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When buying an iPhone or Macbook, khổng lồ make sure the right product is new, and warranty from Apple we will check the date of activation of iPhone and Macbook, or kiểm tra the warranty period iPhone & Macbook. Even if we buy 99%, we still check khổng lồ see if this machine is real or closed from Trung Quốc. This article will show you how lớn check the most accurate.

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First of all you need to keep the following in mind:

Check iPhone and Macbook activation dates: Apple tài khoản login is required.Chechồng iPhone và Macbook warranty: Apple accounts can be used or serial numbers can be used on the computer (no sign-in required).

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Sign in khổng lồ your Apple account

You go khổng lồ the mytư vấn.hãng lớn sign in lớn your Apple tài khoản. That tài khoản must have sầu been signed in on the iPhone or Macbook device you want lớn kiểm tra. You fill in your Apple ID and password to lớn sign in.

Cliông xã Allow và you’ll get 6-digit verification lớn sign in

After you’re signed in to My Support, follow the instructions below to check the iPhone và Macbook activation dates.

How lớn kiểm tra iPhone activation date

To guide you, I have sầu 2 devices, iPhone and Macbook signed in with the same Apple tài khoản. Let’s cliông chồng on the iPhone.

You will immediately be taken khổng lồ the details page about the iPhone. Date of Purchase is the iPhone activation date. This example is July 28, 2018.

It’s very simple, right, next we’ll see how to kiểm tra the iPhone warranty.

How khổng lồ kiểm tra iPhone warranty

Check iPhone warranty with Apple account

If you’re signed in khổng lồ My Support, & checked the iPhone activation date, just scroll down a little bit to lớn see the warranty period of that iPhone.

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In the Repairs & Service Coverage: Active section, the Estimated Expiration Date is the warranty period of the iPhone, for example, July 16, 20trăng tròn.

If you’re not signed in khổng lồ your Apple ID, see below.

Cheông xã iPhone warranty with Serial Number

xuất hiện your iPhone, go to the Settings > General Settings > About app. You’ll see where the Serial Number is. Note somewhere or hold down the Serial number lớn copy it.

You have sầu a Serial number & then you go lớn page to lớn check. Please fill in the Serial number in the Enter your serial number box. You fill in the Capcha code in the box below, & then cliông xã Continue lớn conduct a kiểm tra.

How lớn check Macbook activation date

Switch khổng lồ another device, a Macbook. You’ll need lớn sign in to lớn Apple My Support first as you guided above. Now you’ll click on your Macbook device lớn check.

You’ll immediately receive sầu your device’s information, & Date of Purchase is the laptop Apple Macbook activation date. For example, this machine is july 17, 2019.

How to lớn kiểm tra Macbook warranty

Chechồng apple Macbook warranty with Apple account

If you’re signed in to lớn Apple & see the Macbook activation date, just scroll down, you’ll see the macbook’s warranty period. Estimated Expiration Date is the end of your warranty.

If you don’t have sầu an Apple sign-in on that Macbook, kiểm tra out the way below.

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Cheông xã Macbook warranty with Serial Number

Open your Macbook, click the táo bị cắn icon in the upper-left corner, select About This Mac.

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