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Name of Game: Don"t Starve: Shipwrecked trò chơi Version: 0.06Name of Cheat: Freezed Hunger, Health và Sanity

Unlimited ItemsSearch type: Unknown Float (Read below)


1_I was unable khổng lồ find the value by exact search Float or exact Encrypted tìm kiếm Float.(I tried many times, No luck)

the only way worked for me was to lớn tìm kiếm as unknown Float value & try "increased"/"decreased".

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it needs time & patience.


2_Rethành viên lớn tap on the desired value (like if you want to Freeze hunger, tap on it lớn see it"s current value) then bởi vì the tìm kiếm.


3_Freeze the Hunger, Health và Sanity.

If you modify and set it to higher value, it will just reach the limit of it (e.x 150), nothing more.

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4_Freeze the items value, DO NOT EDIT ITEMS VALUE, You can"t save sầu the game that way if it"s 99999 items in a slot.


Get bunch of the corresponding tác phẩm (like 10) then find the value và FREEZE it.

Now tap on cống phẩm & choose "split" khổng lồ add 1/2 of that khổng lồ your bag.


5_If you get lags or crash when searching or searching is So slow, you can go to game settings & enable "Battery saving mode"


6_If và If your OS crashed or game screen blanked during tìm kiếm, don"t worry, It happened lớn me too ?, miễn phí up background processess.

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mở cửa both Don"t Starve: Shipwrecked , & "autopause game" in settings (I have a small suspect in my mind, that by pausing the game, values change address or unload, not sure)Tap on the desired in-game valueSearch "unknown Float" valueGo khổng lồ game, vày something to lớn decrease or increase a value (e.x for hunger: wait to decrease, eat to lớn increase)Tap on the in-game valueSearch for "Increased"/"Decreased" based on what you done at step 5Rebởi vì step 5 lớn 7 until you reach under 10 values.Delete every negative value.You may now have sầu 3 or 2 Floats.Freeze the first valueGo to lớn game and try lớn decrease or increase the value, if it did changed, Freeze the other value, if didn"t và stayed, then that is the value you were looking for.


Screenshot of cheat:




(In these Screenshot I tried khổng lồ modify the value khổng lồ a higher number and it went 999999, but when saving the game, the game crashed, and after restarting the game, by loading the save, it will start a new game, so don"t vị this, read notice #4)

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