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A leaked survey from EA suggests some of the possible features that could be in the next Battlefield game. A battle pass, incremental maps updates, and some free-to-play elements are among the subjects covered.

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Parts of the questionnaire have sầu been revealed by YouTuber Lossy, and another Battlefield leaker, Tom Henderson. The most intriguing part is that of having some part of the Battlefield 6 be không tính tiền, & thekhung asks how interested players might be in a“new or existing mode” being không lấy phí as part of the FPS game. Lossy ties this khổng lồ the report from earlier this year that Criterion Games is now assisting DICE on Battlefield 6 asa sign a battle royale game is planned.

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Criterion was the team behind Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Mode, and it stands lớn reason something similar might be included in the upcoming game.Lossy believes the question of map updates is relevant here too, since evolving a limited selection of maps over months and years has become a staple of battle royales, from Fortnite to Call of Duty: Warzone to PUBG.

Lossy also covers the suggestion of a battle pass, to replace the live sầu servie from the previous game, & some evolution of the Battlefield platoons system, neither of which are surprising. In response to lớn Lossy’s coverage, Alan Kertz, a former DICE developer, says the survey likely lớn help the team hedge their bets, & prioritise what players want most.

“You chạy thử the waters years before launch. A few months before you’re hedging bets,” Kertz tweeted. “It’s a good way to vì it. Because then you’re literally asking the community what is most important.”

You can watch Lossy’s full video here:

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Published: Mar 28, 2021

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