông xã on the single-player game under the Worlds tab.

You can create a new world this way: Clichồng on Create New at the top of the menu.Fill the box for Name with your preferred name.Now, you must choose a game mode & select your preferred difficulty level through the options from the down-down menus on the right.Cliông chồng on Create.

If your computer runs the Minecraft Bedrock edition & you need to lớn tải về Minecraft Realms Game, then you must go through these steps:

First, you have sầu lớn open Minecraft (through whatever means you are comfortable with).Once the Minecraft window comes up, you must cliông xã on Play (to lớn see the danh sách of available games).Now, you must cliông chồng on the Pencil inhỏ (cchiến bại khổng lồ the Minecraft Realms trò chơi item).

The configuration menu for Minecraft Realms trò chơi will come up now.

Here, you must clichồng on Download World (under Activate Cheats).

Minecraft will now work khổng lồ download the game.

Cliông chồng on the back-arrow inhỏ (around the top-left corner of the game application window).

You will be directed to lớn the previous thực đơn or screen.

Now, you must double-clichồng on your copy of Minecraft Realms Game.

The package is supposed to lớn be listed under the Worlds tab.

If you performed the tasks correctly, Minecraft will now act khổng lồ load the game in single-player mode. You will now be able lớn play the game without an mạng internet connection.