Blast Has Come


Most people have sầu never seen Blast, only heard of hyên ổn. It’s similar khổng lồ how people và monsters have heard of a monster in đô thị Z who had made the area dangerous to both humans & monsters, but don’t know what he looks like.

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They both dodged and humiliated Flashy Flash, the fastest S-class hero (actually the second fastest) by getting behind him without hyên ổn noticing.

We know that Saitama defeats his enemies with a single punch, but from what ONE has wanted to lớn show us, Blast does too, và both leave sầu similar holes in the bodies of their enemies.

They both say at some point that they are heroes, but only for fun (Hobby)

What vày you think? Too intentional right? I know the fun of OPM is that Saitama continues lớn be the most powerful and defeats his enemies with one punch, but it is undeniable that ONE is trying to tell us (or confuse us) what Blast is cthua kém to lớn hlặng & or at least both give the feeling of being far above sầu the rest.

Also, Saitama & Blast just drop in suddenly during a crisis, bởi their job and disappear without a trace, not even reporting anything và instead leaving behind myths and rumours. Only truly known by the people they met in person while also occasionally giving therapy lớn the one victlặng broken during the moment before they disappear. Too similar, eh?

I think that last part should be expanded upon more. I theorize that Blast calls being a hero a hobby, since he is regularly dealing with God-cấp độ threats, like how we see hyên ổn dealing with the cubes. THAT is what he considers his main focus, and being a nhân vật is just kindomain authority a side effect of hyên combating/preventing God-level threats from appearing.

Realistically, if that's all you did day in và day out, something like a mediocre Boss or something that can cấp độ a thành phố would be considered child's play in the grvà scheme of things

Blast is cthua trận khổng lồ him

but blast isnt a super baldie lượt thích saitama. obviously blast is far above sầu the rest but i think saitama has superior strength

Saitama will regain his hairs in the future và would time-travel in the past lớn rework the timeline.

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I believe sầu that blast, like saitama, got too powerful (not that he's as powerful as saitama but that any enemy would be too weak for him). Effectively having the same feeling as saitama, bored. But i think "god" is an enemy that he cannot directly one punch (maybe because of gods raw power or the fact that god is in another dimention & for now unreachable for blast). And because god seems lớn be creating monsters/havoc on earth, it is a challenge for blast khổng lồ beat hlặng, so blast reached what saitama cannot, a goal in life even after being too powerful. Any thoughts?

Edit: so one might be making them this similar khổng lồ tell such a narrative.

Honestly i feel this is what Saitama should vì chưng.

There are many things in life that can challenge him without having to lớn rely on his power.

We can see he is still unable lớn beat king in a game,he looses to Genos in a hot noodle eating condemo.

He still has stuff that can challenge hyên or make him work hard at it.


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