Crossfire Legends V1

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CrossFire: Legends
Tencent Games
July 4, 2019 (2 years ago)


FPS shooting games have sầu always attracted a lot of players and legendary shooting games such as Modern Strike Online or Standoff 2 has become no stranger. Every year, FPS shooting tournaments are held around the world. Players are not only able to show their great fighting skills but also have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ receive great prizes from the organizers. In addition to lớn popular games like Modern Strike Online và Standoff 2, CrossFire: Legends also proved to be inferior because it has a large community of players. CrossFire: Legends precursor is CrossFire game released on the PC platsize by VTC Games, but now you can experience this game right on your phone anytime, anywhere.

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Blaông xã List (BL) và Global Risk (GR) are the two main forces that will fight each other in this game. You will choose khổng lồ become one of the two organizations & coordinate with your teammates to lớn destroy the remaining forces in each match. After finishing the game, the system will reward you with experience points for rank promotion. In it, the lowest rank is the student and the highest is the commander-in-chief. In addition, you will also get GPhường points (Game Point). This is a virtual currency in the game, and you can use it to lớn buy equipment like clothes, hats, backpacks, guns, and many other items. Besides GPhường., the system also issued another currency is Gem, to lớn buy some special items. However, you can only get these Gem units when you buy with real money or complete the mission in the game.


If comparing the điện thoại Legends Crossfire compared khổng lồ the version of CrossFire released on PC, the điện thoại Crossfire Legends is more prominent by the new & more innovative features. New game modes are added such as Entertainment modes, World quái dị (đôi mươi players), Tower Defense, .. và allow players to lớn tăng cấp weapons lớn increase power and change the appearance.

Diverse game modes

Crossfire Legends for di động has a lot of game modes and is divided into 3 main types of play: competition, entertainment, and battle.In competition, the play style will have sầu modes to lớn play Team Deathmatch, Set of Bomb (Search & Destroy), Elimination Match, Single Battle (Free-for-all), Melee (Only use melee), Sniper (Can only use sight và melee guns), .. Match of Team Deathmatch, Set of Bombs (Search và Destroy), Birth & Death (Elimination Match) will take place between the two GR và BL teams in the size of scoring and the battle will kết thúc when the members of the team are completely destroyed or the time is over. The team with the higher score will win. As for Single-player (Free-for-all), Melee và Sniper modes, players will fight freely and destroy all opponents in sight.

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Entertainment style has two main modes of fighting and zombies. In particular, the battle mode will take place between two teams BL and GR (similar to lớn the team battle mode) but players can only use weapons that have been conventional. And Zombie mode will be a battle between GR, BL, và Zombie. And finally, there is a style of fighting game. It includes modes that take place between people và AI. You can team-up with your friends và work together lớn overcome the trùm to lớn get attractive sầu rewards.


Weapons system

Crossfire Legends offers hundreds of guns for players to explore. Here are some popular rifle patterns that you can find: AK-47 Knife, AN-94, AUG-A1, AUG-A3, FAMAS, M4A1-S, M4A1-Custom, M14 EBR, QBZ-95, SCAR-Light, … these guns are often used in a team or single-player modes because they have the advantage of high firepower & fast bullet tốc độ. If you love sầu zombie modes, you can opt for machine guns lượt thích Gatling Gun, KAC Chainsaw, M249 Minimi, M249 Miningươi SPW, M60, MG3 or RPK. Outstanding machine guns with high firepower và large ammunition. However, they often have sầu high recoil and the ability to lớn change bullets is a bit slow, so it is rarely used in team-match modes. For those who love sầu Snip mode, the xạ thủ rifle collection below will definitely make players excited: AWM Infernal Dragon, AWM-A, AWM-B, Barrett M82A1, M200 CheyTac, MSG90-Beast and MSG90-God. In addition, the game has many other weapons such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, melee weapons, và grenades.



Crossfire Legends proved not to be inferior khổng lồ the predecessor version of CrossFire on PC when owning true 3D graphics with 4K sharp images khổng lồ detail. Moreover, the frame rate is also improved lớn 60 fps, giving the player the smoothest gaming experience. Although the graphics have sầu been optimized a lot, they still have quite a large capathành phố. The player’s device must have sầu large storage space and a svào enough configuration to be able khổng lồ install this game.